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This article is a player character biography page for Thovex of Moon Guard US created by Dr.Knox. The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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Of the Skychaser tribe Edit

Standing tall and strong, a series of mesas rise up abruptly from the rolling plains of Mulgore. Upon these sacred bluffs rest tattered scrolls that, by the work of ink and quill, are impregnated with the history of a people. Their frayed edges and supple bodies speak of the ancient Shu’Halo and their progenitor, the Earth Mother. It was she who, in the mists of dawn, sowed her fertile seeds and breathed life into the newly waking world. And it is from her womb that the Skychasers sprang forth into existence.

The exact age of the Skychaser Tribe is unknown. Some speculate that it is as old as the endless cycles of Mu’Sha and An’She. Others firmly believe the Tribe to be younger. All can agree though, that its inception is ancient enough to have been forgotten. However, should one consult a Skychaser on the matter, they would likely be referred to the myth of Pachatek.

''"Many, many, Moons ago, when the natural world was still cloaked in fog and mystery, a curious young Shu’Halo walked along the plains. This bull walked the path of the Earth Mother and lived in harmony with her other children. The trees and rivers whispered his name and even the sun-baked earth would sound the name “Pachatek”, if one put their ear to the ground. All was in balance.

One day, in Pachatek’s existence, a storm blocked out An’She’s bright smile. Its abyssal clouds swept over the plains and they roared out in pain as their bellies scraped the tops of mountains. The clouds lashed out in anger, sending spears of vengeful lightning towards the mountains. This troubled Pachatek greatly, for he knew the mountains had meant no harm.

He took to his hooves and sought to end this feud, to make peace between the kin of the Earth Mother. Pachatek ascended the tallest peak as the battle raged on and upon reaching its highest point, cried out to the clouds. He told them to leave, to cease, and to forgive the mountains. Yet the clouds, blinded by their frustration, were unable to reason. They lashed out at Pachatek and struck him down. From the bull’s charred body though, rose a thick plume of smoke. Pachatek’s relentless spirit took on the rising smoke as a new vessel and addressed the clouds again. Thinking they had ended the Shu’Halo, the clouds were frightened to see that he lived once more. Pachatek charged the clouds and in their shock and terror they finally fled.

Though his spirit lives on in smoke, roaming the skies, his ashes seeped back into the Earth Mother’s womb. Proud of her valiant son, she sought to honor his selfless efforts. The Earth Mother took Pachatek’s ashes and breathed life into them once more. From the charred remains rose more Shu’Halo, crafted in his image. And thus, the Skychaser Tribe was born. The kin of Pachatek – the People of Ash."''

As a descendant of Pachatek’s ashes, Thovex was destined to walk the shaman’s path as many Skychasers before him. He was born into the Tribe by Siln and Kojax.

Kojax was one of many sons belonging to Soltex – who was one of the Skychaser’s most senior warriors. Soltex Skychaser had spent his life time with his shield raised against the forces of the Centaur and Quilboar. He trained all of his sons in the ways of the warrior and decided it was their duty to protect the Tribe. Kojax was born into the middle of his siblings and as a result, felt he never stood out. His determination to be recognized drove him to focus intensely on his training. He longed for his family's approval, to be as respected as his father. As the days passed and the young bull grew into adulthood, Kojax developed into a formidable hunter. He received much praise for providing for the Tribe and seemed always able to host a successful hunt, even in the most desperate of times. His knowledge of the natural world was almost as vast as his appreciation for it. Upon the passing of his father, Soltex, he was given responsibility over his family. On his death bed, Soltex bequeathed to his son a shield that he had always carried as well as a title. From now on, he became known as the Plainswolf.

Siln Skychaser was the only daughter of Ashtam, the Chieftain of the Tribe. Ashtam had three other sons, though his oldest, Beram, would succeed him. Siln was a direct carrier of the Pachatek bloodline, as all kin of Skychaser Chieftains were. She was thus innately skilled in the ways of the shaman. She began her training at a relatively young age and excelled greatly, though her tribal duties often prevented her from moving forward. In time she became a revered shaman and, being content with her shamanistic faculties, eventually caught the eye of a well respected hunter in the Tribe.

Kojax had much to prove should he have wished to make the Chieftain’s daughter his mate. Chieftain Ashtam had hoped for his daughter to marry another shaman and to maintain the integrity of the bloodline, however he could not dispute that Kojax was an honorable bull. Eventually, their mutual love was condoned and they became mates. It is thus that Thovex Skychaser was born some fifteen years before the first war of Man and Orc.

Artwork by Friends Edit


Drawn by Ronour Lightheart


Drawn by Tarala Eaglewind

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