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<!--Warcraft Games-->
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<!--Character Types-->
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<!--Character Specifics-->
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{{User All pros2}}
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{{User achievement|Classic Dungeonmaster}} {{User UBRS}} {{User achievement|Classic Raider}} {{User Ony}}
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{{User Onyxia}}
<!--Multiple Reputation Titles-->
{{User achievement|40 Exalted Reputations}} {{User title|Argent Champion}} {{User title|Crusader Alliance}} {{User title|Diplomat Alliance}} {{User title|Guardian of Cenarius}}
<!--Classic Reputations-->
{{User exalted|Thorium Brotherhood}} {{User exalted|Zandalar Tribe}}
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<!--Wrath of the Lich King Reputations-->
{{User achievement|Mercenary of Sholazar}} {{User achievement|Northrend Vanguard}} {{User exalted|Alliance Vanguard}} {{User exalted|Explorers' League}} {{User exalted|Frostborn}} {{User exalted|Silver Covenant}} {{User exalted|Valiance Expedition}} {{User exalted|Ashen Verdict}} {{User exalted|Kalu'ak}} {{User exalted|Sons of Hodir}}
<!--World Events-->
{{User title|Pilgrim}} {{User achievement|What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been}}
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<!--Exploration and Quests-->
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==Current Projects==
When Cataclysm releases:
*Move [[Elementium Ore]] to [[Elementium Ingot]]
*Move [[Elementium Bar]] to [[Hardened Elementium Bar]]
*Move [[Elementium Ore (Cataclysm)]] to [[Elementium Ore]]
*Move [[Elementium Bar (Cataclysm)]] to [[Elementium Bar]]
*Update all links and mark (Cataclysm) staging pages for deletion
===Patch changes===
Many, many, many pages on this wiki do not have Patch Changes noted. This is a massive ongoing project. Completed through [[patch 1.8.4]].
*[[:Category:Item stubs]]
*[[:Category:Achievement stubs]]
===Completion pass on tier items===
Many tier pieces are incomplete, missing patch notes, icons, and socket bonuses. Verify all information is present and accurate.
*[[Tier 1]] - Druid set complete
*[[Tier 2]] - Not started
*[[Tier 3]] - Not started
*[[Tier 4]] - Not started
*[[Tier 5]] - Not started
*[[Tier 6]] - Not started
*[[Tier 7]] - Not started
*[[Tier 8]] - Not started
*[[Tier 9]] - Not started
*[[Tier 10]] - Not started
==Completed Projects==
===Filling in all red-linked achievements===
All existing achievements now have pages on this wiki as of 6/26/10.
===Standardizing [[:Category:Armor tokens|armor token]] pages===
*Tiers 1&2 - N/A
*Tiers 3-10 - Complete on 7/20/10
*Zul'Gurub tokens - Complete on 7/20/10
*Ahn'Qiraj tokens - Complete on 7/20/10
<nowiki>'''Item''' is a [[tier #]] armor token. It can be exchanged at [[Name]] at [[Location]] for the following items:</nowiki><br/>
<nowiki>*{{ClassIcon|Class}} {{item|link}}</nowiki>
<nowiki>== Source ==</nowiki><br/>
<nowiki>This item drops from [[Name]] in [[Location.]]</nowiki>
<nowiki>==Patches and hotfixes==</nowiki><br/>
<nowiki>{{Patch #|note=Added.}}</nowiki>
<nowiki>[[Category:World of Warcraft epic items]]</nowiki><br/>
<nowiki>[[Category:Armor tokens]]</nowiki><br/>
<nowiki>[[Category:Location items]]</nowiki>

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