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NeutralNPC 32Samuel Horton
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation SK Gaming, Dynasties
Position Journalist
Location Kodiak, Alaska
Relative(s) President George W. Bush, Tim Horton, Senator Samuel Asa Horton

Sam "DarthBotto" Horton is an official journalist for the professional esports organization, SK Gaming.

The story of how his signature name, "DarthBotto", came to pass is due to playing Halo: Combat Evolved at his cousin's house, but while trying to create his profile with the name "DarthBottom", be could not fit in the last letter and decided that "Botto" would sound more catchy. Therefore, entering every succeeding online and offline game, he would use his signature tag, including his former World of Warcraft account.

Horton began his World of Warcraft career in the spring of 2005, nearly half a year after the original game was originally released. He was cautious about entering online games, considering the effect it had on several friends of his. However, World of Warcraft proved differently and he fell in love with the new MMORPG. He took an unusually long amount of time to level his main character, Ugaris, but leveled to 70 easily with the release of The Burning Crusade. He successfully completed all the dungeons in the game at that point, but decided in September of 2007 that he needed to give up his World of Warcraft account. In the following October, he sold his World of Warcraft account for $200.00 to a young player who lived in Canada.

Although he decided to pursue his academic career by that point, the pangs of addiction still hung with him and he kept track of important information and eSports events concerning World of Warcraft. In March of 2008, Horton became once again interested in Nihilum, the European guild that had the majority of the first world kills thus far. He became intrigued by their website and decided to take part in their fan art contest. Although he did not win the contest, he became friends with Morris Wink the manager of Mousesports, the current owner of Nihilum at the time. In the summer of 2008, he saw in a video of Morris Wink that Nihilum was under-staffed and the current writers were over-burdened. He emailed Morris Wink, offering to write for him, but received no response.

However, shortly after, it was posted in the forums that Nihilum was in need of writers and would be accepting applications. So, Sam Horton pulled one together and referenced several of his writings. His future boss, Mark "Nessaj" Banderas, contacted him and on August 8th, 2008, he was made a Nihilum journalist. Since then, he has become good friends with various heads of gaming organizations and Nihilum sponsors. On October 8, he arrived at the Anaheim Convention Center and picked up his press pass for He attended BlizzCon 2008, along with fellow writers, Kim "KidArctica" E. and Sam "Oqm" Wainright. There, they were informed of the split between Nihilum and Mousesports.

Sam Horton was meant to be included in the Ensidia guild portal. However, when over two months of no information being released passed, he split from Ensidia and joined SK Gaming.

Interesting PointsEdit

  • Has been congratulated at borough assemblies for his academic achievements and high marks, even though he was not part of the discussion and merely sitting in the aisles.
  • DarthBotto's sister achieved the highest mark for an exam in Alaska, making her #171 best score in the nation.
  • Created the YouTube hit, The Darth Vader Massacre.
  • Created the YouTube hit, The Darth Vader Carnage.
  • Is friends with Morris Wink of Mousesports.
  • Is friends with Casper Mejlholm of SteelSeries.
  • Is friends with Andreas Thorstenssen of SK Gaming.

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