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The Making of a HunterEdit

Dareca Silverbrook's youth was spent in the forests and elegant city of Eldre'Thalas, where her parents worked and lived. An only child, she grew up wild and indulged by her father Lerinden Silverbrook, a quiet priest who saw in his only daughter the burning spirit that he had first loved in her mother Kadijah Nightsong, a fierce hunter. Kadijah was far stricter with her daughter though, and attempting to live up to her mother's impossibly high standards began to cause the first flickers of the deep-seated self-doubt that would plague Dareca throughout her life. As she grew, she began to spend more and more time away from her parents, instead choosing to train in combat tactics with her mother's sister, her aunt Raindre Nightsong, a warrior. When war erupted, Dareca, still too young to be of much use in battle, disappeared for the first of many years-long absences. At some point during this hiatus in the wild, the night elf was injured badly, breaking a leg severely; and far from any healers, she was forced to set it inexpertly, and while it mended well enough, she bears a limp to this day from the break that worsens under stress.

Military ServiceEdit

Drifting in and out of public life, Dareca never seemed at ease in cities though she served as a Sentinel for some time for the Kaldorei. When finally she chose to rejoin the world after one of her trips.. this one having lasted over fifty years.. the cobalt-haired elf found purpose in the Alliance's armies. Serving as a forward scout and tracker, she spent years behind enemy lines, honing her skills at reading signs and melding with the environment in order to conceal her presence. It was in this very line of work that she came to first visit Stormwind City, the bustling human city in Elwynn Forest. Though she found the place busy and dirty, and a little clausterphobic, it was here that the hunter was introduced to another of her race, the Grand Marshal Necator.

Changes of CircumstanceEdit

In what could easily be described as a whirlwind courtship, Dareca and Necator were often seen together in the weeks and months following their meeting in the Stormwind Park. When pressure and threats from an enemy warlock and his companions grew too dangerous for the hunter, she faked her own death in battle in Alterac Valley and hid away in Winterspring with the warrior protecting her for several weeks until it was safe to return. It was not long after this event that Necator, to the shock of most who knew both him and Dareca, proposed to the tall huntress, and she accepted. The pair married in Ashenvale, at the Shrine of Aessina, and though the first months of their marriage were contented enough, soon there began to be trouble.

Necator was involved with a certain mercenary group at the time, and increasingly began spending time away in pursuit of the riches to be had in Ahn'Qiraj and then Naxxramas. Left alone, Dareca returned to scouting for the Alliance, and then to a side job of tracking and bounty hunting. It was rumored that she also accepted assassination jobs, but there was no conclusive proof of this ever found. Slowly, their marriage began to fray at the edges, and when Necator was given the news that his wife had been seen in the company of a former warlock lover, he flew into a rage that resulted in his near death in Horde-controlled lands, and subsequent capture. After his escape, though Dareca had been searching for him at the same time, things never were the same between them.

Months, then years went by, and though it had been proven that nothing had happened that night between Dareca and the warlock, they continued to drift apart: she with her work and driving desire to travel, and he with his sometimes harsh treatment of her, and later with his infidelities. It seemed for some time that their marriage was in name only, and that the two were permanently separated.

Current LocationEdit

After a long absence, in which it is reported that her elderly parents may have at last died with their wayward daughter in attendance, Dareca resurfaced in Stormwind City. At about the same time, Necator returned from his travels scouting Northrend, and the two seem to have put aside their many differences and reconciled. They are often seen at the Cathedral, or at the new Stormwind Harbor together, and seem to have plans to head north as soon as possible.

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