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Dodge SunrunnerEdit


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Physical Description Edit

  • Full Name: Keledraun Devn Sunrunner
  • In-game: Dodge Sunrunner
  • Nickname: Dodge
  • Age: 28 (The Elven equivalent)
  • Sex: Male
  • Hair: Light Red
  • Eyes: Light Green
  • Weight: 180lbs
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Garments/Armor: Dodge wears a casual White Swashbucklers shirt and dark leather pants and boots, usually carrying his blood red cloak in his arm when in the city. While when out travelling he wears armour tailored to his build while his blood red cloak is draped over both shoulders, concealing much about him.
  • Other: He wears a single silver earring on his ear, which he set a small ruby into himself.


Dodge puts out an aura of friendship to those he travels with and gets to know well enough through time. He is straightforward while out on the road, getting from point A to B quickly and the most efficiently, and that mentality is almost engrained into his way of thought. He makes up for his otherwise plain looks (By elven standards) with his mastery of warm smiles and empathic looks and glances, while those that know him closely cannot figure out of his charm is sincere or a fascade to have others offguard. He can often seem distant or distracted while inthe company of others inside the city, and often ventures off if something catches his eye.


Much of his history Dodge himself doesn't care to disclose, he believes that over the course of his Elven life he has committed too many grotesque acts. What is known, was that he knew Silvermoon long before Arthas and the Scourge beseiged the city, his parents are still alive managing a small shop inside Silvermoons walls, but Dodge has never visited them since the Seige, and never intends to.

While Dodge was growing up he ventured into several different circles, let one of them be known as a group of pranksters, and if you look hard enough at the feathered spire overlooking the Bazaar courtyard, you might see a small chunk of the bottom feather missing, but Dodge will never admit to this, oh no. He earned the nickname Dodge from his ability to outrun whomever he had played a prank on in his younger years, and the nickname sticked.

Dodge eventually befriended a Silvermoon Scout, and travelled with the female elf for a time, which took him away from the walls of Silvermoon from when Arthas came. The scout taught him what he knows, until he quickly surpassed her in skill, and they travelled as equals. When Dodge returned he spent much of his time in the Murder Row Inn, and with the Rogues guild close wasn't hard to find a line of work. Dodge soon became a known Assassin, skilled at sneaking into residence or building and waiting patiently for his mark, and leaving quietly, . He met Cynadrion Caremyr and Llewelyn Artolia soon after, and has traveled with them until now, telling them his history along the way.

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