Deranged Hermit

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February 13, 2007

Hey There!!
WoW... where to start...? O.O
First, i mainly play on Hakkar, currently (trying) to lvl obtain better gear for Kara...
I am an officer in Euthanasia, worked my way up the hard way... showin off my MAD skillz ^.^
IconLarge DruidRashotah70Druid (Resto) (390Herby/375Alchy)
IconLarge HunterDeranged-31Hunter(Now a bank) (Skin/LW)
IconLarge WarriorKokomis- 33 Warrior (Arms) (Min/BS)
IconLarge WarlockBabikins- 22 Warlock (Affliction)(Min/JC)
IconLarge MageSlenthill- 47 Mage (Recent respec to fire, soon to b a 49 pvp BEAST)(Enchy/Tailor)
IconLarge RogueSlenthalt- 35 Rogue (Still havent spent the points since 2.0.1ish  :O )(alchy/Bank)
IconLarge PaladinArmahrhoun- 33 Pally (Prot)(SLIGHTLY twinked...) (Min/Skin)
IconLarge PriestQuensryche- 14 Priest (Goin for shadow for now...) (Min/Skin)
IconLarge ShamanOhtep-2 Shaman (Bank for now, just to round out my collection XD ) As you can see, i like to try everything at least once, and once i lvl my priest/lock some, im going to try a shaman out, until i find that second class/spec that just appeals to me, like my Druid... But that takes time... and levels...

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