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July 11, 2008

You know, WoW looks like a really nice game. So nice in fact, I don't mind studying it on this wiki and maybe a few other places.

However, I kept reading that WoW proves to be the ultimate bane of college students; many who start on WoW will drop out of college due to insufficient time-managing and self-disciplinary skills. Only a strong few will play and make it to college graduation. They will have proven themselves rather worthy by that time.

Playing WoW and staying afloat in your schoolwork, when combined, are mighty tasks that will require a Herculean will to successfully pull off. I have so thoroughly read of this warning, and have had Asheron's Call take a toll on my academics in High School.

My future plan to play WoWEdit

Therefore, I have decided to only start playing World of Warcraft when I retire in the year 2050.

Update: I'll play anytime if I join a Korean serverEdit

UPDATE: I will start play World of Warcraft at anytime but only on one condition: I'd only like to play it on a Korean server. I already know how to read, write, and type it (albeit at maybe 10 WPM), so I believe that playing on a Korean server will bolster my language skills!

WoW in 41 years?Edit

I expect not only better graphics in 41 years, but also Holorooms so that in these, I will not just play a character, but BE the character!

How many servers does WoW have now? 112? I would also hope that in 41 years, hardware becomes so good and fast, you could host even a BILLION connections at once to one server, therefore consolidate all of them into one. (Let's hope the devs build extra continents to accommodate so many more players.)

Furthermore, housing; especially housing because many holoroom users will want to live in Azeroth (and the other WoW-lands) full-time. I wouldn't even mind living in an apartment unit in a fancy underground labyrinth apartment complex. If I wanted sunlight and natural, above-ground air for a while, I could just check in at an inn.

Then again, since many WoW players do not mind the lack of sun light nor fresh, outside air anyway, I might not either and may probably bring along my wristop computer into the WoW world and while in my labyrinthine apartment, use it to surf the Internet (Internet 7.0 by then?) and play even MORE games with it!

Talk about a life within a life within a life! Whereas your wife wants to yank you off WoW to go see your daughter's play performance, your right-hand Enchantress of the guild you're an officer of may want to yank you off of your wristop game in order to quest in that uber dungeon for that favorite trophy your guild has been raring to get. You still work on your wristop while that giant eagle taxis you to your destination though, and more of the same while you lie in wait in an ambushing hole to pounce on that final boss-monster.

(Hopefully monsters' damage will not apply to real-world objects you bring in! The safety protocols ought to keep THAT from happening! Same for thievery. Hopefully the GMs will know how to recover your real-world item if a Horde player steals it from you somehow.)

Your responses? Edit

What do you think WoW will be like in 2050? Do you see yourself still playing it? (Or coming back from a long sabbatical from it?)Edit

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