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Neutral 32Drestin Himrathil
Gender Female
Race Night elf
Character class Warrior
Affiliation The Druids of the Paw, Alliance
Position Defender of the Druids
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Felene Himrathil

Drestin Himrathil is a Night Elf Warrior currently living in Goldshire although she is known to change home often. She is usually described as a happy, naïve and friendly person. If converted to human years, Drestin is about 18 years old.

Drestin is dedicated to Druids, a class who she considers holy due to their connection with nature and ability to heal the lands.

Among her best friends are Shiyo Jao and Kor’Turas Greenabyss though the latter is regarded as an idol more than a friend.

Server: Silver Hand

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