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Cheery alli

A charger at last!

Allidar Duskwatch

One of Allidar's more polite moments

Unarguably the sexiest Blood Elf to ever existEdit

Sometimes called a pain in the ass, sometimes called "that hot guy," Allidar Duskwatch of Silvermoon has always been a magnet of both hate and adoration. Though sometimes not in the best mood, he is usually upbeat, witty, and carries a strong disregard for what other people think of his actions. Allidar (or "Alli") cares greatly for his outward appearance, specifically when being judged by women. His armor seems to constantly be changing, from his all-red suit of plate to his cold gray armor. His hair is kept spiked and black, using a decent amount of product in it to keep the shine as blinding as ever. The condition of his teeth is also one of his main concerns, as his lips are usually curled back in an amused grin, showing his teeth often. Not surprisingly, he delights in getting toothpicks during Hallow's End. Though candy is always a welcome present, Alli's appearance-based personality prefers boosts to his pretty-boy-ness than to his blood sugar.

The ladies love this guyEdit

Alli has tried a few times to keep a steady, trusting relationship going with a girl, but each time, his flirty nature gets the best of him. After the many conflicts between him and his last serious pick led to a breakup, he's decided he is a natural drifter rather than a tireless romantic.

What class is he anyways?Edit

For the most part, Alli has mastered fire spells to a certain extent as to be able to shape the flames into spells that look like a paladin's, covering for his lack of much knowledge in the way of holy magic. The fire magic abilities also come in handy for lighting his cigarettes. A favorite activity of Alli's is pretending to be a high-ranking Blood Knight around lower-ranked Knights. Intimidation of new recruits is more effective for him, due to the fact that he really can have fire blazing in his eyes.

About those fangirls...Edit

Alli has had many different girlfriends over the years, ranging from quiet, cute chickies to ass-kicking rogues and warriors. His interests bounce back and forth between the two groups, and even he doesn't know how many women he's dated. Once in a while, he will be approached by a lady in the tavern with a sort of vendetta against him and not even know who she is. These moments usually involve a slap, a thorough scolding, and another drink.

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