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Who Is Dreamskull? Edit

Dreamskull is a fictional character found within the confines of the World of Warcraft. He is a member of the Horde Emberstorm battlegroup on the Moon Guard server made by Blizzard respectively. Dreamskull is without a doubt the most infamous person in his region and is easily considered to be the "Most Controversial" character to have ever graced Moon Guard's presence. Dreamskull is known for his abilities to mastermind and control major events and feelings on Moon Guard. Because of his amazing talents and innate abilities, he has been given many various names and titles throughout his time spent on Moonguard by various people.

Dreamskull is a master priest and has been credited for being "The Father of Shadow" for being Moon Guard's first ever priest to use the shadow talent specialization. Names and talents aside, Dreamskull is not without his people. Dreamskull has many followers, some official and unofficial working in his name. Many people emulate him in hopes of becoming infamous themselves; naming themselves after him, hoping to gain his favor or disfavor. Many people fight for and fight against him in hopes of being noticed by him. Perhaps one day someone will rise up and challenge Dreamskull for his title and place in Moonguard history? We can only hope! As for the public, Dreamskull is a known name, known by all people. Many people claim he is an infectious parasite, slowly sucking the life out of Moon Guard. Others see him as a change of pace, bringing excitement back into a dying server. Whatever the public opinion, Dreamskull is a very lively Destroyer/Savior of Moon Guard.

The Path of Dreamskull Edit

Dreamskull is an evil undead shadow priest who seems to enjoy the senseless slaughter of the innocent denizens of the World of Warcraft. He is a chaotic mastermind who revels in total destruction of anyone or anything that is not part his plan for Moon Guard. He is known to be a being of intense struggle with a high code of morality. Although his plans are twisted to fit his needs and wants, he seeks to return everything to the days of old, when Moon Guard was more simplistic and honor bound. He seems to desire a world in which he has total control of all that surrounds him.

Dreamskull is an extremely hostile person, always seeking war and turmoil; he is a constant participant of the war between the Alliance and Horde. It is important to note that Dreamskull does not like either side and has opted to create his own faction that he has dubbed, The Empire Sovereignty. Dreamskull has built a large following and is constantly seen plotting with his comrades in the bases he has built throughout the lands of Lordearon, Theramore and Stormwind. He also meets and talks with his privately contracted goblins in Booty Bay. Although he is a member of the Forsaken, it is widely known that Dreamskull hates the Queen of Undercity. Dreamskull is most known for his ruthless attacks in the Hillsbrad area. South Shore was considered to be Dreamskull's favorite target and on Moon Guard, he is credited for its downfall.

Intelligence of Dreamskull Edit

Although Dreamskull and his Empire Sovereignty has committed a tremendous amount of mindless slaughter to hurt the denizens of Moonguard, it is widely accepted that Dreamskull is somewhat intelligent. Yet intelligence unknown, it is known that Dreamskull has planned and attacked, successfully sacking every major city several dozen in his long career of killing. It is also widely known that Dreamskull has acquired a large and respectable defensive system that has keeps the King of Stormwind and the Queen of the Undercity safe from severe Horde or Alliance attack; these two being the most protected of all major city leaders within Moon Guard. All of this would suggest that Dreamskull is not only a deadly combatant, but a keen planner and organizer when it comes to all sorts of events of war. To top off his incredible record, he also participates in frontline combat on a regular basis, attending almost every single pvp breakout in the world of Moon Guard world PvP. He is often times seen leading the Horde or Alliance defenders to a tremendous victory over his enemies, even in the most dire of situations. Dreamskull seems to be an offensive and defensive mastermind, you would think that be enough. But Dreamskull seems to do all of this with an unyielding force that is extremely loyal to him and him alone. How does he do this? Logic would state that Dreamskull is intelligent, if not more intelligent then the average Moonguardian.

The Freedom Fighters Invade Edit

Dreamskull and his forces were not expecting much resistance since they've been decimating almost all of their enemies. However, this would change when a former, corrupt Mayor known as Mayor Banks attacked the Undercity with a small force of elite commandos known as the Freedom Fighters. The Freedom Fighters destroyed much of the Forsaken's buildings and killed many of its members. Dreamskull and his forces defended the Undercity against the Alliance Onslaught, but waves and waves of his forces were being killed by the Freedom Fighters. When it looked like Dreamskull was finally going to lose his beloved city of Undercity, the Freedom Fighters suddenly left the city. It appears that their supplies have been cut off by the Might of Stormrage due to the high cost of the Undercity war effort. The Might of Stormrage ordered Mayor Banks and the Freedom Fighters to leave Undercity and help with the effort against the elves calling it a "More serious threat". Once the Freedom Fighters left, Dreamskull was able to gather up his forces and take back the territory lost and repair the buildings that were destroyed.

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