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General Info Edit

Name: Isa'Dorienne Moonclaw (aka Dorienne, Dori, Dor)
Spouse: Rhenarim
Home Server: The Scryers (US)
Race: Kaldorei
Age: ??
Class: Druid
Interests: Herbology, Geology, Ancient Languages, Ancient Artifacts
Guild: Thought and Memory
Dorienne's Armory Page

Physical Description: Physically, Dorienne is fairly typical of her species. Tall and willowy, possessing lunar grace, she moves with the expected fluidity and athleticism of her kind. Her hair is snow-white and her skin a healthy, fresh-scrubbed shade of light pink. Her face bears the traditional markings worn by Kaldorei females: hers a single vertical slash over each eye, like claw-marks.

Personality Description: Dorienne is calm and good-humored. Although she once possessed a strong Kaldorei temper during her life as a fatalistic, cynical rogue, she seems to have put all that aside, now that she's apparently learned a little humility and wisdom on her path to becoming a Druid.

Bio (Summary) Edit

Dorienne is one of the older Kaldorei, though certainly from a much later era than Malfurion, Tyrande, and Illidan. Born in the branches of Nordrassil, the first part of her life was spent as a carefree immortal. She's never discussed her reasons for becoming a rogue, but this change seemed to have taken place about the same time as the fall of the great world tree. She abandoned the life of a rogue a few years ago. She changed once the Druids began to accept female acolytes.

After a minor adventure involving time travel and alternate dimensions, she and her husband - the Hunter Rhenarim - have finally found a place to call home and a solid group of friends (Thought and Memory).

Little Known Facts Edit

  • She has a nearly-identical "sister" by the name of Paravel, who is also a druid. Their exact relationship is a bit of a mystery.
  • Though she is a druid, she has an extreme dislike of Fandrel Staghelm and avoids him if possible. She has been known to push the limits of his patience. She has kept and hidden a Crystal of Zin-Malor rather than see it fall into his hands.
  • She is a member of a secret cross-faction alliance known as the Druids of the Paw, a shadowy sect within the Cenarion Druids. They use their more subtle, feline skills as spies, passing information in order to maintain peace and balance between factions as well as undermine Staghelm. There is no membership requirement and no oversight. There is no official heirarchy and no one is in charge. Essentially, any druid who claims to be "of the Paw" and takes action to better relations between the Alliance and the Horde is one. (Non-canonical. Lore specific to character/server.)

Gossip Edit

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