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NeutralNPC 32Elofan
Arthas small
Gender Male
Race Human
Character class All
Affiliation All, Scourge, The Dragonflights
Position WoW Addict, Lore Geek
Location Gilneas, Las Vegas
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unknown

General StuffEdit

Update the Gilneas US page(s)
Add screenshots of subzone pages, in need of them.
Update lesser-quality screenshots.
Update Warcraft 3 statisticts

High Overlord Saurfang

Saurfang Fact of the day [More Saurfang Facts!]

High Overlord Saurfang's reflexes are so fast he is able to parry an attack 4 hours before you even think of using it.


Gilneas;us;Shawns;1 All props of this table go to Fandyllic

1Active Server:Gilneas US Official horde mini-icon Shawns[1] M IconSmall Orc Male Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock 80 APB Skill Enchanting / APB Skill Alchemy* Guild:Legends of Tristram (Gilneas US) Shawns' Story
1Active Server:Gilneas US Official alliance mini-icon Tencela[2] M IconSmall Human Male Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin 80 APB Skill Mining* / APB Skill Engineering* Guild:Don't Stand In Fire (Gilneas US) Tencela's Story
1Active Server:Gilneas US Official horde mini-icon Mice[3] M IconSmall Undead Male Ui-charactercreate-classes mage 80 APB Skill Tailoring* / APB Skill Skinning* Guild:Lords Of Dishonor (Gilneas US) Mice's Story
2Semi-active Server:Gilneas US Official horde mini-icon Orisa[4] M IconSmall Blood Elf Male Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter 54 APB Skill Mining / APB Skill Engineering Guild:Lords Of Dishonor (Gilneas US) Orisa's Story
1Active Server:Gilneas US Official alliance mini-icon Tencyla[5] F IconSmall Human Female Ui-charactercreate-classes priest 24 APB Skill Herbalism / APB Skill Inscription Guild:Omani (Gilneas US) Tencyla's Sory
1Active Server:Gilneas US Official horde mini-icon Tencola[6] M IconSmall Undead Male IconSmall Deathknight 68 APB Skill Herbalism / APB Skill Mining Guild:Lords of Dishnor(Gilneas US) Tencola's Story
* 450+ Profession

Additional Charachter LoreEdit

Tencela and Tencola's Young Years

Fan FictionEdit


Come see my ideas of future expansion ideas.

Character lore is listed above.

Spell frost frostbolt Fury Of Azshara

Ability druid cyclone The Emerald Nightmare

Spell shadow metamorphosis The Fires of Argus

Spell shadow summonvoidwalker The Voidlands (Under Development)

My Feats as a WoW PlayerEdit

Can be found here.

Icons for reference and funEdit

User:Varghedin/Race Icons

WoWWiki:List of unique character icons

WoWWiki:WoW Icons/Icon List/Images

Favorite ItemsEdit


Inv sword frostmourne

My ItemsEdit

Inv mace 17
Inv staff medivh
Inv sword 50

Model ArtEdit

Here, I plan to make a WoW Model Viewer rendition of all the basic Warcraft 3 units.

5/9/10: Added Erbag and Northrend Arthas

5/10/10: Added Human units

Lore FiguresEdit

Warcraft III Units: HumanEdit



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