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Note: This is a Suggestion only, and in no way is affiliated with the World of Warcraft or its incorporators. All rights to the Keeper of the Grove are hereby held by the World of Warcraft company and it's owners.

This article is about a suggestable hero class in World Of Warcraft.For lore, see Keeper of the Grove. For other uses, see, Keeper of the Grove (Disambiguation).

The Keeper of the Grove is a suggested Hero Class that will be playable by the Alliance and Horde Faction in World of Warcraft.

Overview Edit

Once certain criteria are met, players will be able to create a new Keeper of the Grove character, which, unlike the Death Knight, will start at a mid-range level. Starting only at level 50, players will have needed to already have created a Death Knight character.

Opposite of the Death Knight, the Keeper of the Groves wil start out at a mid-level playable character, intended to mature and evolve over the course of increasing levels. Players may be familliar with the Keeper of the Grove, as it was a hero unit in the previously released Warcraft games, most notedly Warcraft III.

If succesible, the Keeper Of The Grove will be the second hero class in World Of Warcraft. At any point after creating a Death Knight, the player may embark on a long and difficult quest, to redempt his soul, ultimatley ending up as a weakened( level 50), but humbled Keeper of the Grove. Once created, the player will have a wide range of powerful spells at their disposal, to use as they please. Scince this race will be playable by boh Alliance, and Horde, each side will have Faction specific skills, and abilites, each with their own pros and cons.

The only restriction in making a Keeper of the Groves is that the player must have a Death Knight to supply it. In short, you must have one different Death Knight for every Keeper of the Grove. Note: Your Death Knight will not be replaced by the Keeper of the Grove, this is just to insure that the quest chain is as lore specific as possible.

In the past, Keeper of the Groves were portrayed as Nature intuned Man-Beasts that roamed around on four legs, commanding and controlling the power of Nature to overpower any opposing enemies. The Keeper of the Grove will still be portrayed as such, using ranged abilities, melee force, and summons to battle its combatants.

Double-Barred Mana System Edit

The Keeper of the Grove will use a unique Double-Barred Mana system to dish out damage. The first bar will be for regular mana used to deal out normal spells and abilites to its foes. This will operate like any other mana system in World of Warcraft, as your level increases, so does the amount of mana. The second bar operates a little differently. Called the "Earth Harmony" bar, this bar fills up with energy as you use the Keeper of the Groves earthbound spells and abilites. These abilities will do minimal damage, (maybe traps, and low DoT spells) but add points to your Earth Harmony bar. When this bar is filled up far enough, the Keeper of the Grove will be able to unleash devestating Earthbound spells, such as the powerful Force of Nature ability, which will unleash seven to nine treants on the target instead of three, and many other powerful buffed up earthbound spells. The cap on this bar is only 100 points, losing its points when the Keeper of the Grove is not in battle.

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