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HordeNPC 32Drakonous Sin'Zaram
Drakonous (Drawing)

A hand drawn sketch of Drakonous

|Image of Drakonous Sin'Zaram]]
Title Blood Knight
Gender Male
Race Blood elf
Level 53
Character class Blood Knight, Dragon Knight (RPG)
Affiliation The Horde, Kingdom of Quel'Thalas (currently)
Position Blood Knight
Location Unknown
Status Unknown
Relative(s) Unknown
Mentor(s) Lady Liadrin (current)
Alignment Unknown

Drakonous is one of the few survivors of the attack from the Scourge that left Quel’Thalas. Being a young High elf Drakonous had little experience in matters of battle but had to learn quick. After the Scourge left and Kael’thas Sunstrider returned to reclaim Quel’Thalas Drakonous helped in rebuilding and taking back what was left of his once beautiful homeland. When Lady Liadrin had created the Blood Knights Drakonous grew interested and joined so he could fight the Scourge and take his revenge for what they had done to his homeland. Drakonous is currently a Blood Knight and is rumored to have some connections to the Red Dragonflight but this is rumor.

General History Edit

Drakonous grew up in Silvermoon City an orphen. It is not known who his parents were only that he had been found outside the city gates with a medallion resembling a dragon around his neck. Drakonous grew up like any other orphen, fending for himself. He had few friends to speak of except Mordria. Not knowing who he was or who his family was Drakonous saught answers which ended in vein. Once he went into his teen years Drakonous learned the art of the sword finding it facinating. Learning the way of the sword was not for fun and games, Drakonous wanted to use this ability to go and search out his origins. To this day it is not quite clear what the dragon medallion means or what power it may hold...

Early LifeEdit

Drakonous had grown up in the western half of Silvermoon City. He was an orphen and it was never known exactly who his parents were. Growing up he had to learn to survive and fend for himself. Being a loner he never really saw interest in playing with other children, rare enough as they were with elves. At the age of ten he was told to apprentice in a skill that would become his profession.He then became an apprentice in blacksmithing to an skilled elf, who's daughter Mordria he became good friends with. Mordria, being a year older than Drakonous, would generally lead him on one adventure after another, most of them led to the two of them getting in trouble. One time Mordria stole an axe from her father's forge which led to Drakonous having to pay for it. The years went on in general mischief.

At the age of fifthteen Drakonous took up the art of the sword. He became a quick learnesd and soon developed his techniques to the point of a well train soldier. Mordria herself trained along side of him with her axe. Later that year came the time that would test Drakonous to his core.

Seige of Quel'thalasEdit

With the attack by the scourge Drakonous was forced to take up his sword against them. With little military force to defend the city both he and Mordira were among the many who were forced to fight and defend the city. Mordira's parents were among many who were buchered by the scourge. This caused her to run out into the scourge army hacking her way until she disappeared. Drakonous was unable to follow his friend as he had been knocked unconcious at the time. He woke up several minutes later and rejoined the fighting. He did not know what had befallen his friend. Most of what occured later is obscured, but it is know that Drakonous and several others were found by Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider’s forces, who had returned to reclaim the devastated lands of Quel’Thalas. The attack was later found out to be the work of the Death Knight Arthas and his Scourge army in his quest to reach the Sunwell. Drakonous is one of the few survivors of the Scourge attack on the High Elven kingdom of Quel'Thalas. He and his regiment had survived by falling back to the hills of Sunstrider Isle, where they made a lasting defense by avoiding the Scourge at all costs in the hills, and at times using brutal hit and run tactics to keep them at bay. Though it is not yet known how many High elves were in this regiment it is estimated to have been at least seventy-five and only twenty two remained alive. Among the missing or dead was Mordria. It is not clear whose idea it was to fall back to the island but it saved their lives. To justify that he was not a coward Drakonous said that he and his forces were vastly outnumbered and saw the only logical tactic was hit and run tactics to confuse the Scourge.

After Arthas had corrupted the Sunwell to resurrect Kel'Thuzad, Drakonous felt the withdrawl that followed soon after. Soon enough they were all began to feel the adiction and need for Mana caused by the destruction of the Sunwell. Volentereing to make a reconisence mission out of the hills of Sunstrider Isle he found that the Scourge had killed every known High elf living in the city and south of the city. Some of the major Scourge forces were holding out in the ruins of the once great city. Returning to the to the camp in the hills Drakonous told them of what he had seen.They then gathered what little force they had left to use the hit and run tactics on the Scourge. Using this brutal tactic they slowly made their way to reclaim Sunstrider Isle. At this exact time Prince Kael’thas was gathering force to take back Quel’thalas. Having taken Sunstrider Isle back, Drakonous and his regement set up a parimiter on the island. They were then conserving what strength they had by planing an attack on the northern gates to take back some part of the city. By this time Kael’thas and the High elves loyal to him were making a slow advance through what is now called Ghostlands. Within days Drakonous’ regiment began their attack on the gate. They slowly fought inwards to the ruins fighting the undead of what use to be their fellow High elves. After the battle it came to them that what they had fought was only a fraction of the Scourge force left in the weastern half of Silvermoon. After taking back what was a good portion of the western half of the city over the following days some of the regiment began to go crazy from the adiction. These were some of the first high elves to become known as the Wreched.

Reconstruction and the Return of Kael'thasEdit

Their numbers slowly dwindling to the Scourge and the sickness that was the Wreched, what was left of the regement made a retreat to Sunstrider Isle. Where they held out until Kael’thas and his force returned to find them camped out atop the Falthrien Acadamy. Having now rejoined their brothers and sisters the regiment helped in the retaking of Silvermoon city. Kael’thas then renamed his people Blood elves in honor of their fallen. Drakonous adopted this change with out question. The aftermath to come would not be an easy one. After the departure of Kael’thas and many loyal to him to Outland the rebuilding Quel’Thalas was well under way. Drakonous and the remaineder of the regiment he served in were then ordered to retake their lands. Hope restored along with many fresh troops they did just that. First striking at the Scar that befouled their land with the Scourge. Slowly they retook the land of Eversong Woods.

Kael’thas then renamed his people Blood elves in honor of their fallen. Drakonous adopted this change with out question knowing that he lost his only friend to the scourge, Mordria. The reconstruction of Silvermoon would not be an easy one. After the departure of Kael’thas and many of his loyal warriors departed for Outland, the rebuilding Quel’Thalas was well under way by that time. As a last order before he left, Kael'thas ordered Drakonous and the remaineder of the regiment he served in to rebuild their forces and retake their lands. Hope restored along with many fresh troops they made their way in to what is now today the Ghostlands. Their first strik was at the small town of Tranquillien. Over the next four years Drakonous helpped in retaking lost lands and still could not put a dent in the near unlimited forces of the scourge.

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