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Background Edit

Been Playing WOW since May 2009, was origianally Alliance until his friend convinced him to play as a horde. He Chose a Tauren Druid and hasnt looked back since. Enjoys Lore and loves questing. Tauren are his favorite race to play as and plans on creating a tauren priest and paladin when Cata comes out.


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Characters Edit

Nomu- Level 80 Balance Druid on Detheroc

Thial - Level 28 Mage

Rahil - Level 62 Tuaren Hunter


Duskwaker lvl 15 Rogue

Guild Edit

Originally apart of RABD until the mass walkouts due to bad leadership on the part of the GM

Current Guild is Oceans of Chocolate.

Raid Edit

Has raided Malygos, Onyxia and VOA successfully However is unable to make most raids due to his schedule. Started and ran a group to attack the capital cities for the achievment For the Horde! Completed it in one day with a group of 25 to 30 people.

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