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  • Name
  • x yds. (If target = self, then use "Self")  range
  • x sec/min/hours (If none, use "None") cooldown
  • x Rage/Energy/Mana at max level (if no cost, leave "None")
  • Instant
  • Description of spell on tooltip. Substitute rank changing numbers with X (use Y or Z if more than one number).
Usable by
PetPet Name
TypeUtility, Defensive, or Offensive
SchoolPhysical, Arcane, Fire, Frost, Holy, Nature, or Shadow
Cooldownx sec/min/hours (If none, use "None")
Other information
Related buff
  • Buff Name (OPTIONAL)
  • In-game text from the buff tooltip
  • Duration: x sec/min/hours seconds (duration, including units)

For the company, please see Blizzard Entertainment.
A well-timed blink can be the difference between a good story and a tearful eulogy.

Ability name is a... The first sentence should describe the ability in the most generic way possible. The rest of the lead paragraph should contain the basics of the spell, including its primary uses. Limit this paragraph to basic well-known facts about the ability.

Rank Level Stamina Max Imp Imp Cost
1 4 2 N/A 1Silver
2 14 7 9 9Silver
3 26 16 21 40Silver
4 38 27 35 1Gold
5 50 38 46 1Gold 50Silver
6 62 66 86 2Gold 60Silver

Notes Edit

Something very specific about the ability to be mentioned. Separate each note by using double enters. It is suggested that the comments at one of the external database sites be imported here. If no notes, delete this section.

Notes are very specific facts about the spell. Here is a good place to include damage equations, special exceptions, and other highly-specific information. Notes in this section should still be generic, whereas situational uses would go in the Tips and tricks section.

If the ability is improved by an item or item-set bonus, then link the item / set here and explain how many pieces are required if a bonus.

Talent improvement Edit

Describe in complete sentences a few notable talents and how they apply in the context of this ability. Do not describe talents in complete detail, that is left for the talent articles themselves. Instead, summarize each talent with a specific focus on how this particular ability is affected.

Tips and tactics Edit

Tricks that can be used with this ability. Separate each note by using double enters. It is suggested that the comments at one of the external database sites be imported here. If no tips tactics, delete this section.

This section is for player-submitted tips, tricks, tactics, advice and suggestions. Use seperate paragraphs and complete sentences rather than bullet lists. If an ability has a situational use, here is a good place to describe it.

For broader tactical situations, such as a particular boss strategy or grinding technique that encompasses more than just this one ability, do not list that entire tactic here. Instead, that tactic should be described in the class tactics article, or its own article. Summarize that tactic, paying attention to this ability's role, then link to the tactic article.

Known bugs Edit

List any known bugs, using bullets. If a more thorough description can be given, use paragraphs. It is suggested that the comments at one of the external database sites be imported here. If no known bugs, delete this section.

A good reference for bugs is the WoW bug report forum[1], which contains a sticky-thread of known bugs. Stick to threads that have a Blizzard response confirming the bug.

Past changes Edit

In chronological order, list the changes that have been made to the ability through patches. If no changes, or if the changes are unknown, delete this section.

Use {{Patched}} to show that it is a patch, or a hotfix, and to link to the appropriate patch notes.

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