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AllianceNPC 32Ebonii Marie Willks
Title <Sha'tari Skyguard Windcharger>
Gender Female
Race(s) Human
Level 80
Character class Mage
Affiliation Sha'tari Skyguard
Location Earthen Ring Europe (RP)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Basic Out of Character Information.Edit

Name: Eboníi
Race and Class: Human Mage
Faction: Alliance
Realm: Earthen Ring EU

Eboníi is a Grand Master Tailor (Spellfire) and a Grand Master Herbalist. She is also a Cook and a Fisher, both at Grand Master. Created for the purpose of finding out what it was like to level a caster, clearly, now as a level 80 the experiment worked! Eboníi roleplays seriously, and most of the time is in character.
Started off in a RP guild called <The Stormwind City Guard> but left on the reasoning (IC) that her job - reached Sergeant - lacked Adventure. (OOC reason was the guild changed beyond what I felt was reasonable).

Spec: Arcane

A Guard to a Conservationist...Edit

Eboníi was born Ebonii Marie Willks, Goldshire. Her family quickly relocated to the City of Stormwind after her mother became a member of Church of the Holy Light, she felt being closer to the Cathedral would increase her daughter's faith. Unfortunately, Ebonii spent most of her time sneaking into the Mage Quarter, to practice her tailoring and hone her skills as a mage - she could could conjure up weak fireballs naturally.
After being caught by her mother, she was expelled from the house and never saw her family again, she was sent to Caer Darrow to live with her forbidding distant cousin. She was swiftly sent to join the Barov household as a chamber maid, she was barely 9 years old. As the Barovs gave into their desires, Ebonii was sent back to her mother after hearing her father had died. She was spared the horror of what was to engulf the tiny, water-locked town. Her mother didn't want her around, thus, left to her own devices at 15, she joined the Stormwind Guard, and quickly rose to rank of Sergeant, by the time she was 18 she felt her job no longer provided her with the sense of freedom she craved, so she took her savings and joined the Argent Dawn. Ebonii remained there until 22, receiving the rank of Captain with her own small force of recruits and lower ranks, until the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel. Ebonii lost a lot of her members, many of whom she saw as family, she never witnessed the ending events and missed the first boat to Northrend, thus the start of the Argent Crusade and the assault on Icecrown.
While travelling around Outland, Ebonii reached Zangarmarsh, Ebonii encountered the Cenarion Expedition, and began to work for them. Following a few of the members to the small stronghold of Sporeggar. Where Ebonii remained for some months, earning the trust of the Sporeloks and earning the right to wear their colours. This gave Ebonii her first taste of actual bloodshed, the Naga weren't the Scourge Ebonii was used to. Despite slaughtering hundreds of naga for the benefit of the Sporeloks, Ebonii felt little remorse for what she was asked to do.
Leaving Outland, Ebonii travelled to Northrend, where she made a few stops along the way. Her first port of call was the Borean Tundra. Where she took up her Conservationist role for D.E.H.T.A, spending time with the Kalu'ak and protecting the animals from the poachers that made the animals their prey.


Ebonii and Girl flying over Nagrand


Ebonii and Nyx on the Scryer Tier

Here she acquired two Gryphon, Girl and Nyx - placed out of service due to their age. Girl being the faster of the two, Ebonii trained her up to be her prime flyer, the pair are now practically joined at the saddle, one is rarely seen without the other. But Girl is getting out of her prime. Ebonii had to search for younger, fresher blood. This lead her back to Outland. Where she began a whole new chapter in her life.

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