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well im not exactly sure if Azshara was ever considered gone but im going with this title. The expansion will feature:
  New Neutral Race: Goblins (goblins will start at island near Undermine and eventuallyget the choice to go to alliance or horde {this idea is somewhat scrapped from another user}, they will get +5 to engineering to start with and have all prices on items at vendors slightly decreased, and when they sell something it will be slightly increased {other things for goblisn are still being worked on}
   New Horde Race: Ogres (the clan that is with the horde similiar to how trolls are connected) (Ogres will have the highest strength of all races in teh game, although there walk/run speed is slightly decreased, they're mount is the hairy rhino thing from Nagrand {other ideas still being worked on}
   New Alliance Race:Pandaren!!! no not really, i currently cannot think of any races that would fit the alliance fine i thoguht of Ethereals but not sure if they would work out well
  New Hero Class: Tinker, Unlike DK this is exlusive to Gnomes, Dwarves, Orcs, and another undecided horde race, starts in exclusive part of Undermien and has own quests similiar to DK
   New Major Neutral City: Undermine, city will be very similiar to Dalaran except much more expanded, ideas still working on New Underwater Mounts: We can already take mounts underwater but these would move much faster and could go into Fatigued water, yea that concept needs much work, Alliance: i'm thinking Dolphin, yea makes them sound so good

Horde: and Shark, why do Horde get the cool one, well I play horde so yea...  ::Level Cap Raised to 90More Jousting stuff New Mount Combat very similiar to jousting except less running around and shielding Well thats all i could think of right now, feel free to add any ideas or say whats not good, oh yea and im new to this so im sure they'll be lots of messups in my writing Dahoros

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