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The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Escape from the Void Citadel is an event that activates after you kill Daenen. Daenen and the Star of Sageras were the only thing keeping the world intact. Without him, it is fading from existance. Of course, random parts are going before others, so the structure of the citadel is collapsing. You must run through the Void Citadel to the exit portal, avoiding remaining members of the Cult of the Hand, void portals and falling pillars.

Starting the EventEdit

As you would expect, you cannot portal or hearth out. Any attempts will bring you back to the top of the tower. Logging out will have the same debuff as dying. However, you do have some free time. The event begins automatically five minutes after Daenen is killed, allowing time for loot distribution. This time can also be used to escape the tower.


There are multiple things in the instance:

Cultist of the Black Hand - Will try to use Void Grasp or cover an area with Void Vines.

Void Portals - Random holes in the ground. They have random effect (although each portal has only one effect) including falling through the floor, instant death, or teleportation back to the top.

Collapsing stairs/pillars - Stairs will collapse, causing fall damage, or pillars and walls will fall, causing phsyical damage.

Completion, or DeathEdit

Dying during the event has a severe cost. Instead of disappearing into the void, as you should, Waine will revive you using his Quior of Angels. If Waine was killed, he will appear as a ghost, and the debuff will be doubled(rather, it won't be cut in half). If Waine lived, after he has ressurected the members of the raid, he will use Dance of the Spellsinger on every member of the raid.


Dance of the Spellsinger - Boost all stats, spell damage, attack power, armor, and healing bonuses by 25% Halves the time of ressurection sickness and recreation sickness. Last four hours. This effect persist through death.

Recreation Sickness - Removes the benefits of buffs. Stats reduced by 75%, damage reduced by 75%, health reduced by 75%, and armor reduced by 75%. Last one hour and persist death. If Dance of the Spellsinger is active, the buff is consumed and the time is reduced to half an hour. (Timer stops when logged out.)

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