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Stats Edit

Name: Delan Aiden

Title: Dawnbringer

Age: 46

Hair Color: Dark blond, nearing Brown, with some gray beginning to appear

Eye color: Ocean-Blue

Skin color: Light Tan

Height: 6'4

Weight 220lbs

Spouse: None

Children: None

Siblings: None

Parents: Deceased

Delan's Appearance Edit

Delan is nearing middle age, his face bearing a few scars while thing slivers of grey run through his mostly brownish-blonde hair. He stands taller than most humans, despite his age, still is in excellent condition, his body well-toned from years of training, as well as countless battles. He is usually garbed in gleaming armor, with the tabard of the current organization he is with draped over the front and back of the chest plate.

Delan's Personality Edit

The paladin is compassionate at times, helping take care of those who are sick or injured. Occasionally sharing a laugh with friends, or drinking some water. Otherwise, the paladin, while in battle, will be filled with a firm belief in the Light, making him a stalwart ally, and a dangerous foe.

Delan's History Edit

(This history was written by Colran Amin, a former scribe for the Order of the Silver Hand, now deceased. The edges of the page are torn, though the handwriting is impeccable)

The story of Delan Aiden, called Dawnbringer, starts long before the various wars which changed the world of Azeroth. It begins 44 years ago, in the town known as Brill, a stone's throw away from Lordaeron City, Capital of the Kingdom of Lordaeron. The early years in Delan's life were as simple as a peasant child's life could be. His father was the owner of the local tavern, while his mother was part of the local militia. Delan's days were divided up between schooling at home, helping out at the tavern, as well as weapons practice. The land was at peace, and everyone was happy. Unfortunately, this would not last.

A few months after Delan's eighteenth birthday was when the hammer fell, so to speak. A man in ragged clothes staggered into the village one day- bloodied and half-dead. After being taken care of by the local healer, the man told of the destruction of the Kingdom of Stormwind, and the murder of its ruler, King Llane. A few weeks after the man arrived, the surviving armies of Stormwind arrived in Lordaeron, and, soon after, King Terenas Menethil sent out a call, that all able-bodied men and women to join the ranks of Lordaeron's armies. Delan, despite his father and mother's protests, went to Lordaeron City, and joined the armies of Lordaeron, and soon after, was sent off to the front, as the combined forces of the seven human kingdoms, as they sought to stop the orc's advance.

As Delan fought in battle after battle, he felt great sorrow as he watched many people, some of them his friends, being slain by orc arrows, or cut in two by orcish axes, even being burned by the fires of the enemies’ magic. Then one day, after a particularly gruesome battle, Delan was watching as the healers were trying to heal a soldier. The soldier had lost a lot of blood, and seemed close to death. Suddenly, Delan rushed forward, some unknown force leading him to the soldier's side, and, as he lowered his hand, a golden light emanated from his hand, and went into the soldier's body. The soldier's wounds healed, and Delan felt great warmth well up within him, as his blue eyes swam with golden light. Around that time, the first Paladins were being selected and trained, and word of the incident reached the ears of both Archbishop Alonsus Foal, and Uther the Lightbringer. Soon after the incident, he was approached by Uther, and, after a brief interview, was then into the ranks of the Paladins of the Silver Hand.

As Delan Aiden, now called Dawnbringer, emerged from his tutelage, and joined other Paladins on the front lines as the final battles of the Second War were fought. Delan himself was at the last battle, and watched as the Dark Portal was destroyed, and the Orcs were defeated. The resounding cheers that erupted from the war-weary troops could have been heard up in Lordaeron. The next few months, Delan traveled from village to village, helping families rebuild their homes, as well as mourn the dead. The young paladin saw much death and destruction, but also saw happiness and joy, such as new babies being born, young couples getting married, villages celebrating harvest.

The years passed swiftly, as Delan, now one of the older Paladins, were tasked to help train a younger generation of Paladins. This Delan took to in earnest, and it gave him joy to see how many younglings had an affinity for the Light. A few decades after the end of the Second War, reports came in about Death Cults in the northern towns of Lordaeron. Uther, Prince Arthas Menethil, as well as a number of Paladins and infantry of the Lordaeron Army were sent north to confirm these rumors.

Delan, though, was tasked with the younger paladin’s training. The older paladin, over the next few months, heard more and more reports of the Cults, as well as reports of undead rampaging through the countryside. The battle against what was now called the Scourge became so much, that Delan, at the request of Uther the Lightbringer, gather up the newest Paladins, and head north, towards the City of Stratholme, where Arthas was said to have gone. After traveling for days, Delan crested a hill, and looked on in horror, for the city was entirely engulfed in flames. As Delan stood atop the hill, a dozen young paladins atop their chargers standing at his side, they all heard the screams of the yet-living that now were being burned alive. As Delan and his young charges rode towards the Alliance encampment outside the city, they arrived just in time to see Uther yell at Arthas, warning the younger paladin that his zeal to see the Scourge destroyed would be his undoing.

Little did Delan know that Uther’s words would come true, for a few months later, while Delan and the other Paladins of the Silver Hand were fighting the Scourge in the eastern provinces of Lordaeron, a messenger came to their camp, and reported the news, that Arthas Menethil, heir to the throne of Lordaeron, had slew his father, King Terenas. The months that followed were those that Delan wanted to forget, for he soon had to flee Lordaeron City, as the Scourge, in great numbers, were now occupying the city, slaying all those who were unable to escape. The older Paladin, leading a group of refugees towards Silverpine Forest, happened to see another Paladin doing the same. At the time, the paladin did not know that the other paladin was none other than Alexander Greywall, the great hero of the Second War, whom he himself had met on a few occasions. Delan then led his group through Silverpine Forest, and then, a few weeks later, had made it all the way to Stormwind. Delan himself swore a vow that day; that he would never let harm come to those who cannot defend themselves….

(The story trails off, leaving the tale of Delan Dawnbringer an unfinished one.)

Delan's goals and motivations Edit

-Hopes to one day see Lordaeron returned to it's former glory, though is willing to compromise with the Forsaken.

-Loathes both the Forsaken and the Blood Elves, the former for continuing to live, a blasphemy in and of itself, and the latter for continuing to drain the energies of the Naaru known as M'uru. His feelings towards both have changed, though, as he sees them, not as enemies, but as fellow victims of the Scourge.

- Is generous to his friends and his enemies, giving the former aid when they are in most need of it, and giving his enemies a chance to withdraw from battle.

- No longer sees the Horde as enemies, his focus now on the Burning Legion, and, more importantly, the Scourge.

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