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HordeNPC 32  Darkspally
RaceBlood Elf
Talent SpecRetribution and Protection
ProfessionsEngineering and Blacksmithing
RealmDrenden US
GuildDark Descent

Biography Edit

Darkspally was originally a Dranei Pally created at the launch of BC, and named Xoindi. As the first of my chars to reach max lvl (70 at the time) I consider him to be my main char. When WotLK came out I fell in love with my DK (whose name is Darkfalle) and since the guild had gotten in the habit of calling me "dark" in chat I renamed my pally to reduce confusion as I switched between chars. I had 5 lvl 85 chars before Pandaria came out (Pally,Warrior,DK,Rogue,and Mage).

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