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HordeNPC 32Ranger Denaran "One-Shot" Dawnblade
Gender Male
Race Blood elf
Character class Hunter
Affiliation Silvermoon Rangers
Position Ranger
Location Unknown
Status Living

Ranger Denaran "One-Shot" DawnbladeEdit

Denaran is a young Blood Elf Ranger who is a rising star in Silvermoon, he can usually be found in the Farstriders' Square helping Ranger's with their training, or practicing a new trick with his pet Dragonhawk Scathias.


At a young age of 9 Denaran's parents, his only living relatives, were killed in a rare frontal assault by the Undead Scourge. Denaran only just managed to escape the slaughter of their estate and ran through the night chased by a pack of Ghouls who saw him escape. Although Denaran remembers nothing of that night, but has become suspicous of foul play after discovering the Scourge didn't exist at that time. Once Denaran arrived at Silvermoon he was taken in by the Ranger-General Halduron Brightwing Who knew Denaran's parents well. from that time on Denaran was trained in the fine art of Archery, wanting to one day be able to kill the Undead Scourge in the Ghostlands, and bring down their leader, Dar'Khan Drathir.

After being trained for 2 years by the Ranger-General, and the Rangers of Silvermoon Denaran left the city in persuit of training that his mentors could not give him, and so Denaran sought out the champion of each capital city to learn what they could teach him. After spending a year with Archibald in the Undercity learning how to proporly wield swords, he moved on towards Thunder Bluff, seeking out Hesuwa Thunderhorn who taught Denaran how to proporly look after his pet Dragonhawk, and also how to work together as one. Shortly after Denaran started training with Sayoc and Hanashi of Ogrimmar Denaran felt his need for magic, his racial addiction for it grow and pulse, until it forced him back to Silvermoon, to find something that could sustain him so he could complete his training. On his way towards Silvermoon however his Dragonhawk, Scathais all but pulled Denaran to a patch of Bloodthistle, after trying a bit Denaran found what he needed to sustain his travels.

After many months denaran discovered that he no longer felt the need for magic, and realised he was one of the few that actually managed to break the Bloodelves racial addiction to magic, only to realise he was now addicted to something else, Bloodthistle. After spending a year with Sayoc and Hanashi each Denaren decided it was finally time to return to Silvermoon Where he now spends most of his time teaching old tricks to new Rangers, and learning a few new ones himself and competing in competitions, earning medals and trophies nearly every time, as well as living upto his nickname "One-Shot".

Scathias, Denaran's Dragonhawk Edit

Unlike many other hunter pets and companions, Scathias came to Denaran when he was only 8, when Denaran found him outside his family's estate door he had a severely broken tail, with some help from his parents Denaran nurtured Scathias back to health and set him free. A few days later Scathias returned, this time with some berries for Denaran, this behaviour continued for a few weeks until Denaran let him inside, and raised him as a pet. Since then Scathias and Denaran have become inseperable companions, and both will follow the other to the end of the world and back. During the tough times when Denaran was battling his addiction to magic, Scathias developed a strange ability to sense magic, which helped keep Denaran going until he reached his homeland, and discovered Bloodthistle.

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