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Chantale's tale Edit

AllianceNPC 32Chantale Landswellsong
Chantale Portrait
Title <The Queldorei defender>
Gender Female
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 55
Affiliation Quel'Lithien
Location Пиратская Бухта EU PVP

Frahun Shadewhisper was staring at a newbie for a while being amazed with her appearance. Her face coyly looking out of her shiny dark hair was certainely gifted with some ancient noble beauty. The facial marks revealed the past Sentinels' affilation. Surrounded by an aura of fresh sea breeze the newcomer was standing patiently before Frahun holding her journey bag. Finaly the rogue trainer began to speak:
-So, you want me to teach you the ways of a spy, don't you?
-I do, - the girl answered gently.
-Tell me first your tale, you seem to have a story to share, - Shadewhisper told friendly an sat down in the armchair.
-Chantale Nightbird, member of Shadowleaf Sentinels, - she presented herself officially with a nervous tremble in her voice.
-You may be seated, Chantale, don't be afraid of me and tell me more about yourself please. Why does such elite warrior as you are want to learn child's basics here?
-I was a Sentinel actually. I've lost my skills, - told Chantale warming her hands and her soul up near a fireplace.
-How could it happen to one of the Shadowleaves? - Frahun was surprised
-For many centuries I had been guarding the peace of Kalimdor among the ranks of Shandris Feathermoon faction. I fought side-by-side with Tyrande Whisperwind during the Second Invasion...
Frahun's eyed immediately became filled with sorrow:
-Elune must have blessed you if you did survived that massacre... Oh, sorry, go on...

Chantale BloodElf

The Blood Elves in Silverpine forest

-Then I was summoned by the High Priestess to support Maiev Shadowsong with her Betrayer hunt. I travelled with Tyrande's troops all way to the land I'd never seen before. The tortured land of Lordaeron. That was the first time I saw Sindorei. They were marching in a shiny red caravan trough the infected Silverpine Forest. They've changed a lot since Dath'Remar was banished from our realm. Once proud Kaldorei all enchanted with their Highborne magic sparks transformed into the apathetic and fierce addicts. They wore red and black clothing, so unusual to our eye. 'Sorrow' and 'Revenge' were the values they apperance just showed. The caravan was led by prince Kael'Thas Sunstrider, the Silvermoon Throne only heir.
Chantale interrupted her speech to take a gulp of tea from the bottle she took from her bag. Frahun was nervously playing with a dagger: he had personally led a recent strike on the Sunhawk Sindorei on Azuremyst Isles killing a number of theese redegade and fanatic elves. The sentinel countinued her tale:
-Kael seemed to be a nice lad, but the curse defiling him and his people was remorseless. The amount of power and responsibility combined with the everlasting lust would surely drive him to madness. We established a deal with Sindorei and escorted them all way long to the Pyrewood Village. Being suddenly ambushed by undead we lost many men but managed to escape. Just few moments before we reached the safe place we had lost Tyrande Whisperwind.
Frahun was touched by the indifference in Chantal's voice. "She must have been to many battles - he thought - to be so cold-blooded talking about death".

Chantale Tyrandedef

Tyrande's party fighting endless undead

-I was among the few to leave the main force in order to save the Priestess. After a while we found Tyrande. Holding defence for long lasting days on an isolate island in the riverstream we prayed Elune waiting for assistance. And then I died.

Chantale suddenly bursted in tears. Frahun all shocked carefully embraced her to cheer up.
-How could this be true? - he asked
-The last thing I remember is the massive undead attack... Then the mess, a flash and big purple demon wings spread in the air... Then the glowing portal Tyrande escaped through... I tried too but my body refused to follow my commands. My mind was dominated by a vile ghost. It was terrible... I remember...No..
Another load of tears arose in the air. Chantale tried her best to calm down and countinued:
-I was passively looking through my eyes for some years without a possibility to affect somehow my actions. The Scourge controlled every my breath, aimed every arrow my bow shot. I witnessed my hands bringing death and devastation to innocent and helpless human remnants of ruined Lordaeron Kingdom. I don't remember much of that horror. It suddenly ended leaving my body back to my disposition - alone and exhaused in the middle of the poisoned Plaguelands woods. I was lying on the ground in helpless stupor until a Queldorei expedition discovered me and took to their base in Quel'Lithien. Following days are also very blurry in my memory as I had spent them in a fever having a dozen of healers trying to recover my mental wounds. Finally I was brought back to health. I found most of my skills lost, I had even some difficulty to speak and was completely unable to hold a fork in my hand to eat. Priestess Aurora Skycaller took personal care of me while I was recovering. Every evening I was out with her nearby listening to stories about her people.
Chantale noticed the number of listeners increased and smiled trickily. She was pleased to attract such a large audience.
-One day we were sitting on the top of nearby peak, faces left to the wild wind to caress. Quel'Lithien seemed the only patch of life in the Plaguelands as the rest of the landscape ressembled more the graveyard then once beautiful Quel'Thalas forests. Far away to the north the bits of golden trees of Eversong were only hinting through the gray of the blighted forest. I have never seen Quel'Thalas in the ages it was shining. My eyes only witnessed its corrupted agony. "What did this land look like in the past?" - I asked the priestess. Aurora was sitting with her eyes closed and seemed to ignore my question. Her hand was crupling the scarlet leaf. Suddenly she began to sing. Her song disturbed the environment and the wind began to circle around us in a forming whirlwind arising the dead foliage in the air. The louder Aurora sang the more my mind was emerging the dream.
The reality faded away and I found myself standing in a picturesque forest clearing near the river, fully equippied and armed. A little girl was playing nearby. As she noticed my presence she turned her little head to me and started to investigate my armor with her shiny aquamarine eyes. "What is your name, big lady?" - she asked timidly. "Chantale Nightbird, little one," - I answered as friendly as I could. The girl told then: "Your name doesn't suit you, Chantale. The sea is tender and carefull, but you are a warrior. You have no feelings. You can only kill, you can't love. Drop down all the metal around you and play with me". The tears came down from my eyes despite my steel-trained sentinel nerves. The girl was right. I was an unemotional guard. An intellegent weapon. I had thrown away my glaive and bow and sat down near the girl. I looked into her eyes and I saw the clear blue sky in them, the hope and the happiness. Two little blue suns were facing me, charging with joy and tranquility.

Chantale Alleria

Alleria's insult

And unexpectanly the idily ended. The air went red and dark, the water shifted to blood and the girl was torn apart by a wave of icoming demons and ghouls. I was also swallowed by the wave and the world went black. The sudden flash of lighting revealed the crimson face of a noble human with crazed eyes and long and blonde - if not bald - hair. "I claim theese lands my own!" - he shouted - "And I am willing to destroy the every body of beauty you elves have ever had. Your race is dead now". My sight went black again and the last sentece echoed in my mind for a while. With loudness arising it filled my thoughts. For a moment my vision gave me the picture of the scattered red world of Draenor. A cadre of elven rangers were scouting the area. Their leader - a beautiful lady in a long golden cloak was sending her owl pet on a flight when I heard the sword swing and the loud metal bash. The woman suddenly cowered in pain and fell on the red sand. The cries of agony began to sound in my head and the sight got blurred.
Chantale took another gulp of tea and calmed for a while as if it caused pain to herself too. Frahun Shadewhisper was in deep trance awaiting the rest of the story. Nearly all Aldrassil dwellers were sitting already in his modest room. Chantale took the word again:

Chantale Eversong

The Eversong Forest

-The cacaphony then ended and I opened my eyes once again. I was once again in Quel'Thalas. The green trees wore now the scarlet foliage clothing. The dead and dying corpses were lying just everywhere. The blood manured the soil and even the grass was of gold to red color. Elves who were lucky enough to survive were subjected to enormous tortures. They feeled themselves thirsty but gulping the water down didn't seem to cure the lust. Lots of them died in minutes I was observing the scene. I tried to help but for some reason I was a ghost myself without having any possibility to affect the situation. Those who had most willpower finally raised themselves from the ground. They looked drained and pale. Despite their luck they had no way to help others. The survivors gathered together and named themselves the Sindorei - the Children of Blood - in honour of their fallen brethen. The history then began to hasten itself. I was no longer locked to one place. I saw prince Kael'Thas escaping through a portal to the Draenor's ruins. I saw Lor'themar Theron stepping his feet on the newly rebuilt street of Silvermoon city. I saw mages eviscerating a crazed demon to the magical substances and resurrecting the fallen elven corpses with its energies. I saw blood elves feeding on demons just like humans feed on beasts - in order to survive. And I saw the few Queldorei refusing to use the demonic energies and waging war to their own brethen - the Sindorei.
Soon my vision ended. I was once again sitting on the desolate mountain in the middle of the damned country, having the Priestess of The Light standing near still singing. It was the evening already. The sun was emitting his last rays for today. "Anar'alah belore..." - Aurora awarded it with a farewell as the final words of her song. The priestess then broke the silence between us. "Our people split apart," - she told with regret, - "Despite we were just devastated by the Scourge invasion, our survivors divided into two hostile factions. I heard a word that the last Sunstrider has gone insane in Outland and his party got splitted. So long we, the Highbourne, are now divided even more.". Aurora sighed and cried in anger: "The Sunstrider dynasty wasn't worth to respect from Dath'Remar to Kael'Thas!". The echo repeated her words and as they faded out the sound ghouls chewing a fresh cadaver disticted from the background noises. "Who was the lady in gold?" - I dared to ask Aurora one more question. "She is one of the Windrunner family. Her name is Alleria and she is probably the last elf capable to unite our race once again." - responded the priestes with faith in her voice.
-Alleria?! - amazingly cried the night elves listening the story. The clearly remember the label "Missing in action" under her statue in Storwind
Chantale smiled:

-Let me go on, may I? Aurora told me that Alleria was recently discovered to have been being alive to the recent time but missing at the moment. "So either way the labels in Stormwind aren't worth a copper coin. All her comrades were found alive. Except for her and her human husband. We, elves, always sense a bond with her party lost in the dead world of Draenor and we feel pain of one of our kin dies. She is alive and I hope she will return soon to Azeroth and the sun will shine once again on our beautiful homeland," - she added with unexplanaible joy. "I just wonder why do druids still distrust your people after thoughands years of exile. When I return home I'll do my best to convince them support your nation to regain its might and settle down all conflicts between you and the Sindorei!" - I declared loudly. "Oh, my little," - Aurora embraced me cheerfully - " you are so naif, so I think you've not recovered yet your strength". "I will!" - I whiped - "I swear I will do everything possible! I will find Alleria Windrunner! I swear I will!"...
Women were already sitting with their handkercheives, crying about the troubled destiny of Queldorei, though they keeped the publical thought in their head that every Highbourne is a mortal enemy at least. The tears were just to show how they were "interested". The only one who listened attentively was the rogue trainer.
-No more drama! - announced Chantale and the crowd began to vanish.
-So you travelled back here from across the sea to relearn the subtlety you were once skilled at? - Frahun instantly became official
-Yes I did
-And you are going to fight your way through the hell to Outland to find Alleria Windrunner and help the Queldorei and the Sindorei reunite?
-I do
-I see... - Shadewhisper smiled - Let's begin! Our first lesson is to learn to become invisible to others ...

Chantale's relations Edit

Official alliance mini-icon Alliance Edit

Overally xenophobic as all the rest of night elves Chantale is little friendly to most of the Alliance members. She realises their help in defending Nordrassil but prefers to keep out from being 'an eternally loyal servant of Alliance'.

IconSmall High Elf Male High Elves Edit

Chantale is extremely loyal to high elves still serving the Alliance who she is in eternal debt before for saving her life. She have also sworn before Aurora Skycaller not to harm either Quel'Thalas and Silvermoon. Chantale's ultimate plot is tied with the high elves. She seeks to find Alleria Windrunner in Outland and try to reunite once great elven nation once again.

IconSmall Human Female Humans Edit

Humans are respected by Chantale for their faith and Holy Light study. However a number of humans unresponsibily play with demonic and arcande magics and this fact keep Chantale away from being really loyal to human race. Chantale occasionaly works in cooperation with SI:7, but simply more as an ally then a member. Chantale also plans to infiltrate two Alterac-positioned human rogue organisations: The Syndicate and The Ravenholdt in order to keep an eye on the activity in the region.

IconSmall Dwarf Male Dwarves Edit

When she was recovering in Quel'Lithien Chantale made acquintance with the Wildhammer dwarves who they liked a lot for the shared respect to the nature. She, however, treats their Ironforge cousins rather neutral if not unfriendly because their often cause harm to the Earth itself with their excavation expeditions.

IconSmall Gnome Female Gnomes Edit

Gnomes are highly distrusted by Chantale. She finds them mercenary and greedy just as goblins are. The loss of their capital prevents Chantale from feeling secure when the gnomes are about: they are unpredictable.

IconSmall Draenei Male Draenei Edit

The eredar survivors are not yet very know to the world to form a final conclustion about an attitude to them, but as she is rather xenophobic Chantale prefers to keep the distance with the blue demon looking ones.

Official horde mini-icon Horde Edit

Chantale judges on the horde races with prejudice, as well as on their eastern allies. She acknowledges the pacifistic nature of both Thrall and Cairne, but has a strong beleif that theese leaders hold no real control over the horde's actions.

IconSmall Orc Male Orcs Edit

Thought Orcs have shown more then loyal in the Battle of Mount Hyjal, the death of Cenarius is not a sin that is easy for Chantale to forgive. Also many orcs are influenced by the Burning Blade and the Searing Blade organisations who tend to serve the Burning Legion and Thrall's efforts to keep them at bay haven't proven effective. And to end with - the Warsong lumber expeditions and the devastation of virgin Ashenvale forests led Chantale to kill every orc on sight to protect her homeland from corrupting even more.

IconSmall Troll Male Trolls Edit

The traditional harted between the night elves and the trolls is no exception for Chantale. Though she began to realize that different troll tribes seem to follow different beleifs, she still considers them mostly as savage beasts. Trolls should care for their backs if they spot Chantale around because her dagger will unavoidably strike at them.

IconSmall Tauren Male Tauren Edit

Tauren share the same natural affinity as night elves do, but their engagement in the Alliance-Horde conflict lead Chantale to trust them no more. Only ones who work in the Cenarion Circle to heal the wounds of nature may hope to be respected by the sentinel. Every tauren engaged in the Warsong Gulch conflict is marked as an enemy to the nature for Chantale forever.

IconSmall Undead Female Forsaken Edit

Chantale experienced having her body manipulated for a while like undead had so she bears some kind of sympathy to theese sentient cadavers. However this orders her to kill every one of them quickly to end their sufferings and let their soul to rest. Chantale has little beleif in the ability to cure theese curse-minded ones.

IconSmall Blood Elf Female Blood Elves Edit

Blood elves are just the same high elven people who are just different in the ways to satisfy the thirst. Chantale has no intention to hunt them down as the druids do. Instead she tends to avoid the battle with the sindorei unless a real emergency. However ones working for the demon-oriented cults or participation in Warsong lumber expeditions are sworn enemies to every night elf and Chantale is not an exception to this.

Character goals Edit

Briefly, what Chantale seeks is the Elven reunion under one banner. That's it, no Alliance, just an unite elven race. For this was totally impossible during the years of Burning Crusade(though Chantale did her best at his period on Scarshield EU :) ), right now the possibility is far greater. Firstly, the blood elves passed their trial of power. They did joined Shattered Sun Offensive and not the Legion. For all we knew, Silvermoon had been balancing between Farstriders and Blood Knights political influence ever since its restoration. Now, having Lady Liadrin joined SSO and the blood knight en masse severing ties with the Legion, the blood elves may be redeemed in the eyes of Darnassus at least to the neutral attitude. Also, the Northrend events caused a dilemma for a traditional night elf hatred for the magic. On one had, most of night elves should join Malygos in his attempts to take the magic away from mortal hands. On the other hand Alexstrasza and other Aspects stand on the opposite side of barricades, so siding Ysera,Alexstrasza or Nozdormu implies 'a-ok' attitude towards Dalaran and arcane magic. This tendency makes agreement with Silvermoon easier, because as long as one accepts Dalaran's right to exist, elven magic within the runestone borders will be completely tolerable. And the Aurora Skycaller questline is still there, there are elves seeking reunion. Needless to say, first invasion is not actually an event high and blood elves are really proud of.

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