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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

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So back to class role. What else CAN the Necro himself do besides summon pets to do his bidding? Well, he has some damage spells of his own, not too strong, but their magic school coverage is wide, including frost, nature, shadow and physical. Physical basically is a physical attack in a mana costed, ranged package. Magic immune enemies (such as skeletal aberrations in Scholo) can be hit by it, while magic immune enemies (such as the Scholomance Occultists in their shade form) will be immune to it. Other than that, and armor/strength factors, it functions like magical spells do, it can be resisted and such like any other magic, even if it has no stat which this type of magic is resisted by... no biggie, Holy has no real resistance either, right?

Skill trees: Like all classes, the Necrologist has three trees of his own to utilize. In this case, they are Necromancy which focuses on pet power, Preservation which focuses on healing and survival, and Heresy is the strangely named tree that focuses on physical and magical nuke power.

Necromancy - This tree focuses upon skills that work with the undead, and summon your pets, buff and heal your pets, and have other abilities that just scream necromancy yet not scourge necromancy. Here are a few sample skills from this tree.

Summon Skeletal Warmonger - This spell is a quest you get at level 4 from your trainer. This spell has an obvious function: summon your warrior pet. It, as well as every other pet spell besides the gargoyle costs 5% of your base mana and has a 3 second casting time, but requires 66.66% more time if used during combat.

Mend Bones - A bandage of sorts. This lets you repair your pet over 6 through 9 seconds, taking longer yet healing far more at higher ranks. This item requires the bone wraps reagent that does not get used up when you use this ability. It requires no mana, but everything about it functions like a normal bandage would, so if either the Necrologist or his pet is struck, the ability is cancelled.

Blood Letting - This 2 second casting damage spell Deals physical damage to its target and then lets the target bleed over a period of time. The bleeding effect will not work on bloodless targets, but the initial damage still will.

Dirt-Rising Phalange - Roots the target enemy in place with a skeletal hand that reaches up from the ground. This spell deals no damage, and unlike m most spells that root, this one is a bit more tolerant to damage before being broken prematurely, but not by much, and its duration isn’t too long either. It has a 1.5 second casting time. Deals an initial small amount of shadow damage.

Flexibate - This buff skill raises the target’s agility for 30 minutes. A group buffing version of this spell, called Flexibility, buffs an entire part for an hour. It costs a reagent, like most all party buffs.

Staunch Bones - Instantly buffs your pet, raising its stats by 5% for 30 seconds, and attack and casting speeds increase by 5% as well. This ability has a 3 minute cooldown.

Reanimate Dead - A resurrection spell that works in a very peculiar way. Though able to be used in combat, this spell is a delicate channeling spell. First off, you cast for two seconds on the dead ally of your choice. Following that, the ally resurrects at 14% of its health and mana (1/7, this value can be changed with talents.) For six seconds, 14% of the target’s life and mana will be sent to the target until he is fully restored. During this time after resurrecting, a dark yellow beam is channeled to the rezzed target. If any damage befalls the rezzer, or the target, or if the target moves more than 5 yards away from the Necrologist, they will die again. Though this death, regardless of how it occurs, causes no durability loss, it does add up to your rez timer if you die often. This spell uses 85% of the Necro’s base mana, and has a 45 second cooldown.

Preservation - This tree is the healer’s focus, where you can find skills relating to the role PvEers will want your pigeonhole to remain as. Still, it’s not quite as closed to healing as that, as ice based spells, which lack a chill effect, can be found in this tree.

Soothe - The soothing spells are your basic heal spells, and like a Priest’s Heal spells, the name evolves with level, though they’re exactly the same thing. The four names are, in order of weakest to strongest are Frosting, Icy, Coolant, and Chilling. This heal spell, which happens to be frost based, is basically your safest heal spell, simply because it has no drawbacks the way other heal spells do. It also take long to cast and is a bit mana inefficient. Still, it will not leave your target a debuff. This spell has a 2 second casting time at first, and as it gets stronger, it goes up to a 3.5 casting time, which means that +healing will take full effect.

Life Icing - This is the basic HoT that Necrologist’s get. It tends to be a bit weak, but its useful in that the recipient has his armor boosted by 5% for the duration of the HoT.

Cold Stoneburst - Deals frost damage to the enemy target, and 4 seconds later, explodes, dealing nature damage to all targets nearby. If the target dies before the four seconds are up, it will explode and deal 25% more damage. This spell has a 15 yard radius of explosion, and has a 2 second casting tme.

Dire Ice Pulse - Remember all that talk of a high reward, great risk adding heal spell? Well, here it is. In spite of its 1 second casting time, it is very mana efficient as far as the damage healed, and gives Sooth a run for its money... BUT it debuffs the healed target... and this cannot be dispelled, and can stack up to three times. First, it lowers the target’s resistances to all schools of magic (including Holy) except ice by a bit, and fire by twice as much, it slows the target’s movement, attack speed and casting speed by 5%, and reduces their chance to dodge, block and parry by 1.25%. Fortunately, it has one benefit in the numbing process, it raises ice resistance very slightly, and increases armor by 5%. Lets just say, this spell will certainly shine in Naxx, but you have to survive MC and BWL with very limited use of this spell, and after three castings, you’re target is slowed by 15%, and has his dodge, parry, and block rate reduced by 3.75%. Ouch Use carefully, and ONLY in emergencies, hence the word ‘Dire’. Is that not degrading enough? How about if I said these effects stack with other movement debuffs, so if you’re Pulsed three times and then hamstrung, you get 15% + 50%, which is a 65% slow. BAD, for anyone, but a necessary evil to prevent abuse. Once in a while, it’s a tolerable drawback in a true emergency, but otherwise, stick to Sooth and Life Icing... both of which also generate less threat.

Refreshing Strike - This disease based debuff causes the target enemy’s ranged and melee attacks to have a 15% chance of healing a small amount of damage, and causes said attack to deal no damage. Lasts a total of 20 strikes or 30 minutes. Has a 10 minute cooldown, and doesn’t heal very much, but damage prevention is always good. Higher ranks heal more.

Frost Stab - Deals physical frost type damage to the enemy. Magic resistance will have less effect, but armor will reduce damage somewhat. Causes no cold effect and has a 2.5 second casting time.

Heresy - The tree of nuke power. You will find your physical casts, your nature damage, and shadow damage here. The most common damage type found is physical amongst spells, and none of them require any kind of melee attack. Going down this talent route, you will find a DPS game instead of a healer’s or pet user’s game. You may think it weak, but that’s like saying Shadow Priests are weak.

Bone Cruncher - This spell with a 2 second casting time causes initial Physical damage initially, then DoTs the target. Also causes a 5% movement speed reduction.

Living Tooth - This physical damage based spell is your basic nuke without no fancy dohickey attached to it. Useful on low armor mobs with high magic resistance. Attack Power and strength help increase damage. Spell damage bonuses do not.

Rapid Rabid - Instant cast damage spell that deals small nature damage. Like druid’s Moonfire, it can be spammed, and also like it, it’s not very efficient. Heck, the spell doesn’t even have a DoT effect attached to it to help it out. It’s just a bolt of nature damage that instant strikes the target. Probably, its best used as a fast finisher.

Dirt Blast - Instant cast nature damage spell that slows the enemy with dirt. 4 second cooldown.

Dark Burst - Simple shadow damage spell with no specialty. 2 second casting time.

Anti-Clean - Instant cast ice damage spell. When it strikes, it will remove either a positive buff from the caster, a negative buff from the caster, a positive buff from the enemy, or a negative buff from the enemy. The damage is good, but the debuff can be tedious. There’s a 15% chance that a negative buff will be removed from the enemy and a 15% that the Necro loses a positive buff. The other effects have a 35% chance each so it looks like this: 15% Good from caster 35% Bad from caster 35% Good from enemy 15% Bad from enemy Talents may work to make numbers more favorable. Has a 3 second cooldown.

Skull Prison - Imprisons the enemy’s skull, stunning them for a few seconds and causing them to be dazed when the stun ends. Higher ranks increase stun and daze. Does not work on certain enemy types, likely machines, slimes, and elemental Stun immune enemies will not be stunned, but if they can be dazed, the daze effect will take place immediately.

This list is cut short for a very good reason. The pets will be a section all their own. I’m thinking of just letting the pets have gear and no talents and leave it at that, saving talent using pets for another class somewhere down the road some day. Eh, much to do. Well, here’s the Necrologist, a non-scourge necromancer that respects life and nature.

THAT'S ALL! For now anyway... I'm sure people are concerned about overpoweredness, but I will explain all if needed.

        • This info is from Voxfulminis ****

The Pets :

Warmonger (I was calling them "Skeletal Knights" in my mind) Armor Skills: Mail, Plate (40), Shields Armor can be equipped in the following slots: -head -shoulders -hands -feet -trinket (and I see no reason against tabards, so we'll give that to them too)

Weapon Skills: All melee weapons, dual wield(20)

Wizard ("Skeletal Mages" In my mind) Armor Skills: Cloth Armor can be equipped in the following slots: -neck -chest -wrist -feet -finger (tabards too, since you insist)

Weapon Skills: Staves, Wands

Marksman (Honestly, hadn't thought of this one) Armor Skills: Leather Armor can be equipped in the following slots: -neck -hands -legs -feet -trinket (and of course, tabards)

Weapon Skills: 1 & 2 handed Swords, 1 & 2 handed Axes, polearms, bows, crossbows, dual wield(20)

Finally, I put a cap on the quality of items a skeleton can equip: Greens (uncommons) and below. Also consider a talent, deep in the 'Necromancy' tree (possibly a 31, or 41 point talent) that allows skeletons to wear blue (rare) quality items. Item quality restrictions apply to weapons for skeletons as well.

The purpose to limiting the armor in this way is basically threefold. 1) Giving each skeleton class different armor slots increases dramatically the visual differences of each skeleton. The Warmonger, with a helm, shoulders, and gloves, is a menacing sight, portraying the look of someone that prefers to wail on things with large weapons. The Wizard, clothed in a robe and bracers, portrays the quintessential look of a caster, weak armor, and adept at spells. Marksman is the shirtless hunter running through the woods in gloves and pants, usually bow in hand. This in turn helps party members determine who is and isn't a pet. (a fully garbed skelly would be hard to determine from another party member) Also, party members will be able to tell which skeleton you're using simply by looking at it. 2) to put it plainly: Bag Space. even with full 18 or higher slot bags, the Necro will be hard pressed to carry armor for all his skeletons, and be able to pick up his fair share of loot, (vendor trash, auctionable cloth and other goods, etc) 3) Balance. This applies to the armor quality the skeletons can equip. Imagine if you will the Necro wearing their own full T3 gear, and commanding a skeleton, decked in world drop purples. I'm having a hard time seeing any class, except pallys, stand a chance against this, even in their own T3 set. Limiting the quality of items to Greens, (and blues with a deep talent), is the simplest way to balance the class.

Acuiring your pet: The quest to get each of your pets should require you kill some mobs, and then practice raising skeletons from the corpses. (similar to the hunter "taming" quest line) Once you've mastered "raising" a skeleton you should get the ability "Raise Skeletal Warmonger" The word "Summon" is unfortunately associated with the Warlock class. A class closed minded people are all to quick to mention when any "necro-" class is proposed. Dropping the word "Summon" from the necro's vocabulary is the best thing you can do for it. Also "Raising" your pet should require the corpse of a mob nearby. I do not support putting a time limit on the skeletons, however, if your skeleton does end up "dying". You will have to loot the armor of its "corpse" and raise another skeleton, and re-equip the skelly.

Overall I really like the new class idea. It's very well thought out and puts a unique and creative twist on an otherwise cut-and-dry class proposal. Hopefully it gets some more feedback soon...

also, in regards to "raising" the skeleton:

Necrologists, being able to wear leather, will oftentimes choose the leatherworking and sninning professions. When a mob is skinned, it disappears. So, to be fair, The necro should be able to raise a skelly, and the corpse still be there. That way, the corpse can be skinned afterwards. I know it doesn't make realistic sense: (Shouldn't all the bones tearing up through the animal render the 'skin' useless) However, not doing this would put to great a gimp on necro skinners.

Just wanted to add that in there.

        • Clayskeleton again ****

The reason I chose these three is because these were the three types of skeletons in WC3 and basically, it would therefore give people that necromancer feel. As for resurrections... the problem is finding the bones. See, without a pet, a Necrologist is going to have a hard time soloing or dueling. He has very few 'oh %!#*' escape buttons and slowing effects unlike a mage, no fear like a warlock. Basically, I see Pvp for a Necrologist as a bit of a 'protect yourself while your pet kills, and assist when you can' or 'If they aim for the pet, support its damage.'

I was thinking of giving Skeletal summons a benefit though. If a corpse is near, and you 'use' it to make your pet, then the spell will have less casting time and cost less mana. For PvP, this will make dead pets easy to return to battle.

The thing about the Necrologist's pet though is that it is a friend, not a minion. It's probably a bond closer than that of a Hunter and his pet. Hence the word Necrologist, meaning Death studier, not Death manipulator that way you can define necromancer.

I know this all sounds very different and very odd, I assure you it isn't as odd as it may seem.

Besides, where can a regular person find easy access to a frost wyrm anyway? I think I would find it better saved for a true necromancer, should I ever concept it. I likely won't, but still...

In any case, it is a very odd class. It is, as you could define half-hybrid. That would be new and unique in and of itself. Basically, you have the healer half, and the tank/burst Dps/controlled Dps half you can choose between. Without this other half though, the Necrologist is gimped more than any warlock or hunter is without their pet, make no mistake. More skills! It’s about time, no? No pet skills yet though. They will come at a later date. Just keep me in check to make sure nothing here compromises the role of another class, or that nothing is too overpowered. Some skills that are taught at odd numbered Tiers are included... but not all of them.


Urgent Heat - Emergency heal that heals both the pet and caster fully, removing almost every negative buff. Costs no mana and is instant cast, but has a 30 minute cooldown.

Cure Bones - Heals a target and dispels a negative bleeding and magic effect. This spell is shadow elemental, and therefore has no icebased drawbacks. It does however, have a 8 second cooldown. It is the Necrologists only heal spell that can heal his pet.

Wrap Bones - A pet-only healing skill. Costs no mana therefore. This skill requires an item reagent. The item is the Soothing Wraps. It is a single item that is needed in your inventory for it to work. It’s basically the same as needing a totem item in a shaman’s inventory for him to cast his totems. In this case, this item allows you to ‘bandage’ your pet. It has all a bandaid’s properties in that the pet cannot be bandaged again until the debuff is gone, and any damage to pet or caster will break the process. The advantage here is that there is no cloth needed(other than the cloth for the quest which is needed to make and upgrade the item.) The quality of the bandage item determines how much life is restored. The actual wrap bones skill does not get upgrades.

Fear Swap - Swaps fear effects with your skeletal pet. This spell has a 30 second cooldown and is basically a remove fear with a fancy name since only paladin fear works on undead and undead are immune to other fears so basically it can cure the caster and his pet. There are differences. First off, there may be bosses who have fear spells that effect undead enemies. In this case, fear swap will not be abusive. It can be good, but not abusive. Fear swap can be used at any time, just like a Paladin’s Divine Shield. All swaps share a 30 second cooldown and have a 15% chance of curing each the effect they are swapping from the target they are going to.

Stun Swap - Stun Swap is Fear Swap... but for Stuns. Not as abusable, but still useful and usable at any time. Swaps are instant cast.

Curse Swap - Swaps negative curse effects with your pet. Use carefully or kill accidentally.

Slow Swap - Swaps slowing effects with your pet. Its use varies.

Dead Lashing - Calls forth dead vines to strike the foe. The spell deals nature damage and is channeled. Slows enemy movement speed by 10%. Damage output is strong, but it generates a lot of threat.

Cold Shadow - Casts with 1.5 seconds and deals shadow damage to the target. Causes ice based slowing effects of 25% slowing. This is a Necrologist’s only ‘ice’ effect spell... not surprisingly of the shadow element.

Shared Armor - Tier 7 skill. Reinforces both you and your pet’s body, increasing defense skill by 15 and armor by 10% of each other’s current armor from items. Effect lasts until you or your pet die and cannot be dispelled. 5 minute cooldown.

Soul Swap - Instantly activates when the Necrologist dies. Puts the necrologist in his pet’s body when he dies, giving him full reign control of his skeleton. During this time, armor of pet is decreased by 4% but its casting and attack speed are up by 15%. If the pet survives to leave combat, it will kill itself and the necrologist will pop out of its corpse at 50% life. This ability has a 10 minute cooldown and is the Tier 5 Necromancy skill.


Vortex - Whips up an icey storm. Deals ice damage and puts the enemy into the air for a few seconds. When they land, they will take nature damage. While airborne, they are removed from combat, but cannot recover. 1.5 second cast time, 10 second cooldown. Useful for a few seconds of CC, and fair on damage, but mana is another story.

Ice Beam - Simple ice damage spell with average power. It's real glory is its 50 yard range, which will be increasable with talents. 2 second casting time, 10 second cooldown. Costs lots but ranges well.

Reanimate - The Necrologist’s resurrection spell. It’s a bit complicated so take a second to listen up. First, you channel the spell for 1.75 seconds, then it shoots a red colored mind-flay ‘laser’ at the dead target you wish to resurrect. This laser will channel for 1 second and then the target will resurrect. It doesn’t end there though. The Necrologist will continue to channel for 7 more seconds. During this time, natural mana and life regeneration are halted for both the necro and his target. The resurrected target returns to life with 8% of its life and secondary bar. It can move around within a 40 yard range of the Necrologist during these ten seconds, during which time the target will be receiving 11% of its max life and mana every second. If the target walks too far away, they die, if the Necrologist is hit, the resurrected target dies, if the target takes damage, they die, if the Necrologist cancels the spell, the result should be obvious, and finally, the rezzed target going below 2% mana, or energy it will die. Fortunately, this ‘death’ does not cause any durability loss. It’s a good way to resurrect a healer and have him start rezzing the party much sooner, but be careful. This spell has a 30 second cool down and is best used responsibly... its even usable in combat, but it causes VERY heavy threat. It will likely draw aggro away from a tank even if the tank has used sunder armor 80 times and the Necro has done nothing until his first resurrection. PEWPEW!

Quick Up - Emergency, instant cast resurrection spell. Has a 1 minute cooldown. Revives the target instantly with 3% of life and secondary bar, and grants them extra threat. No reagent, but very risky.

Study Vulnerabilities - Debuffs the enemy target, causing all damage to go up by X% and all spells, skills and attacks to hit X% more often. Lasts 20 seconds and costs a fair amount of mana. Use well, especially with other damage increasing debuffs. Mixed with sunder, faerie fire, Improved Shadow Weaving, and so on, let your friends lay the hurt on. Tier 3 Preservation, believe it or not.

Vortex - 1.5 second casting time spell. Places a vortex on the target that deals strong ice damage, and puts the target in the air, not unlike the Druid's Cyclone Spell. When they fall a few seconds later, they will be stunned, taking nature damage when they land. Has a 10 second cooldown.

Ice Beam - 4 second casting time ice spell that deals strong ice damage and has good range of 50 yards. Has a 9 second cooldown though, so it's not too abusive.


Dirt Blast - Chucks a mud ball at the enemy, and slows them with eroding dirt. Its basically what you'd want in an ICE spell, but are getting in nature damage.

Dark Burst - Simple shadow damage spell wth 2 second casting time that has no real specialty to it.

Life Tax - Deals typeless magic damage to the target at the cost of a few copper. No mana, .3 second casting time and no cooldown, not to mention next to nothing threat generation. USE RESPONSIBLY, OR GO BROKE BY ACCIDENT! You have been warned. You may think it’s no big deal, but no other spell steals directly from your coin purse for the job of nuking, as no nuke spell uses reagents that you must buy (I could be mistaken, but I think all reagent based abilities are buffs or resurrection moves. Soul Shards don’t cost actual cash.)

Lichen Form - An ultimate act of heresy by embracing temporary Lichhood. You’re not evil though, just misunderstood. In Lich Form, your armor is decreased by 5% and your spell resistances shift. You gain damage reduction to all spells except holy and fire, both of which will instead deal increased damage instead of reduced. In this form, only Ice and Shadow based spells can be cast, and all ice spells have freezing based effects. Ice based heals heal for 15% less. The lich has a natural Ice Armor that mages have, causing slowing effects to melee attackers. Liches move 8% faster than an unmounted player without speed buffs. All spells cost except for heals cost 5% less in this form and resurrection is unavailable. It is Tier 9 Heresy. In the quest to understand the workings of the Scourge, a Necrologist may try to tap into a taste of a lich’s power, but it is still Necrology, and therefore, though shunned, it is accepted as a study in self-control. The Lich is, of course undead, therefore weak to paladin skills and fear immune, but warlocks with fire will deal plenty of damage, and priests can do shackle/smite & holy fire patterns to hurt them too.

Lethal Enerjection - Instant cast nuke that deals nature damage and poisons the target. If a target has energy, it will drain some. The energy will be drained regardless of if the spell hits or not. The poison is a simple DoT and the only uniquity to it is its 75 second duration of ticks over 3 second intervals that hardly hurt. In other words, its like a Top rank of Warrior’s rend over the course of 25 ticks instead of 7, but slightly stronger.

Deep Hurting - Deals typeless magical damage to the target with this simple 2 second casting nuke spell. Has a slightly increased chance to score a critical hit.

Weaken Blood - Increases damage and negative effects to the target from poisons, diseases and bleeeding effects to an enemy target. Lasts 45 seconds and is an instant cast POISON spell.

Shadow Sheet/Shadow Shroud - Self Buff. Increases the chance that enemy spells will be resisted and that melee attacks will miss, and also adds armor. Higher ranks include buffs to Nature resistance Lasts 30 minutes. Shadow Shroud is the same spell but stronger. This spell is basically the Necrologist’s version of mage’s Ice and Frost armor, and Demon Skin/Demon Armor spells, but slightly different.

That's all for now. Pet skills, and talents and quests are all still in production. Sit tight!

Pet Skills Edit

Pet Skills Ahoy! Pets have a fair amount of skills. Your hotbars will be filled with pet abilities so make room for them amongst your macros. All pets have two trees.

Warmonger - This pet is not built to tank naturally. After all, nobody can tank naked. Get it the right ger and plenty of plate and it will tank fine. It can also do dps if you want, but you’ll be sacrificing inventory space then. Warmongers have 100 rage, which of course starts empty. Warmonger is the first pet you can get at a level 2 quest.

Guardian: Skills in the guardian tree are built for tanking. Simple really.

Magic Render - Requires a melee weapon. Causes your pet to instant attack the enemy, dealing no damage and generating heavy threat. What this spell does is somewhat inverse of what Sunder armor does. It increases damage dealt by magic instead of physical attacks. With a Heresy specced Necrologist, this ability is good for soloing. 15 rage.

Skull Tug - Holds an enemy in place for 3 seconds. This is a root instead of a taunt. It’s a good way to get your pet struck, which will help him generate rage. 5 rage, 10 second cooldown.

Overly Angered - Forces an enemy to attack the pet for 5 seconds while causing the target to become mad, raising its attack power briefly, but causing it to be reduced for 20 seconds after the taunt effect ends. 0 rage, 30 second cooldown.

Bone Wall - Forces a small amount of the damage dealt to the Necro to be dealt to the Warmonger for 30 seconds. Costs 10 rage and has 15 second cooldown.

Shield Strike - Attacks with shield, dealing surprisingly strong damage and interrupting spell casting. 5 second cooldown. 10 rage.

Parry’s Edge - When your pet parries successfully or if the enemy parries an attack from your pet, this ability becomes active for 3 seconds. When used, this causes the pet to use an attack that cannot miss or be parried. It can still be dodged or shield blocked. Deals fair damage and causes major threat. 10 rage, 5 second cooldown.

Tactics: Somewhere between dps and utility, this tree has merits as both.

Bone Yank - Causes your pet to yank at your enemy’s leg bone, breaking it for 15 seconds. Deals small damage and reduces speed. 10 rage.

Clatter - A loud clanking bone sound that reduces enemy damage output. It’s demo shout, but weaker and also able to effect spell damage. 10 rage.

Deathstrike - Powerful instant attack usable when an enemy is below 35% life. Not too powerful like Execute, but strong, costs a bit of rage though. 25 rage.

Rib Caging - Stuns the skeleton and an enemy target, making them both unable to fight for 15 seconds. This effect breaks on damage. It’s basically crowd control, though it sacrifices a tank if you don’t have a real tank.

Super Hit - Causes extra threat and damage on your next strike. Warmongers aren’t heroes, so this is their Heroic Strike. 15 rage.

Marrow Bleed - DoTs the target with a bleed effect. This effect can work on targets usually immune to bleeds like skeletal, ghostly, and elemental enemies. 10 rage.

Grave - Two second ‘casting time’. When this ‘casting’ completes, the next attack your pet makes will be strong enough to bury the target under immense power, stunning them for 4 seconds. 20 second cooldown. 5 rage.

Gut Thrust - Instant attack that deals weapon damage plus a random amount of added damage that is either powerful or weak or in between. Basically it’s similar to the Befallen’s Heart Plunger. For more on the Befallen, go find it! It’ll likely be bumped daily.

Wizard - The wizard is obviously about DPS. It is much like a mage, though its magic is different at points, if not by element, then by utility. It of course is inferior to a real mage, warlock and shaman. Let’s see what they got. Wizard pet is the last pet of the three, available as a level 20 quest.

Thermal: Thermal magic works the world of hot and cold, fire and ice, though some other elements show up. Most ice attacks lack a frost effect.

Comet’s Mark - Marks an enemy. While marked, the enemy will de debuffed, able to take 2% more damage from all sources. After 10 seconds, this debuff ends, and a Comet will strike the target, dealing a small amount of randomly chosen holy, nature, fire, or ice damage, and stunning the target for a brief duration. Instant cast.

Freezer Burn - 2 second casting time. Casts a burst of ice at the enemy, dealing good ice damage, and causing the enemy to burn, dealing a DoT effect of fire damage.

Snow Gatling - Channeling attack. Works similarly to Arcane missiles but deals ice damage in 5 ticks over the course of 4 seconds. Instant cast, but interruptible. Rather mana efficient. 4 second cooldown.

Ember Hands - Deals fire damage in a cone shaped area in front of the wizard. Instant cast. 10 second cooldown.

Burnball - Casts a simple fireball at a 2.5 second casting time. Has no secondary effects.

Dry Ice Blast - Deals basic ice damage that has a heightened chance to hit, but causes no frost effects. 2 second casting time.

Twisted: Twisted magic is chaotic, working with damage and side effects. Most of its spells are nature, shadow and arcane based. Their damage is unreliable but potent.

Black Earth - Instant cast spell that deals shadow damage to the target and dazes them for 3 seconds. When the daze ends, they will be hit with nature damage. If broken sooner, the nature damage happens sooner.

Straight Wind - Shoots a gusting wind forward from the caster. Deals decent nature damage to targets in a line in front and extends twenty yards in front of the caster. .5 second casting time and 5 second cooldown. Use carefully as it could break CC.

Dark Shock - Instant cast spell that deals shadow damage. Causes target to stand in place in terror for up to 4 seconds, and damage may reduce or break fear. Think of it like a Shaman shock, especially because it ha the same range and same 6 second cooldown.

Potent Mana - Causes the Wizard to strike the Necrologist with a blast of arcane damage. This blast will restore some of his mana. Next time used, it will cause the Necrologist to blast the pet with arcane magic instead and restore some of its mana. Has a 30 second cooldown to prevent abuse.

Raging Ember - Causes an AoE area to charge with static, dealing nature damage to those who walk in. Those hit will be DoTed with a spark that will start to burn softly and will then take fire damage for 4 seconds. Instant cast, 10 second cooldown.

Marksman - This archer, who can use bows and crossnbows is the middleground between pure power and tanking power. Basically, it’s controlled DPS that does not have much a chance to draw aggro unless everyone were to just strip naked and dance in the middle of combat. You know though that you can’t de-equip in combat though.

So, what good is there here? Well, for one thing, the Marksman can learn the Hunter’s tranq shot. If you run Magmadar when you’re level 70, your pet can play make%#!! hunter, especially with an undead borne fear immunity.

Pet arrows are strange. You only need to give them one stack and that’s all. No need for multiple stacks. A Necrologist’s bags will be full of pet gear as is! Instead, damage from arrows is a percentage based on the fullness of the stack. If you give your pet a single arrow, even of the best kind, he will deal 0 damage.

Your meant to get the arrows the fair way after all instead of having a hunter trade a single arrow and just calling it a day. I’m thinking of just making arrows work the fair way though, simply for simplicity sake. Other than that, grows from leather to mail. Somewhat flimsy, because it cannot parry like real hunters. Unfortunately, they have the least amount of goodies.

Archery: This tree has your pets damage skills that work on your arrows and your power.

Venom Arrows - Causes your pet’s next arrow to be a poisonous shot that deals decent bonus nature damage and DoT the target, causing slight slowing. Can be set to auto-cast so that every shot has this. Shots empowered by this drain mana. Only boosts white damage shots.

Searing Arrow - Puts fire on the target’s arrow, making it burn and deal extra fire damage. This fire damage is decently strong. Like Venom Arrows, this can be set to be automatically added to your pet’s arrows every shot. Likewise, arrows empowered drain mana, and only white damage shots are effected.

Swift Nock - Instant causes your pet to shoot an arrow without effecting any kind of global cooldown. This arrow deals greater extra damage but can never be a crit. 10 second cooldown.

Ocular Pierce - Strikes an enemy in its eye, dealing damage and blinding, which reduces their chance to hit. 3 second cooldown.

Pillow Shot - Three second ‘casting’ tine. Shoots an enemy target while out of combat and puts them to sleep. Higher ranks last longer. 10 second cooldown. Crowd Control basically, and able to work on a large assortment of enemies as well.

Hand Pierce - Shoots the enemy’s arm, causing damage and disarming them temporarily. 10 second cooldown.

Ranger Ways: Basically things that wouldn’t be considered archery. It contains things to help keep the Marksman at range.

Road Bump - Causes your pet to strike the ground with his weapon, making a small rise that the enemy will trip over, dealing minor nature damage and dazing them. 5 second cooldown.

Swivel Strike - Causes the Marksman to Lunge the foe with its melee weapon on its next attack, dealing extra damage. Causes the enemy to face a different direction and sometimes target someone else. 3 second cooldown.

Point Blank - Shoots an enemy with an arrow from within the deadzone. Always deals critical damage. The purpose of this skill is to discourage an enemy from meleeing your pet, though a 7 second cooldown isn’t TOO scary.

Earth Trigger - Lays down a trap of sorts on the floor. If walked over, an enemy will be rooted by a Dirt Rising Phalange (which is one of the Necrologist’s skills) and thus be unable to move unless a movement impairing remover such as escape artist is used. Can only be done out of combat, but can be placed in any location.

Dark Light - Causes the skeleton to glow, dealing shadow and holy damage to itself, but breaking stealth and invisibility effects within a 10 yard radius. 45 second cooldownn.

Stinging Strike - Instant strike usable after the pet misses a target. Strikes with a poisonous melee attack that does damage with bonus damage and places a slowing poison on the target. 5 second cooldown.

Gain Distance - This ability costs no mana and has no cooldown. What it basically does is forces your pet to make distance so it can shoot with its bow or crossbow. Its smart and tries to run away from any and all hostile forces.

Talents Edit

I know this has been said in the story before, but here a full list of the talents.

Necromancy - Necromancy, obviously focuses on the role of pets and necromatic magic. Healing isn’t here though. A well specced Necromancy Necrologist can be strong and tough to kill, while his pet dishes out damage for him. If your pet dies and you cant afford the time or mana to make another, you will find yourself a bit crippled, but until then, feel strong.

Tier 1

Tingling Skin - Receives +4% more life from healing spells per rank. (5 ranks)

Husky Bones - Increases your armor from items and your pet’s armor from items by 1.6% per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 2

Gripping Bones - Increases the attack speed of your warmonger and marksman by 2% per rank, and grants them a 20% chance to resist disarm per rank. (5 ranks)

Jointed Ligaments - Requires 5 ranks of Tingling Skin. You and your pet get a +1% to dodge and a 3.333% bonus to agility per rank. (3 ranks)

Opaqueness - Grants a +1% resistance to shadow and holy spells per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 3

Skull Launcher - Teaches the Necrologist Skull Launcher. Skull Launcher is a spell with a 1.5 second casting time. When casted, it launches your pet in three pieces at the enemy target. Takes 3 ticks of shadow damage over the course of 1 second. When finished, the pet will be standing next to the enemy target, and will have been given extra threat. Has a 25 yard range. (1 rank)

Foot Fancy - Increases resistance to movement imparing effects for you and your pet, higher ranks increase resist chances. (5 ranks)

Improved Flexibate - Increases your agility buff by 2% per rank, and causes your buffs to add +1% dodge rate per rank. (3 ranks)

Dignified Armor - Reduces the death based durability loss of your pet’s gear by 1% per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 4 (All Tier 4 talents require Skull Launcher)

Skeletal Delvar - Increases the spell damage of your wizard pet by 3% per rank and increases its int by 2% per rank. (5 ranks)

Protect Mongering - Increases the defense of your skeletal warmonger by +4 per rank, and their threat generation by 5% per rank. (5 ranks)

Dead Eye Shooters - Increases the chance to hit and damage of your skeletal Marksman by 1% per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 5

Nature’s Chill - Increases Nature and ice damage dealt by the Necrologist and his pet by 2% per rank. Only works if pet is out. (3 ranks)

Anti-Freeze - Reduces chance to be slowed, and increases frost resistance. Higher ranks grant higher resistance. (5 ranks)

Half Destruct - Teaches your wizard, warmonger and marksman Half Destruct. When used, the pet ‘explodes’ removing half its remaining lifebar to do massive fire damage to all enemies around it. Using more life causes more damage. Has no bar cost, but a 4 minute cooldown. (1 rank)

Steady Revenge - Increases your damage, attack/casting speed and armor by 4% per rank when your pet gets kill for 15 seconds. (5 ranks)

Tier 6

Improved Half Destruct - Requires Half Destruct. Reduces the cooldown of Half destruct by 30 seconds per rank, and the damage dealt to enemies by 3% per rank. (5 ranks)

Improved Skeletal Summoning - Reduces casting time and mana cost of your skeletal summon spells by .75 seconds per rank and reduces mana cost by 10% per rank. (2 ranks)

Tier 7

Swap Dance - Grants an 8% a random negative effect of any kind will be dispelled when a Swap ability is used. Also reduces the cooldown on swaps by 2 seconds per rank. (5 ranks)

Shared Armor - Teaches Shared Armor. Reinforces both you and your pet’s body, increasing defense skill by 15 and armor by 10% of each other’s current armor from items. Effect lasts until you or your pet die and cannot be dispelled. 5 minute cooldown. (1 rank)

Tier 8 Pain Split - Reduces damage dealt to the Necrologist and his pet by 3.333% per rank, but sends a small amount of damage to the other target. (3 ranks)

Quick Skeleton - Reduces the cooldown of your pet’s abilities by .1 second per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 9

Soul Swap - Requires 5 ranks of Swap Dance. When killed while your pet lives, you will take over your pet’s body. While in your pet, you can control it freely with a slight boost to survivability and DPS. If you make it out of combat alive and stay that way for 15 seconds, you will return to life, and your pet will die. Effect may only happen once every five minutes, and this number is pending to change. (1 rank)

Preservation - It’s all about longevity and healing here. You can’t overcome the debuffs of your heals, but you can overcome mana inefficiency and get nifty benefits to preserve its life through nonhealing methods as well. Its best affiliated with ice damage and healing. The real flaw of this tree is that the spell book’s Preservation section is going to be emptier than your other trees. As such, there are fewer Improved type talents. If that’s good, I don’t know.

Tier 1

Pleasant Ice - Increases the amount healed by your frost based healing spells, and reduces their mana cost by 1% per rank. (5 ranks)

Ice Specialization - Increases the critical chance of your ice spells (healing and damage) by 1% per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 2

Efficiency - Increases total mana bar by 2% per rank. (3 ranks)

Improved Life Icing - Slightly increases the amount healed by Life Icing and reduces the negative speed effect. Higher ranks further improve both of these. (5 ranks)

Lingering Frost - When healing too much, 20% of the extra health beyond full will be recovered when the target next takes damage within 15 seconds. Recovers up to a maximum of 8 health/level per rank (40 per level at rank 5). Only effects frost heals that are not HoTs. (5 ranks)

Tier 3

Study Vulnerability - Requires 3 ranks in Efficiency. Teaches Study Vulnerability. When cast on the enemy, they will be debuffed, increasing the chance to hit for all sources for 30 seconds, while slightly reducing threat generated by spells that hit. Has a 90 second cooldown. (1 rank)

Coolant Leeching - 8.333% of the mana of your critical strikes with all damage spells is recovered in both your life bar and mana bar. (3 ranks)

Solvent Chill - (Requires 5 ranks in Lingering Frost)Your healing spells last for 6 extra seconds, healing 1% per rank of the amount it healed every second. (5 ranks)

Wind of Grace - Reduces physical and fire damage taken by 1% per rank. (3 ranks)

Tier 4

Fog Out - Reduces the Necrologist’s threat generation by 3% per rank, and the threat of healing spells by 1% more per rank. (5 ranks)

Thick Footed - Increases resistance to movement impairing effects, knock backs, and slowing effects. Higher ranks increase resistance (3 ranks)

Improved Vortex - Increases the damage and crit chance of your Vortex by 2% per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 5

Arctic Reach - Increases the range of your ice and preservation spells by 6.666% per rank. (3 ranks)

Cold Feet - Increases resistance to fear and stun effects. (5 ranks)

Sauna Touch - Teaches Sauna Touch. Sauna Touch does ice based healing to the target with extreme mana efficiently, and has no debuffing drawbacks. 15 second cooldown. (1 rank)

Tier 6

Improved Sauna Touch - Requires 1 rank of Sauna Touch. Reduces the cooldown of Sauna Touch by 1 second per rank, and reduces its mana cost by 1% per rank. (5 ranks.)

Embalmer - Your pet healing spells heal more and have reduced cooldowns. Higher ranks improve these effects. (3 ranks)

Improved Ice Beam - Reduces Ice Beam’s casting time by .1 second per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 7

Blood Wrap - Reduces damage from bleed effects by 4% per rank. (5 ranks)

Sniper Snow - Requires Arctic Reach. Teaches Sniper Snow. Deals moderate ice damage instantly. Has a 70 yard range. 30 second cooldown. (1 rank)

Tier 8

Life Surprise - Grants a 1% chance per second while in combat that you will instantly cast your strongest ice heal on an ally below 30% +5% per rank of remaining life bar (40% at rank 3). This heal costs no mana and causes half threat. (3 ranks)

Rebirth - Reduces the cooldown on your Reanimate Spell by 3 seconds per rank, and reduces threat generation by 6% per rank. (5 ranks)

Earthen Guarding - Your Nature Damage spells, when cast, increase the Necrologist's armor by 2% per rank for 5 seconds. (3 ranks)

Tier 9

Insulation -Teaches Insulation. When cast on a party, will raise fire and ice resistance slightly, and will cast a weak HoT. Targets must be within 15 yard range of the targeted ally. Resistance boost and healing last for 15 seconds. (1 rank)

Heresy - If you want spellpower of a mostly nonice variation and maybe even a bit of physical force (but not very much), then here’s your call. Just remember to pop a few heals every now and then. Heresy has fewer talent points available to spend in skills. Doesn’t mean less skills, but he number of points you can spend in it though is just a tad lower. As for elements, shadow, nature, and physical typeless damage based spells are here.

Tier 1

Angry Dirt - Increases the critical strike chance of your nature spells by 1% per rank.

Improved Dark Burst - Reduces the cooldown of your dark burst spell by .1 second per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 2

Improved Life Tax - Reduces the monetary expenditure of your life tax spell by 15% per rank. (3 ranks)

Brutal Power - Your physical attacks and physical damage spells do +1% damage per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 3

Withered Stone - Teaches Withered Stone. 1.5 second casting time ball of earth. Deals moderate nature damage and has spell disrupting properties that prevent spells from the same school from being casted if struck by it. (1 rank)

Dark Tendril - Increases shadow damage and shadow based healing by 2% per rank. (5 ranks)

Antipode - .Requires Brutal Power. Reduces the chance that enemies can resist your spells. Higher ranks are more powerful. (5 ranks)

Burst of Evil - Causes your shadow damage spells to ‘burst’ dealing 3% of their damage per rank over 8 seconds. (3 ranks)

Tier 4

Shuddering Storm - Reduces the casting time of all Nature damage spells by .1 seconds per rank. (2 ranks)

Tearing Magic - Your typeless damage spells will cause the target to be dazed, slowing their movement by 15% + 10% per rank. (3 ranks)

Vile Ether - Ice, Shadow and Nature spells cost 1% less per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 5

Wisdom Edge - Raises Strength and intelligence by 3.33% per rank. (3 ranks)

Hot Sand - Causes your Nature damage spells to burn the target, making them more vulnerable to both ice and fire damage. Increases damage from these types when Burnt by 1% per rank. (5 ranks)

Enigma Shot - Teaches Enigma Blast. For one point of mana, will cast any spell from your Heresy spell book that deals damage instantly. It will always be of the highest rank. 30 minute cooldown, instant cast. (1 rank)

Tier 6

Sorcerous Pride - All spell Damage from you and your pet goes up for 4% per rank for 20 seconds after either of you deal a critical hit of any sort. (5 ranks)

Earth Shaping - Increases your chance to resist interruption while casting nature spells when taking damage by 13% per rank. (5 ranks)

Lunar Leech - Your spell damage restores 1.333% of the damage dealt as both health and mana per rank. (3 ranks)

Tier 7

Oversurge - Teaches Oversurge. Requires 5 ranks of Sorcerous Pride. When activated, your next spell with a casting time under 10 seconds will cast at 10% regular time, will be critical, and cannot be immunized against. Lasts 20 seconds or until first spell. Has a 10 minute cooldown. Spells casted under this effect cost 20% more mana. (1 rank)

Improved Oversurge - Requires 1 rank in Oversurge. Allows one more spell to be effected per rank, and reduces cooldown by 30 seconds per rank. (2 ranks)

Living Magic - Reduces enemy resistance to your spells by 1% per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 8

Pride of Life - Increases the amount you restore to yourself from all sources by 3% per rank, include spells, potions and bandages. Effects mana and health restoration those of your pet. (5 ranks)

Empowered Dark Burst - Your Dark Burst will reduces your enemy’s chance to hit by .5% per rank. This effect stacks up to three times. (3 ranks)

Tier 9

Lichen Form - Requires 5 ranks of Pride of Life. When used, the Necrologists takes a risky endeavor to grow a feel for what it is like to be one of the Lich King’s best servants to better understand the twisted ways of his magic and takes on Lich Form. While in Lichen Form, your ice and shadow damage goes up by 15%, and ice based healing is unavailable. Your nature damage goes up 5%, and physical based typeless damage receives a boost to hit chance by 3%. Armor is reduced by 5% and damage taken from holy and fire sources are increased by 10% and the Necrologist is Undead in this form. All other magic schools deal 5% less damage. When activated, the Necrologist can remove movement impairing effects from himself. (1 rank)

I think all info is said, although not everything in the good order, sorry for that.

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