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This is the Timeline, recording the major life events of Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde, Silver Sentinel of Shardracona. Outlining events from her birth in Suramar to the reunion between her and her daughter Siji.

((Please forgive tense inconsistencies for the time being while I correct them.))

Her BirthEdit

  • Though the exact number of years is unknown, it is believed that Drinlana was born in Suramar to Kyriun and Nirassa Nightwhisper.
  • Her only sister, Ansavaru, was born soon after.
  • Drinlana is first discovered by the leader of the Isil. During her early years she was a stand offish child, appreciating the deep wilds and forbidden glens. This leader was a mysterious man by the name of Furieusse. Charming, enigmatic, beguiling, Furieusse told the child that she had great talents and abilities. A seed was planted but he vanishes not to return for many decades.
  • With her mother disabled and unable to dance, Drinlana's natural talent for dance earns their humble family their living. She becomes a performer for various noble houses of Suramar.
  • In her first performance a spark is felt between the young gifted dancer and a noble daughter of the Summerwind Estate but the name of Azhandris.
  • A childhood romance blossoms between Azhandris Summerwind and Drinlana Nightwhisper that lasts for many years.
  • Drinlana is assaulted by young men near Suramar slays two and flees.
  • She and Azhandis part and are not reunited for many many centuries.

The Great Sundering Edit

The Long VigilEdit

  • Countless years pass as Drinlana travels, survives and matures during The Long Vigil. She learns and grows, serving her people as a Sentinel.
  • She is found by the leader of the Isil once again and taken in. She is convinced to serve the Isil, an independant organization that exists in secret to police the the Kaldorei people. It's dedication is absolute, its demands rigorous, its methods, extreme. However she believes she is doing something for the greater good of her people and so joins them while serving as a Sentinel.

Thiemis' Rise Edit

  • A political leader and Sentinel leader by the name of Thiemis becomes renowned among the Sentinels for several successful battles during the Long Vigil. She was a leader who fought with the strength of a dragon and ruled with a dragons wisdom as many would say. Drinlana honored and respected this woman deeply from afar.
  • The Isil became increasingly interested in the affairs of this woman and required that Drinlana reveal all she knew and that she continue to do so over time.
  • While serving her she becomes shocked to know that the Isil's trust of Thiemis is waning and that the leader of the Isil who is now Drinlana's lover, believes her to have dark motives.
  • Time passes and Thiemis becomes the target of talks of treachery and treason amongst the Isil. Drinlana continued to serve the Isil and the Sentinels but became increasingly doubtful of the Isils claims.
  • Thiemis lead many victorious campaigns against remnant demonic elements. However the Isil whisperd that these victories were believed to have been attained by letting key demonic leaders survive. 'Evidence' mounted and the Isil orderd Thiemis executed.

Thiemis' Fall Edit

  • Under pressure from her love and the leader of the Isil Drinlana organizes a grand gathering. Invitations are strategically sent to many, save Thiemis. Planned and carried out by Drinlana her Sentinel sister, Ansavaru, the execution and assassination of Thiemis occurs.
  • Drinlana's heart and soul are torn and her mind broken with guilt. She knows that something wrong occured and an injustice was served. Her love for the Isil Leader and his organization is broken and she leaves.
  • Ansavaru discovers an infant at the scene of the assassination and gives her to Drinlana, retiring as a Ranger and slipping into exile.
  • Drinlana names the daughter of of the fallen Sentinel after her mother and calls her Thiemis.

A Time of ExileEdit

  • Drinlana leaves the Isil despite the apparent danger to her life and goes into exile as well, leaving the Sentinels as well, taking the infant she now named Thiemis and raising her for a time until she found the family of Khundoth’Ai Silverpride, a young Kaldorei noble. There her name was altered to Thiemis’Ai and she was raised to near adulthood.
  • Thiemisai and Khundothai became lovers.
  • Always near and living in the surrounding forests, Drinlana watches Thiemis grow and mature.
  • In her adolescence, Thiemis'ai was marked by The Druid. Planting the seed for her eventual path to becoming the current Druidic Thiemisai.
  • Eventually, Drinlana saw the need for her presense pass and slipped away into obscurity.

Siji's BirthEdit

  • She is captured by the Isil during this time, tortured and beaten for her treachery.
  • She believes her death is imminent. However the leader still bears feelings for her and promises freedom if she bear him a child. With reluctance, Drinlana agrees and after several months of captivity becomes pregnant.
  • She manages to escape after regaining their trust and goes into hiding once again. It's during this time that Siji was born.
  • Feeling unfit to raise a child and believing that her daughter would be in danger should she be found, Drinlana found a humble family in a small Kaldorei Village. The poorly educated family would draw no attention and would be an ideal place for for her child to remain safe. With tear filled eyes Drinlana left her child in their care.

The second coming of the Burning Legion a chance for attonementEdit

  • She lived alone in the wilds for a time until word of the Second Coming of the Burning Legion swept through Northern Kalimdor. She returned to aid her people in the fight against the 'newcomers'. Dedicating herself whole heartedly. She had much to fight for and attone for. She fought each battle as if it were her last and quickly grew in power and noteriety.
  • She was given the lead of a small battalion of Sentinels that she named Shardracona in rememberance of the woman and crime she had never forgotten and the beautiful child she had loved from a distance and lost touch with.
  • She continued on to lead the battalion known as Shardracona through many skirmishes.
  • Along the base of mount Hyjal, Drinlana faced a demonic ambush that saw the end of her battalion and placed her as its guilt ridden sole survivor.
  • With the tatters of the crest of Shardracona and Thiemis fallen family still clutched in her hands, Drinlana is found in a cave by General Erick Clearwater, father of Constanz and the two become very close friends.
  • The Battle of Mount Hyjal takes place where she fights alongside the human general Clearwater.
  • Her immortality lost, her battallion slain, Drinlana slips further into darkness and depression.

A Sentinel's FallEdit

  • Drinlana uses her skills to become leader of a group of mercenary night elf, fallen sentinels seeking to strike out an any conceivable threat for the proper amounts of gold. They become known and sought after for their brutality in combat and willingness to take any job.
  • In a later skirmish, she slays Commander Suncaller, a Sin’Dorei arch mage who had been one of the many to ally with the Naga. His is surviving son Quilandrius Suncaller flees with the surviving Blood Elves to Eversong Forest.
  • After 6 months and many similar hollow victories she decides she has had enough. The life of mercenary is short lived.
  • Feeling she was no longer entitled or worthy to carry the bow or call herself a Sentinel she abandoned her path and left for the newly built Darnassus. Finding the new world tree and starting out on a simple, less visible life. Living as she could taking whatever job she could. Becoming a dancer again from time to time living a humble existence even stealing to keep herself fed. The Rogue life begins.

Hope for a new beginingEdit

  • Nearly 4 Years ago. She decides to leave and seek out the human lands for word had spread of its rebuilding and many Night Elves were crossing the seas to set up trade and establish a presence there.
  • She made the voyage and came across a lavendar haired woman in Goldshire named Thiemis. Could it be? Drinlana wondered. So much time. So many wars. Could it be?
  • Time passed and they became the best of friends.
  • Not all was wonderful in these lands for Drinlana. During this time she suffered much at the biting words of humans and her poor understanding of its culture. Cursed once in the streets of Stormwind, spat upon in the auction house of Ironforge, slapped and humiliated in the tavern of Goldshire, called harlot, whore and more, Drinlana persevered and remained strong.

The Blades of TyshalleEdit

  • Nearly 3 years ago Drinlana joined a guild of like minds called the Blades of Tyshalle lead by a Night Elf named Romavar. She climbed the ranks quickly and gained the attentions of its leader, Romavar. The two took to one another and a relationship began.
  • Thiemis and Drinlana meanwhile faced challenges together daily. Their bond grew and they became very, very close.
  • Drinlana watched with sadness as Thiemis wandered between guilds never finding a home until eventually she, along with a Dwarven Knight named Klangeddin formed the Clan of the Holy Forge.
  • Drinlana’s feelings towards Thiemis grow and blossom into love. Her heart is torn. Unable to contain her feelings any longer and voices them despite her engagement to the leader of the Blades of Tyshalle.
  • The Clan of the Holy Forge is fractured by a political rift and the majority of its members remain by Thiemis’ side.
  • Drinlana and Romavar began to drift, their relationship empty and hollow.

Shardracona RebornEdit

  • Two years ago, Drinlana caught word of the break up of the Clan and left the halls of the Blades of Tyshalle seeing it as an opportunity to tell Thiemis of her true past.
  • More than two years ago Shardracona was formed and its first hall was built in Ashenvale Forest. At the time it was a single building and not the massive estate that it has grown into over the last two years.

General Clearwater's DeathEdit

  • Drinlana lost touch with General Erick Clearwater since the days of the battle on Mount Hyjal. Shardracona had been thriving for some time when word came to her that her first human friend was dying.
  • Returning to his side in Theramore, Drinlana stayed with the human leader until he breathed his last breath.
  • As he died he asked Drinlana to look after his only daughter, Constanz Clearwater.

Seeking SijiEdit

  • Slightly more than one year ago Drinlana set out to find the home where her daughter had been placed only to see that they had left the area. Through much searching she discovered that the Kaldorei family had left Kalimdor along one of the new trade routes across the sea, bearing Siji with them.
  • Drinlana followed the trail and records left in Theramore, tracing back through endless lists of departures from the port. Eventually she found records of a Siji and followed them to Menethil Harbor.
  • With time and perserverance she discovered that Siji's adopted family settled in the wintery regions near the Dwarven kingdom of Ironforge. Her original caretakers had died decades ago, placing Siji in the path of Dalani and Binrin Frostborn who took in the young elf who, despite her mischevious nature was strong as an ram and great help around the forge.
  • It would be there that Drinlana would find the short haired, tom-boyish Kaldorei girl causing mischief throughout the Dwarven kingdom. This girl, she would discover, would be her long lost child, Siji.
  • She desired a chance to, if not be her mother once again, to at least know her, befriend her. And so after much time she sent a letter to the Dwarven family who had taken her in and offered take the girl they had grown to love to a place where she would have a bright future and a chance at a wonderful education.
  • The Frostborn family sat with their little Elf daughter and decided that the sentinel's offer could not be refused. They wanted a brighter future for their Siji than their humble means could provide and so Siji left home with the Silver Sentinel of Shardracona and made the long journey across the sea to Ashenvale.

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