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I've been a regular editor of the wiki for a year, now. I'm on the Watchdogs team, unofficial overseer of the Warlock project and den mother of the Warlock category. I've been playing World of Warcraft since Beta 2, with a one year break in between. I've also played various other MMOs.
I'm back in classes again, though trying hard to keep active. Otherwise I'm generally pouting about not being able to cuddle with my Sugar.Wikiicon-gnome-at-work

To-Do listEdit

  • blank project list: class, item, equipment(armour/weapons), zones (non-raid instance/outdoor), raiding, spelling...
  • Op-Ed on community projects?
  • tutorial: w:Help:Tutorial_1
  • mw:Extension:NewUserMessage
  • templated tag that links warlock discussion/questions to a central page

WoW Wiki InvolvementEdit

A Warlock project of my own devising.

  • Meant to clean up the contents of Warlock-related articles, as well as take a good look at the categorizing.


Servers & CharactersEdit

I have friends, Real Life and otherwise, on many servers, but these three are where you can find characters I've actually played.


You can find me here most often. I moved here after quitting to follow my closest friends.


Chaeos (Alternate)

Steamwheedle CartelEdit

My ex-fiancé and his closest friends play here. We transfered our characters from Alleria.




This is my original post-beta server. My ex-fiancé and I were co-leaders of the guild Ashen Emergence for most of the time we were playing here.



Guild HistoryEdit

Before quitting, my ex-fiancé and I were co-leaders of a guild, but since restarting one of our closest friends started his own guild on Steamwheedle Cartel, and I personally don't have the time or drive to lead another on my main server.


I've been on this server since October of 2006.


A casual raiding guild that my closest friends' previous guild merged into shortly after I started playing on Drak'Thul. The guild was previously led by Gumdrop (now on hiatus), and is now led by Teardropp. Gum's wife's name is Lemondrop. Can you see a theme? I was going to make a warrior named Dropdead, but a guildy stole it. (*shakes fist* Damn you!) I made a gnome warrior named Droppings instead.

Saints Elsewhere

This guild no longer exists. It merged into the guild Epic Drops shortly after I joined.

Steamwheedle CartelEdit

I transfered my original Priest here in October of 2006.


I think there are a total of seven people in this guild. We're all very close gaming friends who have been together since the original SL in EverQuest. These guys, including my ex-fiancé, just like to 5-man instances together.


This is my original post-beta server. I played here from release until July of 2005.

Ashen Emergence

This is the guild my ex-fiancé and I co-led. This was a casual raiding guild that included all of our closest gaming and Real Life friends. Many of our members went to Guild:Elysian (Alleria US) or Guild:Azergarde (Alleria US) after the disbanding of AE.


This is the casual raiding guild that most of our guildies came from before we created Ashen Emergence.


This was my first guild on Alleria. It is(was?) one of the biggest raiding guilds on the server. I didn't like the social distance in such a large guild, despite my fondness for raiding.

Gaming HistoryEdit

I've been playing MMOs since 2002.

World of WarcraftEdit

I beta'd for this game. It's my most current MMO habit.

Vanguard: Saga of HeroesEdit

I was totally pumped for this release, since I'm a big fan of the team behind the game. I was extremely disappointed when they moved from Microsoft to Sony, though.
Sadly, I wasn't able to beta this game until the open beta, because of my un-state-of-the-art computer. Generally, I'm disappointed with the small taste I got of this game. I don't have the drive to play right now, even though my ex had a subscription. Maybe, if I ever find more time outside of work and college, I'll play it.


Hey, what can I say, it was free at the time, and a friend had promised to play with me (which he didn't).

EverQuest IIEdit

I played this for a teeny bit in 2005, after quitting WoW. It certainly didn't keep me, but I was thrilled by my stint as an interior designer.


Oy, EverCrack. I played this game from 2002 to 2004. This is the game that started it all, even our rag-tag bunch of freaks and geeks (I know, 'Speak for yourself!'). EQ was the home of the original Sacrosanct Legion and Ashen Emergence guilds. My friends and I quit after a drama explosion that involved our personal lives.

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