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Neutral 32Raistlain
Title <The Awsome>
Gender Male
Race Human
Health 78.3 M
Mana 100.4 M
Location Texas

He joined <Epic Vendor> approximately a year ago, the members of the guild quickly learned not to expect much dps from such a player. They also realized that his TTS in a raid was extremely high, averaging approximately 300000000 hours. Everyone tried to keep it quiet but eventually word got around server that this mob did exist. The horde were all over this waiting to ambush him outside of every instance, raid or even daily questing area but they would die in failure. Eventually the elusive Raistlain became so adept at avoidance it was almost like he wasn't there at different times..or everyone accidentally listened to him on vent, who knows?

The Raistlain seems to be very invulnerable to things such as talking about its high dps or its age(16).

Attacks and abilitiesEdit

  • Basic Melee: Shadow lazars to da FACE!! (No way to dodge it and it can crit)


You can't... he is just to awesome.


"I lived and you died!!" "Wtf killed you?" "I'm a good DPS" "I don't think you should stand in that"


Reputation - Rockin Knights: +5500 rep


Uber Epics

**Please note that all of this information is false and that Raistlain is actually a pretty good spriest and a good friend of mine this was all ment as a joke so please don't take it seriously ^_^ Peace out yo

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