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Lor'Thera is a small island with a very rich amount of resources and exotic wildlife. This island was originally uninhabited by any of the current races belonging to either the Horde or the Alliance.


The island is located to the north-west of kalimdor. it is roughly 54km of the north-western coast of Teldrassil.


Whilst having a very cold climate averaging between 5° to 6°. over the island it appears to be covered in grass plains and one small forest and a very large mountain. (Eternal Sanctuary is built on the western side of this mountain)


The island is ranged from 27km long and 36km width.

Current Event'sEdit

Currently used as a home for the tortured and deprived dragons from Deathwings Experiments. Most dragons with the aid of the alliance and the neutral Pandaren of Shen-Zin Su, building with there own architecture, created the Eternal Sanctuary City.

With the insecurity of the dragons, they do not allow visitors. Many of Garroshs Naval ships have been ordered to claim the island for the horde for its resources, each ship has been destroyed as it approached the island.

On one occasion Garrosh visited the island by invitation of Rhonin to arrange a pardon-ship for the dragons in the war with the alliance. Garrosh was forced into agreement by Malfurion, Cenarius and Thrall with the threat of the dragons altered ability's being used used against the horde.

Some Dragons have joined either the Horde or Alliance to explore areas of Azeroth they have not yet seen, heard or felt.

(If you are going to role play as one of these you have to have a defect such as: Blindness where you use a magical aura, sound or vibration's to identify what you cannot see, Deaf, Amute or Severe Scaring)


Current Population: 384,900 (Roughly) Capital: Eternal Sanctuary Government: Democracy Faction: Neutral if not approached

Plot Relevance Edit

This island does not pose any significant relevance to the plot of World of Warcraft and seems to be made purely for the sake of Role-playing as a Tortured Dragon.

(It is recommended for some to be able to transform into a dragon and role-play as one, due to how hard it can be if you can't. Suggested to use The Staff of Tarecgosa or Vial of Sands.)

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