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General Info Edit

Name: Elunedae Dusksong
Spouse: None
Home Server: Sisters of Elune (US)
Race: Kaldorei
Age: Two Hundred or so years.
Class: Druid
Interests: All matter of things relating to Night Elves, adventure, secret places and lore
Guild: Ithildin Dae
Armory: Elunedae's Armory Page

Physical Description:
Elunedae is of moderate height for a Night Elf, with cyan hair and eyes that shine dimly like slightly tarnished silver or 'like that stars at dusk'. Like most of her kind, she is lean and slender, almost to the point of being willowy. She tends to favor garments in Night Elf styles, meaning that she usually wears garments that expose a greater amount of skin than usual, though always in a tasteful manner. She prefers kilts pair with a variety of vests and harnesses, though sometimes she can be found in unique looking robes. Her looks, coupled with her way of dress and manner of carrying herself, lead some to think her quite beautiful and unique, though she exhibits an often pirckly personality that turns people off, despite her appearance.

Personality Description:
To put it shortly, Elunedae has issues. Raised in as traditional an enviroment as any Night Elf could be, she is not very tolerant of things she feels infringe on her way of beliefs, or the cultural tradition of the Kal'Dorei. As the Vakha of Ithildin Dae, she weilds some power, and carries that heavy burden on her shoulders. This causes her to appear and act authoritative and at times, tyrannical in her weilding of said power. She is often extremely uncomfortable in places other than Night Elf Territory, whether it's due to the heavily built upon places (Such as Stormwind or Ironforge, which she will express disatisfaction with being unable to walk barefoot on the earth) or the heavy use of the Arcane (such as in Dalaran). Elunedae is most at ease when surrounded by comrades or other Night Elves, and has a habit of closing people off due to speaking inher native tongue as often as possible. She abhors Death Knights and Warlocks, and is often at odds with many of the rest of the Alliance due to her prejudice against them. This extends partially to mages, but she has resigned herself to the fact that the races of the Eastern Kingdoms may never giveup their magical traditions.

Bio (Summary) Edit

Little Known Facts Edit

  • Elunedae has a crush on the elf Sig Nicious, band member of the Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain
  • Her favorite foods are Kaldorei Spider Kabobs, Refreshing Spring Water, and Spiced Bread
  • Believes she is guided by Elune to bring Night Elves together to protect their home
  • Once she is done adventuring and doing what Elune has set out on her path, wants to retire as a Priestess of Elune

Gossip Edit

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