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Naga can be playable. by reading these points. i hope you will understand that naga can be playable. if it never happened ill die XO

Problem .1. naga`s don’t have feet or legs so how the naga equip feet/leg armor?

Solution= Rename it from :leg to: tail , from :feet to: Tail tip!!! tauren cant wear boots also so they bind it around there hooves

problem .1.2. ::Wearing boots if you don't have feet is kind of "silly", considering that end of naga tails don't really touch the ground in the same way feet would, and therefore have very little need for that kind of protection. At least for tauren, draenei, and trolls they have feet, so wearing soleless boots, "anklets", makes some sense. Secondly if you dress a snake in clothes it has a more difficult time moving around, and looks silly. Naga in most traditional artwork do not wear any clothing past their "hips". Why is this? Because they look better that way. No Anything that goes too far down the snake half of the body looks incredibly stupid.Baggins 19:19, 7 January 2008 (UTC)

Solution= the best thing to do is eliminate boots altogether, and if your going to dress them make them all wear kilts around their "hips" instead of pants.

Problem .2. How Naga Will look Mounted they have now feet so how the hell???

Solution= Naga will coil around the mount its body with something like a seeth (bad English sry) with a rope to hold on [EASY ASS HELL BLIZZ CAN USE THERE IMAGINATION]

Problem .3. Naga don’t have a jumping effect so how the hell naga will jump???(for the dummies)

Solution= a naga is a SERPENT like creature you must know that snakes actuely jump in a kind of way to attack there future food. it could easily be a tail push against the ground !!!! duh -_-'

Problem .4. Naga`s are evil.

Solution= I’m not going to tell you this again ONLY ALL THEIR TRIBES ARE EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT themselves there could be easily a new rebellion faction impmented! Even the naga Tribes are very social to each other. Why?? Think about troll about the faction called Darkspear that joined the horde because the horde saved them from attacking murlocs (SOURCE: FROM TROLL OPENING WOW) and leaved the zalandar tribe. OMFG zalandar and darkspear where in the past the best friends! and still Darkspear joined the horde. SAME THING COULD HAPPEN TO Naga.

Problem .5. <Citation from official wow forums[:]>REPLY 80> How could you even think Naga would be a playable race!?'ve spent an effort. And things you say are sensible. :D Mate...imagine a naga warrior tanking Illidian or another boss. Think it would fit in the game? I think not...

Solution= .1.Does troll against troll fits?? .2. Does naga even have something to do with illidari(some of them yes some one like the great seawitch Lady vashj. BUT ONLY SOME OF THE NAGA) WHY THE (....) A NAGA CANT THANK OTHER BOSSES?, Because all serpents are evil??? , so evil like the bosses?? THAT GUY CAN GO (....) HIMSELF!!! It doesn’t need to fit because lore is lore!!!! troll against troll doesn’t fit but its is there in the world of warcraft. Naga Against naga or naga against evil bosses Fits because its in The Predicted FAN-LORE.

So if you know a other problem than this TELL ME I will, blizz will, every one will find a solution!!!!!!

/Discuss Thank you Dragonnagaofthewater 16:39, 7 January 2008 (UTC)

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