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The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Neutral 32 Hura
Main leaderSaints
Race(s)IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall Human Female Humans IconSmall Blood Elf MaleIconSmall Blood Elf Female Blood elves IconSmall High Elf MaleIconSmall High Elf Female High elves IconSmall Highborne MaleIconSmall Highborne Female Highborne
Base of operationsBetween Nether and Azeroth
  • Population(Pre-interferance): 350
    • 7 Saints, 24 Sub-Saints
    • 13 Prisoners
    • 27 Highborne, 143 Humans, 160 High Elves, 20 Blood Elves
    • 42 Spell Lancers, 56 Angelic Knights, 32 Demon Monks, 63 Shadow Stalkers, 58 Manablades, 74 Arcane Archers, 25 Blade Dancers
  • Affiliation: Argent Dawn, Naaru

Hura, The City of Twilight or Hura, The City between Worlds is a city-state similar to Dalaran, both being led by a oligarchy of powerful mages. The leaders of Hura are called Saints. It was once a highborne training acadamy and fortress, created just years before the Legion's first invasion. When the Well of Eternity exploded, Hura was sending up guards to try and keep the demons out of their lands. When the massive power of the Well struck Hura's powerful arcane shields, every bit of land protected by the shields was sent hurling into the Nether as one. However, the shield slowed their entrance, stopping them in between Azeroth and the Nether.

History Edit

A highborne training academy nested in a mountain surrounded by a forest in southern Kalidmor, Hura was just another fortress, never expecting their fate. Many powerful mages and intelligent researchers were spending their time researching the effects of arcane magic on certain flora and fauna. The fortress is guarded by some of the best the Sisters of Elune had to offer. Several powerful priest healed the injured, and great sentinels guarded the entrances and libraries.

The town was slightly more excited today. The Windstalker Twins were coming as guards. The Eldest, Jacobyth, was a master of the bow. He could take four legs of a spider from two hundred yards without killing it. A master of non-magical combat, he used a variety of custom made arrows and poisons. The youngest was a master of magical archery. An arcane imbuned arrow from Mark could leave a four foot crater where it landed. They had been relocated from eastern Kalimdor, where they were keeping the forest trolls at bay. Scouts said they were a half day from Hura.

The Windstalkers had arrived, and things had quieted down. Attacks from trolls slowed, and animals seemed to keep their distance. The population of Hura was slowly growing as more mages came, and a child, the first Huran, was born.

New magics were being discovered almost monthly. It was fourty years later, and Hura had become a popular place for the highborne to train. Not only mages, but sentinels and rangers were coming too, drawn by the looks of something big in the making. A new shielding system had been developed. Ten towers stood in a circle around Hura and a section of the forest. Ten of their best mages stayed in the tower, left alone to do their research. When trouble came, a flare would shoot into the sky. An orb was located in the center of each tower. The mages would channel mana into their orbs, creating an arcane shield around Hura. Once this happened, the other mages in town would go to their locations and charge more mana into the shields.

A radical idea had begun to spread around town. With the waters of the Well of Eternity, they could drastically increase their arcane power and research potential. Azshara had given them permission to create a new well representing the new age of the Highborne, the Well of Dawn.

Hura's Well Edit

To power the shield, pipes led from the Dawn Well to the orbs, granting them more magical power. To increase its power further, it drains mana from the people within the shield while they sleep. While training or experimenting Hurans will recharge their mana by getting near the waters and absorbing the mass amount of mana it gave off. There was a major side effect of the Well though.

The Well's magical power is so strong that babies in the fetal stage are often killed by its power. Only those who have a natural talent for absorbing and controling magic are born. Since birth rates amongst the Kal'dorei were already low, no births have happened since the Well was made. No other Highborne has ever been born in Hura, although later humans, and some high elves, manage to have children.

The Well of Eternity's Revenge Edit

The darkest day in Kalmidor. The Burning Legion invaded. Demons had found Hura within a day. The Windstalkers were the first on the front line, leaving the defense of the city to the mages.

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