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Darkdraculas Of Shadow Council|

Darkdraculas is a level 70 undead Warrior on the US role-playing realm Shadow Council.

Background (RP)Edit

Not much is known of the undead warrior known as darkdraculas. Wat is know is scattered, and at best shufty. Some time near the opening of the the second war, a demon known as Darkthus was cast upon the earth, being banished from the mouth of hell, for being to twisted and sick for hell itself. Darkthus then took hold of a mortal body of a poor farm hand named Alanos Griftis. Thus altering the fate of the poor farm hand and Darkthus for ever.

From this point, what is know is during the end of the third war. After, slaughtering many horde, and ally combined, Alanos Griftis was killed by Lord Proudmore for reasons of treason against the alliance. He was then reanimated into undeath by Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, the Banshee Queen of the Forsaken. Thus shattering the soul of Alanos Griftis. With this new form, Darkthus could fully cause the havoc he had seen fit to do all along. Reserected not only as a furious warrior of the undead, but an imortal being capable of pure destruction and mayhem. From that point on he was then known as Darkdraculas destroyed of realms. Not even Lady Sylvanas can control him Thus he has been banished from the Forsaken forever.

From this point on not is much known, except he is a furious fury warrior in a guild of rag tag fighters known as Cataclysmic. A group of people who are as twisted and demented as himself.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

To once and for all kill Arthus, (the Lich king) thus becoming the ruler of Azeroth. He also plans to kill Lady Sylvanas and destroy the Forsaken.

What motavates Darkdraculas is murder, death, and destruction

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