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Pandaria Capital

In the northern section by the ocean of the isle of Pandaria, is a ying-yang-shaped city. The outer walls are made of stone and bambus and the main gate is a large, circular entrance, like the chinese. Two dragons' heads are on the doors of the gate.

Inside the walls is a river acts as the divider on the ying-yang and lakes act as the circles in the symbol. In the city, there are three terraces/levels, two districts in each terrace/level (six districts total). Dirt roads and chinese-style bridges over the main river and streams connect the districts.

The First District is the main trade district. Buildings are made of bamboo, entrances to sub-sections are circular and alliance watch towers are being built here. This area contains the Auction House, Bank, and Inns. The famous Pandaren Xpress can also be in this district. Special events are held here.

The Second District is the original Pandaren relaxation area. This is a peaceful section of the city, surrounded by a bamboo forest. No real building structures are in here. Night elves and pandaren are in this section. Druid trainers are here.

The Third District is the Honor district. Barracks made of bamboo are here. Sparring rings are here where Pandaren spar with or without weapons. Statues of a Tiger, Monkey, Snake, Crane, and Praying Mantis are also here, a reference to the 5 Kung-Fu stances and another statue of a dragon can be here as well. This area consists of warrior trainers.

The Fourth district is the Safari district. In this area, a small zoo is here. The stables for Fu-Dog mounts is also here. There are bow and arrow ranges here. This also contains the Hunter trainers.

The Fifth District is the section where alliance settled in order to help maintain Pandaria. Tents and camping sites for the Alliance races are here. Despite alliance races moved in, a large, Pandaren temple is here. The priest trainer is in the temple, while the Paladin and Mage (Or Shaman) trainers are in the Alliance camp site.

The Sixth and final district is the Pandaria Palace. The leader of the Pandaren and brewmaster Mojo Stormstout lives here. The palace is large and made of stone. Mojo's throne is located on a balcony that overlooks the city. In the throne room, there are Human, Gnome, Dwarven, Night Elf, Draenei, and suprisingly, High Elf, ambassadors with the Pandren leader and nobles. Outside the palace are large statues of the Stormstout Brewmasters and family members, being the most famous of the Pandaren race.

Throughout the city are farms and rice fields. Pandaren farmers work in the fields and Pandaren children play and learn self-defense as small martial art classes can be seen. Throughout the city, Pandaren warriors defend the city and Archers stationed at the wall defend it as well. There can also be a small port at the back of the city where many pandaren warriors as well as alliance soldiers are stationed, to defend against another Naga invasion if need be. The dock can lead to Theramore or Auberdine. The boat can also go straight to Stormwind Harbor instead. Fishers and sailors can be found on the docks and on chinese-styled ships.

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