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"Sahdenclo" is a role-playing story written by the players of the Sisters of Elune realm forum on Blizzard's World of Warcraft site.

Unanswered questionsEdit

The storyEdit

  • Who is the old man?
  • What are the trinkets? Who or what is the significance of each one?
  • What does "sahdenclo" mean?
  • Why does Sayge translate "sahdenclo" as "invited?"
  • Why was Sayge scared?
  • Why does Sayge tell fortunes? What's in it for him?
  • Who was the other person to ask about sahdenclo?
  • What did the Explorers League learn helping that person?
  • Of what is Sheaf scared?
  • Where did the dove go?
  • Why is Sheaf sending the reports?


  • What would the mages do to convince Colquitt to respec?
  • What happened in Juroon?
  • What, exactly, is the danger of Colquitt's untrained magic?
  • What does troll magic have to do with Colquitt?
  • What did Sheaf's wand do to Colquitt?

Colquitt's nightmareEdit

  • Why does Kimber need help?
  • What is the significance of the mail and tabard?
  • What does the poem mean?
  • What is the significance of the glyph?


  • Why do the lowliest mages know Caoilainn by name?
  • Is Caoilainn right about the warlocks' seclusion? If so, why do they remain secretive?
  • Is there a reason for Caoilainn's rule about not using her powers in public?
  • Is there a particular reason Cay objects to the mages forcing Colquitt to respec?
  • What is the story of Cay's voices?
  • Who or what is "klim'neth?"
  • Why does Caoilainn study swordplay?
  • Caoilainn's initial impression of Colquitt was wrong. What was that impression?
  • Why does Cay appear younger than she is?
  • Is there something behind Cay's headaches and facial tics?
  • Why is Caoilainn so interested in helping Colquitt?
  • Why is Caoilainn's father imprisoned?
  • Caoilainn hasn't seen adventure in some time. What was she doing instead?
  • What are the consequences of Cay not using her powers?
  • What influence does Cay hold in Stormwind?
  • Why does Caoilainn react strongly to the presence of a paladin. Is it just light vs. fel or something more?
  • What do Caoilainn's voices want? She thinks they are waiting for something.
  • What is the story of Abarot setting things on fire?

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