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Logistics Officer Ulrike <Honor Hold Quartermaster>
Honored reputation Class specific items
class Item Cost Type
Paladin Template:Lootsure 22Gold 35Silver 13Copper Plate Shoulder
Paladin Template:Lootsure 15Gold 7Silver 19Copper Plate Hands
Druid Template:Lootsure 22Gold 38Silver 11Copper Leather Chest
Druid Template:Lootsure 16Gold 84Silver 68Copper Leather Shoulders
Druid Template:Lootsure 11Gold 27Silver 19Copper Leather Hands
Hunter Template:Lootsure 12Gold 74Silver 90Copper Mail Hands
Mage Template:Lootsure 13Gold 23Silver 46Copper Cloth Shoulder
Priest Template:Lootsure 17Gold 77Silver 64Copper Cloth Chest
Priest Template:Lootsure 13Gold 28Silver 35Copper Cloth Head
Rogue Template:Lootsure 11Gold 15Silver 9Copper Leather Hands
Shaman Template:Lootsure 19Gold 5Silver 3Copper Mail Head
Shaman Template:Lootsure 27Gold 14Silver 76Copper Mail Chest
Shaman Template:Lootsure 12Gold 65Silver 14Copper Mail Hands
Warlock Template:Lootsure 22Gold 35Silver 13Copper Cloth Chest
Warrior Template:Lootsure 22Gold 52Silver 19Copper Cloth Chest
These items were added in Patch 2.4.0

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