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The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Ko'zhe the DarkmotherEdit

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The Tauren venerate the Earthmother over everything else. She embodies all of Nature and in that regard - to the Tauren mindset - is peaceful and loving. To a small Order known as the Viperian, the Earthmother is more than simply a peaceful creator-goddess, their version of her places her as the primordial Darkness from which everything else springs.

The rituals involved in her worship are unknown to outsiders, but to the Tauren, they are heretical and deemed worthy to be snuffed out. The Cenarion Circle does not acknowledge the existance of Ko'zhe as an entity, but because almost all of her practitioners throughout history were Tauren shaman or druids, or otherwise had a connection to the land, they have recently taken a slight interest in the elimination of the Viperian because the recent Masters have looked outside the Tauren for new Acolytes, in particular.


  • Shadow
  • Contradiction
  • Untamed

Other Names:

  • Earthmother's Shadow
  • the Shadow

Ko'zhe the Darkmother has two primary servants, a Left Claw and a Right Claw.

The Serpent MotherEdit

The Left Claw of Ko'zhe. This is less a goddess and more a venerated Spirit of Protection. She is the waypoint between the Master and Ko'zhe. All Children of Ko'zhe can commune with her for guidance and a calming voice amidst a storm of distrust. She views all Viperian as HER children and wants nothing less than to see the will of Ko'zhe excecuted.

The only recorded instance of a Serpent Mother existing is Luciela, a former Night Elf in the Sentinel Army who chose eternity with Ko'zhe as the Serpent Mother over returning to the Emerald Dream. As such, she is eternally bound to the soul of Kodar Nighteye.

The Master of the ViperianEdit

The Right Claw of Ko'zhe. This is the mortal manifestation of Ko'zhe - like the Serpent Mother is the metaphysical - and is considered first and most powerful among her children. It is his charge and duty to bring new Children of Ko'zhe under the Darkmother's sway. The Master takes on the most extreme physical manifestations of the Serpent, including and beyond: leathery, furless skin, clawed hands, serpentine eyes, a snake-tongue, and fangs like a Viper. He is blessed with the ability to produce three types of venom: A corrosive, burning acid to harm enemies, a healing serum, and the Blood of Ko'zhe - which is used to bring new Viperian under Ko'zhe's Shadow through a bite to the arm.

Notable Masters:


The First Viperian, the first Son of Ko'zhe. He was created at the birth of the Shu'halo, meaning he was not born of any womb save the Earthmother herself. In his devotion, he was raised to become the first Black-furred Tauren - leading some to speculate the Grimtotem are a branch of his descendants. However, he became one with the Great Serpent, and birthed Sorrak, the first Master of the Viperian.

The SerpentEdit

Perhaps the most key figure in the founding of the Viperian is the Serpent, from which the Order takes its name. Few, if any, have knowledge of who she was. All that is known for fact was that she mated with Koz'rahn the First and birthed Sorrek the Wise, the First Master.

Before ascending to become the Master, Kodar speculated that the Serpent in the origins legend and the Troll Loa Ula-tek were one and the same. This has led Kodar to look to the Trolls for the future of the Viperian.

The Void of Ko'zheEdit

The afterlife for the Viperian. Unlike the Emerald Dream or the Twisting Nether, it is accessable only to Viperian or a former student of one - as unlike the previous, it is a place completely subject to Ko'zhe. It is from here that a Viperian draws their identical abilities, those of the mind and soul, whereas they must tap other sources for additional powers ((i.e. A Viperian Mage and a Viperian Druid both draw powers from the Void, but the Druid also communes with the world, while the Mage weilds the arcane power as they normally would)).

The SymbolEdit

The sigil of the Viperian is a triangular object depicting a dripping fang with a gem in each corner. Each part of the sigil has a specific meaning to the Viperian:

  • The Triangle - signifies the strongest of all shapes and the steadfast and determined nature of the Viperian. It is also the "sharpest" shape - if made into a physical object - and also resembles a fang.
  • The Fang - represents the nature of the Viperian, when you attack, strike quick and strike hidden. It is a symbol of authority and power when a Viperian actually gets their own fangs, as it means one has become a blessed child of Ko'zhe.
  • The Venom - its meaning is two-fold: on the one hand it embodies the Viperian's ideology of crippling the enemy slowly and viciously; the venom is also the symbol of Ko'zhe's lifeblood, which is bestowed through the Master and is the physical connection of Ko'zhe to the world.
  • The Gems - there are three corners to the Sigil, and one gem in each corner. They represent the three Tenets of the Viperian: Brotherhood, Power, Balance. Brotherhood, all Viperian are family and loyal to each other. Power, a Viperian seeks to grow stronger in both Ko'zhe and many other arts. Balance, a Viperian seeks to maintin the Balance between the axes of Good/Evil and Order/Chaos and is charged to fill the void when one is lacking.

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