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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Kissless is Blood Elf Paladin/Blood Knight, descending from old Silvermoon nobility. She was formely a protection specced paladin but became holy too after the release of dual spec. She is known for being very impulsive and sometimes even quite violent especially when somebody threatens her best friend Cadistra or when insulted for being a girl. Kissless is also a fan of open flirts as shown in her actions during the Anual Booty Booty search during which she went to check out the first guy in sight to check the "drop rate" of his pants. Despite her sometimes playful and carefree behaviour she is a proud member of the Blood Knights and a stauch defender of Azeroth against the Burning Legion and the Scourge which she seems to hate especially.

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