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Call of the Final Hour Edit

  • Synopis: The Infinite Dragonflight begins a complete assault on all timelines, in an attempt to finally overwhelm the Bronze Dragonflight. The Bronze Dragonflight, unable to counteract such an attack, enlists the aid of the denizens of Azeroth to fight them back.
  • Related Areas: An extension on the Caverns of Time would function as a lobby to different timelines which would function as zones. The zones would be things such as - Old Hyjal, Plains of Farahlon (Netherstorm before destruction), Old Shadowmoon Valley (Temple of Karabor would function as a neutral city, similar in function to Shattrath) Old Eastern Plaguelands before the Plague struck, and Ancient Azeroth (a small part of Azeroth far before even the Night Elves existed and Elementals roamed the world freely, the Infinite Dragonflight delayed the Titan's arrival to let the elementals spread havoc. This zone will have Bronze Dragonflight outposts, rather than past outposts.) (NOTE: All these zones are traveled to during peaceful times. Things such as Old Hyjal should not be mixed up with the current raid instance Battle for Mount Hyjal. In addition, in zones you would have a "disguise" placed upon you by the Bronze Dragonflight while in this zones, identical in effect to the Old Hillsbrad disguise.)
  • Related Opposing Forces: Infinite Dragonflight, Elementals.
  • Related intelligent/playable races: Bronze Dragons, Ethereals, Naga. Capital Cities for these races would be the Nethercore for the Ethereals and Naz'goral for the Naga.
  • Related Hero Classes: Chronomancer, Blademaster.
  • Related Professions: Beastiology (Temporary combat pets, different mounts, various items. Similar in engineering in that most Beastiology-made items will have a Beastiology requirement to use.)
  • Extras: More mounts and pets. Assaults launched on Azeroth by the Infinite Dragonflight in the form of World Events.
  • Related Dungeons: Various Infinite Dragonflight strongholds, more Caverns of Time instances (Slaying of Medivh - fight through Karazhan with the team destined to kill Medivh. Infinite Dragonflight attempts to stop you.) and the Deathwing Coven - Deathwing's lair. (Similar to Gruul's lair in that it is relatively short - two draconic warmasters must be killed before engaging Deathwing.)

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