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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Ok here are just some of my Ideas for new Expansions

General OverviewEdit


Already in production, I dont think I will talk about that. Its after Bc icon, though.


3rd expansion after Wrath-Logo-Small, level cap to 90

  • Name: Fury of Azshara
  • General Theme/Mission: Defeat Azshara's Naga Forces Centered in the Malestrom area.
  • Expansion Boss: Azshara
  • Playable Races: Pandaren(Alliance), Saltfury Naga(Horde)
  • New Proffessions: Brewmastery(Cafting/Gathering)
  • New Classes: Freelooter, Tinker
  • New Hero Classes: Hydromancer
  • Extra Goodies: Boats/Guild Boats, Underwater Mounts, Decent In-Game Voice-Chat, More Titles, Room for 15 charachters

Emerald DreamEdit

The 4th expansion; after Fury of Azshara, level cap to 100

  • Name: The Emerald Nightmare
  • General Theme/Mission: Help Malfurion Stormrage battle out the forces at work that put the Emerald Nightmare in motion.
  • Expansion Boss: Unknown, some high ranking demon of Burning Legion, or Corrupted Druid, or even Angry 'Spirit' of Cenarius
  • Playable Races: Furlbolgs (Alliance), Quillboar (Horde)
  • New Proffessions: Fletchery(Crafting),Woodcutting(Gathering)
  • New Classes: None
  • New Hero Classes: The Dreamer
  • Extra Goodies: Many Popular mods implemented, Dream Vision


5th Expansion, level cap stopped at 100, but still more content

  • Name: The Fires of Argus
  • General Theme/Mission: Help the Dranaie and Orcs(depending on faction) take over* Argus
  • Expansion Boss: Unkown, High ranking Demon of The Burning Legion, not yet to Sargeras level
  • Playable Races: None
  • New Proffessions: Nada
  • New Classes: Zip
  • New Hero Classes: Demonhunter
  • Extra Goodies: Guild 'Space ships' almost Exodar Looking, Even more Titles, Room for 20 charachters
*Reclaim for the Dranaie

The VoidEdit

6th expansion, level cap 110

  • Name: The Voidlands
  • General Theme/Mission: Help Azeroth's forces in the war agains the Burning Legion.
  • Expansion Boss: Avatar of Sargeras
  • Playable Races:: Etheral(Nuetral),
  • New Proffessions: None
  • New Classes: None
  • New Hero Classes: Void-Runner
  • Extra Goodies: Void-Calling, (In the 2nd to last expansion, Blizzard finnaly adds this; Hey, its within their nature)Guild And Player Housing

The 'Inner' VoidEdit

7th and Last Expansion, level cap 120

  • Name: The Legions Fall
  • General Theme/Mission: Destroy Sargeras Once and for All.
  • Expansion Boss: Sargeras Himself
  • Playable Races: None
  • New Proffessions: None
  • New Classes: Nope
  • New Hero Classes: The Crusader, The Demonologist, The Arcdruid, The Barbarian, The Earthcaller, The Cleric, The Assasin (Hey, you gotta have lots of heroes to defeat Sargeras)
  • Extra Goodies: Teleportation(All Classes), Gnomes aren't a joke

Fury of AzsharaEdit

After the Fall of The Lich king, Arthas, The Eyes of Azeroth turned to the center of their planet, where Queen Azshara and her Naga resided staging war with the rest of Azeroth. With the Scourge no longer a problem, the Argent Dawn set their forces to fight the Naga. It is time now to defeat the ancient evil, Once and for All.

New ClassesEdit


The freelooter is a pirate-like class, combining the Warrior and Mage together. They are very flexible and can be a DPSing Machine or and Off Tank. All races can be a Freelooter. Very good with Swords.


The Tinker is a very engineer-ey like class. It combines the pet system of a warlock and the ranged ability of the hunter(mainly with Guns). The pet system works as quests getting them new pets, like the warlock. At level 3 they get a basic ranged pet, at level 10 a decent tank pet, at level 20 a Crowd Control pet, at 30 an anti-caster pet, ect., ect. If followed in a certain spec, they would get a more powerful pet. These pets would require a reagent, crafted while killing. Only Gnomes, Orcs, Pandaren and Saltfury Naga can be Tinkers.


The Hydromancer is the Hero Class for Frost mages, Combining Water and Frost spells. They Hydromancer can be a ranged caster, or an up in your face, class. Pandaren, And Saltfury Naga can be Hydromancers.


The PandarenEdit

Calling from their Ancient homeland of Pandaria, they emerge from seclusion, seeing that the world of Azeroth is going against their enemies. With the small population of Night Elves that resided in their homelands, they were convinced to join the Alliance. With their ancient love for beer, come the proffesssion of Brewmastery. They are very cautious towards the dwarves though, who , as they say, ruined the proud proffession of Brewmastery.

  • Druids: Pandaren are very close to nature and embrance the druid spirit(and trees)
  • Warrior: Pandaren are not strangers to warrior-ism(?).
  • Mage: Very intune to Magic, but very cautious while using it.
  • Deathknight: All races could have been swayed by the (deceased)Lich King, before he was slain.
  • Tinker: Very fond of creating things
  • Hydromancer: The Pandaren have Mages, so many would choose to become a Hydromancer
  • Freelooter: All races have some Piracy in them.
  • Shaman: Very intune to Nature and spirits

  • Warlock: Pandaren dont consort with demons. Peroid.
  • Paladin: Not really fond of the Light
  • Preist: Same as paladin

Not that fond of Dwarves, starts at Nuetral with Dwarves.

  • (Pass.)Staff Mastery: +10 in Staff Skill
  • (Pass.)Herbal Remedies: +5 in herbalism.
  • (Pass.)Natures balance: +5 nature resistance
  • Natures Fury: Releases Natures fury, Giving you +5% of your strength and doubles anyhealing spells you cast, or somone casts on you

Saltfury NagaEdit

The Saltfury Naga are a group of Naga that were mutated by the strange energies around their homeland(Western Lordaeron/Lordaeron Grove) that cased their tails to grow shorter, and them growing legs. The Naga, who were spying on the Undead, cautiously joined the Horde, with persuasioun from Sylvannas, who had forged a bond betweem the local Naga. Thrall let them in, allowing them to join the fight against Azshara's Naga.

  • Mage: Lots of Naga mages
  • Hydromancer: From mages, so yes
  • Freelooter: Very Seafaring
  • Warlock: Not Strangers to Demons and Dark magic
  • Deathknight: All races
  • Preists: Yes, Somewhat intune to the light
  • Warrior: Almost all races have a warror

  • Palladins: not that intune to the light
  • Shamans: not very Shamanistic
  • Druids: Not intune to Nature

Friendly with Undead, causes other horde members(exept BElves) to be suspicious

  • (Pass.) Mutation: does and additional 6% of your attack in nature damage
  • Need to think of more


The New Proffession of Brewmastery will be both a Crafting and Gathering Proffession.

In the gatherin portion, Players will find engredients, such as special herbs(which can only be gathered by Brewmasters) or seeds, and make them into Brews and beers.

In the Crafting portion, Players will use the seeds, and herbs and make them into brews and Beers, Other than getting you drunk, these will have special buffs, like +stam and spirit, +int, +str, ect. Higher level brews will give the drinker higher stats, along with the fun effect of saying things with '...hic' at the end.

Extra GoodiesEdit

Boats/Guild BoatsEdit

While in the sea, it is necessary to have a boat, of course, so thats where I thought of Guild Boats. They can range from a small yacht, the boats that we use for taxis, or an Azerothian Cruise liner. They would be like guild tabs, each costing more gold. These are different from the Guild Ships in the Fire of Argus expansion. These boats are multi-passenger mounts.

Decent In Game VCEdit

Admit it... the in game Voice Chat sucks. Thats why I added this into this next expansion

More TitlesEdit

We dont have enough titles anymore. Ever since TBC all of them went away. I want more titles. If you defeat Illidan, you should be called charachtername, Betrayer Slayer. If you get 375 Alchemy, or Blacksmithing, or Tailoring you should be Grand Alchemist/Blacksmith/Tailor Charachtername.

The Emerald NightmareEdit

After the Defeat of Azshara's Naga, the Druids of Azeroth call out for help against the monstroseties in the Emerald Dream, most call the Emerald Nigtmare. With the Portals to the Emerald Dream re-opening, you must Help Malfurion Stormrage Battle this evil unknown.

The DreamerEdit

The Dreamer is the ultimate Druid class. It combines the whole 'focusing on the powers of nature to kill you' kind of feel. They have a spell which is 'Dream Vision' but more into that in Extra Goodies.

New RacesEdit


The Hyjal furlbolgs were one of the least recognised defenders on the attack on Hyjal. After 8 years of seclusion in their dens, they emerge out to defend the Emerald Dream.

  • Druid: Well, DUH!
  • Dreamer: Intwined with the druid.
  • Warrior: Why not?
  • Mage: The Furlbolgs tend to dip their hairy foot into the magic pool sometimes
  • Shaman: Very shamanistic Culture
  • Freelooter:All races
  • Deathknight: All races
  • Preist: Yes, Preist(esses) of Elune. They follow the Night Elves in this belief

  • Warlock: No Demon Magic here!
  • Paladins: Elune, not the Light
  • Rogue: They are too big(like Tauren)
  • Hunter: (suprisingly) not close to animals

Friendly with all, but starts 100 rep friendlier with Night Elves

  • Fires of Hyjal: Like the Beserker mode on Trolls but does nothing to healing.
  • I need more


After many years of fighting in Durotar and the surrounding lands, the orcs and tauren have come to welcome the Quilboar as one of their allies.

  • Druid: Droods have been somwhat accepted into their culture
  • Dreamer: Drood super class
  • Warrior: You shouldn't have to ask at this point
  • Shaman: Of course!
  • Deathknight: All classes
  • Hunter: They like to tame their under developed cousins the boar
  • Warlock: They do delve into the dark magiks
  • Freelooter: All classes
  • Mage: They like dark magick
  • Paladin: No light
  • Priest: see above
  • Rogue: too big
  • Staff Specialization: +10 in staff skill
  • Leatherskin: +2% armor increase
  • Boar Charge: 3 sec stun on single enemy- Charge stun is increased by 1 sec on warriors



Fletchery is the woodcrafting proffesion that WoW has always needed. It is the proffesion that makes bows and many other wooden things. It will mainly require Wood from the gathering proffesion, Woodcutting. But bows aren't the only thing! This proffesion will also serve as the other Bagmaking(okay, box) profession, since tailors have had a death grip on the bagmaking. When the expansion comes to enable us to build houses and guild halls, this will be the main furniture producing profession.

Extra Goodies!Edit

More Mods ImplementedEdit

Theres plenty of mods out there that we all know and love- MORE IN GAME

Dream VisionEdit

Aaaaah who doesn't love un-needed things to spend their hard-earned money on? Dream vision is only usable in Azeroth(northrend, Kalimdor and EK) and it allows you to see the world as it would have been if the sentient races handn't interfered (BEGONE DEMONSS!!!) It has its own map and it is the lands of Ancient Kalimdor. It offers an amazing new way to see the land of Azeroth

Note: Uses same zones as Emerald Dream- as it is one and the same- yet different. No dragons no nothin' but critters. Like the Dream before the Dream

The Fires of ArgusEdit

Most of the problems on Azeroth have been vanquished and we head onto other worlds. Now that the Tempest Keep has been eradicated the Alliance and Horde have stolen The Mechanar and The Botanica, respectively, and rigged them to fly to the distand enigma that is Argus. The Dranaie are trying to reclaim their homeland that is a breeding ground for demons, while the Orcs, In Thralls mysterious disaperance, are being led by the charismatic orc, Gzual'Jyan Bloodboil who plans to bring the Horde "To the power it could have never dreamed of." While his ominous bloodelven counterpart Prath'Sron Sunsoar in Silvermoon has won over the hearts of the Blood Elven people, and taken most of their faith out of Lore'Themar making the other members of The Horde (other than the Orcs) cautious.

In this time of great peril, the only hope is the grizzled heroes that have aided the worlds in ages past.

Demon HunterEdit

The Demon Hunter has a relationship with demons like a Paladin has Undead; They hate eachother! The demon hunter combines the survival specc of hunters with a warrior and a few mage spells in there, topped off with the equivelent of the anti-undead spells has, but for demons. The Demon Hunter will mainly use Fist Weapons, and will start at 75 in his own zone, sort of like the Death Knight.

The Demon Hunter's starting zone will be in a special part of Felwood, in the southwest part of the zone, near Jaedenaar. The quests will take you through the shadows of Illidan's training to become a Demon Hunter. Only Nightelves,Furlbogs, Bloodelves, and Orcs can become Demon Hunters.

Extra GoodiesEdit

Guild ShipsEdit

Guild ships will be purchaseable by guild officers, starting at 5k gold for an Azerothian Ship (can choose; Night Elf, Blood Elf, Human, and Orc) They will have purchaseable portals (100g per city), and a repair-er.

The next level up is the Northrend Ships which are 10k gold per. They use the two models of Horde or Alliance, depending on what faction you are on. They have purchaseable portals (50g per city) a repair-er, trade goods vendor, an Anvil, and Forge.

The Final level is the Interdemensional Ships. They cost 50k gold per ship. They use a Tempest Keep wing model. They contain free portals, a repair-er, trade goods and general goods vendor, An anvil, a forge, a runeforge, a Badge vendor, a mailbox, a bank and guild bank.

A guild can have an entire fleet consisting of 10 of each ship. The seperate ships can be group or raid spesific. A spell placed upon your charachter when you join the guild allows you to teleport there every 45 minutes.

The VoidlandsEdit

The war on the Burning Legion has escalated to a new level, with new and old adventurers heading to The Void, the Legion's armies of Voidwalkers and other disurbing creatures waiting for them. It is now whispered that The Dark Titan has returned, and plotting his revenge on the world of Azeroth and its heroes...

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