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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

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Now, let’s take a look at the skills within each. Note, I did not say talents, I said skills. Let’s lookie at a few This isn’t a complete list. I’m only one man here, after all.


Weapon Shadow - This is the Befallen’s sole starting skill. Yes, you can buy another skill at level 1, but like the warrior, this is the only one they begin with. Anyway, for a small amount of rage, the befallen will unleash an instant attack that deals weapon damage, as well as a small percentage of the weapon’s damage capability. This extra damage causes absolutely no threat, so it is safe to use and spam, but the damage is also shadow damage so its likely to be resisted. Higher ranks increase the damage percentage. This skill can be used ever 2.5 seconds, and costs 10 rage if you think it sounds overpowered, so don’t (and you kinda can’t) get too trigger happy about it.

Skin Flay - When used, the target will have their armor lowered, and be under a bleeding DoT. The DoT and duration of the armor loss is a short ten seconds, and it does not have any added effects by applying it ontop of itself. It does however, stack with sunder armor and faerie fire, so remember that. Also remember that targets that don’t bleed will be completely immune to this skill. So, why even bother? What if I told you that the skill only costs 5 rage to use? Seem useful yet? Maybe, just remember that 8 seconds are over before you know it. Higher ranks increase armor reduction and increase the damage power.

Lunging Jump - Requires the caster be out of combat. Jumps towards the enemy target and generates rage. Upon landing at the target's feet, the Befallen will instantly do a weapon swing that has a bonus chance to do a critical hit. It unfortunately does no stun effect, and this instant attack generates no extra rage.

Sacrificial Mark - This skill, which requires a dagger to be wielded, causes a physical shadow type DoT to take effect on the target. This dot is uselessly weak, especially at a cost of 20 rage. However, this is important, for when the mob dies under the effect of the sacrifical mark, they yield a ghost token. These are used to summon the befallen’s only pet, the shade. The shade will be discussed later, since, even if not a major contribution to the Befallen itself, it is a vital pet.

I'll say this much though, the Shade is available for a level 30 quest, along with the sacrificial mark, so be sure to get it. You need to be in taint stance to cast the summoning spell. So, sound like a fun pet? Even if not a very vital one, it has its uses. ON WE GO!

Impaler - When used, this skill will stab at a corpse, and lop the corpse’s head upon the befallen’s weapon. By being skulled, the weapon’s power increased for the duration of the skill and his crit rate increases slightly. Always fun to have a little boost. Keep in mind though, doing this does require 15 rage, and cannot be used during combat, so be sure to save some rage if you want something that screams bad ass skull on a pike.

Life Shaver - Used on your next attack, this skill looks like a heroic strike clone. It has a few differences though. First off, it adds an extra second to your time before you strike, and when you strike, a small percentage of the damage dealt will heal you, draining more at higher ranks. Note, that if critical, the doubling of the critical will not affect your healed amount. This skill costs 15 rage, and is a mainstay of a tanking befallen early on, as it causes extra threat.

Doom Gaze - This rageless ability is basically the befallen’s taunt. It holds the mob for ten seconds, but one the flip side, it LOWERS your aggro with that mob, so you need to work like a madman for the ten seconds you have the monster’s attention, or you could kill your team! In raids, this is an oh !%%% button that basically lets you hold aggro while your warrior builds it up and steals it back. Just be sure to last ten seconds.

Alluring/Putrid Meat Cleaver - Basically, when striking an enemy, a slab of meat will cover the befallen’s weapon. If you use the Alluring version, each attack will generate extra threat, if you use Putrid, each attack will generate less threat. The effect lasts for 3 minutes, the skill is on a two minute timer (both share a timer,) and the skill (both of them,) requires 20 rage to use. If you’re axe happy, then surely you can find use for this skill.

Heart Plunger - An instant attack that costs 10 rage. This ability has a random damage bonus that can be very low, very high, or somewhere in between. At its rank you have at 60, it can add as little as 10 damage to the attack, or as much as 400. This ability has a 2 second cooldown. Even if potentially small, the fact that its an instant attack that deals weapon damage makes it a mainstay of Befallen gameplay.

Unholy Strength - Thirty minute strength buff spell. Its component costing hour long counterpart is Ungodly strength, which uses a Token the way it costs one to summon your pet. Even though it’s in the Slaughter school, it is in the Taint style, so switch over for a power buff every once in a while.

Vampire Thirst - Costs 15 rage. Removes a bleeding effect from an enemy target. Upon removing the bleed effect, the Befallen will restore life and a small amount of mana if his mana bar wasn’t full when used. Works well with warriors. Has a 5 second cooldown.

Blood Plunge - Instant attack that costs no rage but instantly grants the befallen ten rage. Has a 10 second cooldown. Basically, this skill is meant to allow more consitent dps for the Befallen.

Honor - Yes, this tree is interesting. You deal with spells AND rage skills here, so be sure to enjoy the ride. It’s mostly a tanking tree, but that’s only a small portion of it.

Skeletal Suit - Coats the Befallen with bones, increasing his armor by 5%, and increasing his static defense stat by 10%. Found in the taint tree and lasts 1 hour. A mainstay tank skill. Requires a reagent, and uses the same Ghost Tokens your shades and strength buffs use.

Zombify - An important skill. This level 40 quest reward allows, simply put, for the Befallen to become a zombie... and be undead. While undead, there are benefits, mainly an immunity to abilities that effect the living, but a weakness to those that hurt undead (like paladin skills.) In addition, the Befallen gets +25% to his armor, and takes 15% less dame from ice and shadow spells. However, fire and holy spells do 15% more damage, and the Befallen attacks and moves 5% slower. Not to mention, shadow damage dealt by the befallen does 10% more, while holy does 10% less. Takes 5% less healing from spells while zombified.

The way Zombify works is simple really. It lasts until you turn it off. It is cast in Taint style and is allowed while in soldier or taint with no limit on available skills. Basically, the only parameters for Zombify are found above, and that’s all.

Spell Cut - Readies the Befallen to attack. If struck by a spell within the next thirty seconds, he will avoid it and gain an extra attack on his next strike. This ability uis in the Soldier style and costs 15 rage. Has a 6 second cooldown.

Unholy Guard - This spell is a befallen’s buff. Basically, it adds 30, 45, or 60 holy resistance for ten minutes. It’s an instant cast, like all buffs. All in all, useful vs paladins, but be aware, it won’t stack with... Then agin, if holy resistance is never added, just change the numbers to percentages of 7.5, 11.25 and 15% Holy Resistance. A nice buff to have on fights such as Venoxis and other holy using enemies.

Arcane Guard - The Same as Unholy Guard, but adds arcane resistance. This spell finds use vs mages for obvious reasons. Note, that holy and arcane guard cannot ever stack, unless you have two Befallen cast each. Instant cast, yay

Black Parish - This spell lowers the enemy’s shadow and holy resistance. Obviously, you won’t see this one until a fair bit later in the game. It certainly helps priests, that’s for sure, but it has a casting time of .5 seconds.

Sheet Imbibe - Uses a token. Boosts the Befallen’s dodge and parry rate by a small percentage for 30 minutes, and is only self castable, the higher the rank, the higher the dodge rate. This ability is in the Taint Style, and is best used for Tanking. In PvP, warriors will cut you down.

Blood Ball - In your slaughter tree, this is an instant cast spell that calls blood from the caster's bloodstream. It costs 5 rage and is on a 4 second cooldown. This move, causes moderate threat, but if you are under the effect of Alluring Meat Cleaver, its threat rating skyrockets and it taunts that lasts 3 seconds. If under Putrid, it deals zero threat and forces the target off of you for 5 seconds. Takes 11% of base health from the caster, so don't spam it or you'll be dead before you know it. If you are under a bleeding effect, the damage output is increased by 35.

Sorcery - Time for the spells that do true pain Believe it or not, this tree isn’t filled with tons of spells. Remember, they’ve lost much of their death magic, and new recruits suffer from having never had any, but by resisting ind control and learning to understand the power they wield (A.k.a. leveling up), the caster will understand and grasp a small, yet useful amount of magic. Let’s mosey

Death Spell - Can be used on a target below 10% life. Has a 2.5 second casting time and only 15 yards range. Simply put, if they’re below ten percent and you cast this, THEY DIE! If they don’t die because they’re a mob, then the spell does about 1700 typeless magic damage before resistances and spell bonuses at lowest rank. It costs a lot of mana and has a 3 second cooldown so it’s not spammable on bosses.

Mana Swing- Usable in Soldier style. This ability costs 10 rage and causes an instant attack that deals normal damage plus a small bonus. In addition, it drains your mana bar empty to deal additional damage. The more mana you have when you use, the stronger. Good if you have +mana gear and intend to stay in Soldier style. This may sound odd, but think of the bear druid. Druids still regenerate mana even when shifted, so the Befallen can when not in mana stance. If you don’t use too much magic to fight, then this spammable skill is very strong.

Magic Bleed - This spell with a 2 second casting time, causes the enemy target to be under a bleed effect. It is not magic, so its not able to be dispelled. However, the Befallen can blood drink it to heal himself, or to DoT up the target. The effect increases damage taken by all physical sources, and increases their likeliness to be hit by abilities very slightly. The effect lasts 5 ticks over 10 seconds and benefits from +spell damage even if it has no magic type.

Lich Grasp - Summons a giant, skeletal hand and sends it at an enemy target. This hand brings the target to the Befallen and stuns them both for one second. This spell does no damage, but if the target resists, nobody gets stunned. Has a 15 second cooldown and a 25 yard range. A good pulling tool, and can be nasty in PvP... but use it carefully!

Shade (the bulk of this update)

The shade is a pet available at 30. It is the Befallen’s ONLY, ONLY pet, and for the most part, your allies and enemies might not notice it much, though it can be helpful in both PvP and PvE. Basically, the shade is a flimsy, easy and fast to summon pet that is both invisible and always in stealth mode. They are basically waiting to detect both stealthed and invisible units, there to scout, to be a makeshift potion, and to poke for disruptions, such as bandaging/sitting and eating enemies, totems, and putting warriors in combat before they can charge. The shade is undead, of course, so watch out for paladins if they manage to see it. It also uses a huge focus bar that regenerates quickly.

Ghast Poke - This ability causes the shade to deal unresistable shadow damage to a target. It cannot be mitigated, cannot be immunized against, and cannot be resisted. It can be absorbed by say a power word shield, but then again, you can disrupt their bandages. The only catch is that the damage is LOW. In fact, it will always deal 15 damage on its cooldown of 5 seconds... a cooldown that goes down as the pet learns higher ranks of Ghast Poke. As stated before, it breaks totems, stops bandaids, and does little things that just make this instant attack useful. It is the shade’s only way to attack for the most part.

Ghost Eye View - Takes control of your pet, allowing it to move at a speed twice as fast as an epic mount. Of course, the shade is invisible and stealthed, but he cannot use any abilities in this mode. He is only able to scout. If the Befallen takes a spell interrupting ability, the possession stops. This ability lasts up to 30 seconds. All stealth and invisible units can be seen while possessing the shade.

Fog - When the shade casts fog on an enemy, their chance to parry an attack goes down, and the effect lasts 1 minute. Useful, but for half a second, the shade is visible.

Spilled Mind - This passive aura ability causes your shade to boost the secondary bar of your party members by 5%. So thats 5 more MAX energy or rage while your pet is out, and 5% more mana. A very nifty thing to have if used right.

Confusing Haunt - Causes the shade to channel energy at an enemy target, causing the target to walk in a daze. From where the target was dazed, the target will never move more than 4 yards away, making this a potentially useful crowd control method. Higher ranks last longer, but this makes the shade visible, so be wary of a single retaliatory attack killing your shade.

Life Coil - This two second cast spell is the first spell that a Befallen gets upon finishing his taint quest. All in all, it’s an important one. This spell may remind you of holy shock. It should! What it does is deal shadow damage to an enemy and add a very minor DoT. If you target an ally, it will heal them and grant a small HoT. This is the only spell that the Befallen has that can heal allies, and it’s the only healing spell that heals with shadow damage. Freaky, yes Be sure you can micro manage your targeting skills so you know to heal your friends instead of hurt your foes. As a nuke, it’s an average spell, and as a healing spell, it’s in between a fast cast quick heal, and a slow cast big heal. All in all, it’s average and fills neither role too fully, so use it carefully.

Blood Fill - When I said Life Coil was the only heal spell... I LIED! Well, actually, I technically didn’t back a time ago. A strange HoT. It may look like it would be under the Holy School, but its actually Arcane, so if silenced from the Holy School, you can still use this. This HoT only lasts six seconds, and des 2 ticks. That’s right, TWO. It’s job is to be an emergency HoT that gets all its benefit asap. It still gets full benefit from +damage/plus healing but don’t go looking for too much +healing only items. You’re not built to heal after all.

Instant Spiral - An instant cast attack spell that deals holy, or arcane damage (50% chance of each). You heard me! Why? I don’t know, a plothole ate my good reason. It just is! A fair spell, but it’s no shaman shock by far. Is on a 3 second cooldown, but its really interesting in its dual elemental property.

Death Pact - This spell drains some of your pet shade’s life to heal your own. Useful in an emergency, but abuse will kill your shade. It is instant cast, and drains some mana

Dark Ritual - Yea, figure it out. Drains some of your pet’s life, but this time restores mana. Good if you need to remain a good force of magic in the back row, as your spell power doesn’t compare to a shaman’s or druids. Again, don’t kill your pet unless you must. This instant cast spell uses no mana.

Summon Shade - Your level thirty quest reward pet. Very useful, this pet uses a focus bar, though I might make it a mana bar. I am not too sure yet. It takes three seconds to summon your shade, and talents can lower the time if you ish for it. Just keep your shade as hidden as possible

Rasp - Simply put, a damage spell that does arcane damage. Can’t go wrong with that. It’s a faster cast than Life Coil, but its healing potential is nonexistent. It also costs more mana.

That’s all for now. At a later date, more spells will be added to each tree, as my brain can think of more. All in all, a what if story of a quirky class.

Advantages: Versatility. Mage, healer, tank. This class can do them all... sort of.

Strong skills that help control aggro.

Supportive Pet. The Shade has its uses, even if it doesn’t fight much, and grants an edge vs rogues and shamans.

Shields and mail are defensive remember that. Wands also grant a ranged option.

Disadvantages: No plate Ouch By level 40, you won’t go up the ladder. Sure, you can find yourself decked out in Scarlet Monastery set from the get go, but your tanking days are limited.

Iffy magic. Your spells aren’t that strong, healing or DPS wise. Talents really matter. No resurrection, NONE A befallen is not a main healer, PERIOD

Abilities with random powers (Instant Spiral,

Shade is flimsy. Your shade pet will die often, and you will need to resummon it often.

Stances. To be honest, having to switch hurts. Switching empties your rage bar, just so you know, unless you use talents. You can play a bit like a druid however and provide constant DPS if you wish.

Weapon specific moves. You're going to want to carry atleast one dagger so you can make shades and tokens.

No free mount The Lich King doesn’t give supplies to those who don’t follow him. Get your

Talent Trees Edit

FINALLY! Talent tree time! Feast your eyes, and feel free to help me balance if you find it broken.

Befallen Talent trees! OOH!

Slaughter: The Slaughter tree focuses obviously on killing power based on weapon and melee dps in Soldier style. If you want to play a rage bar intensive style, choose Slaughter.

Tier 1

Savagery - Increases your chance to crit with melee weapons by 1% per rank (5 ranks)

Improved Weapon Shadow - Reduces the rage cost of weapon shadow by 1 rage per rank, and increases its power by 3% per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 2

Improved Soldier Style - Decreases weapon swing time by .2 seconds per rank while in soldier style. (2 ranks)

Bone Crunch - When struck by a critical hit, grants you a 10% chance per rank to score an extra attack, and a 1% chance to score an extra attack when scoring a critical hit. (3 ranks)

Deflection - Increases parry chance by 1%. (5 ranks)

Patient Thirst - Stores 10 rage per rank when switching to Taint Style. (3 ranks)

Tier 3

Dual Wield - Allows the use of weapons in the Offhand. (1 rank)

Improved Heart Plunger - Reduces the cooldown by .1 seconds per rank, and increases the bonus damage maximum by 4% and minimum by 2% per rank. (5 ranks)

Improved Unholy Strength - Your Unholy Might and Ungodly Might spells are 10% more effective. (3 ranks)

Vampiric Overload - 2% of the damage dealt from your critical melee and spell hits per rank restores life and mana to the Befallen per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 4

Improved Meat Cleavers - Increases the threat bonus generate by your Alluring Meat Cleaver, and the threat reduction of your Putrid Meat Cleaver. Higher ranks are more effective. (3 ranks)

Thick Grip - Increases attack speed by 1% per rank, and increases Disarm resistance by 7% per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 5

Stolid Dive - Teaches Stolid Dive, 20 yard range. Lunges at the target, dealing a melee attack that deals 85% of your weapon’s damage. If under the effect of fear at the time, it the fear will be removed. Costs 25 rage. (1 rank)

Hilt Specialization - Your sword and dagger attacks have a a 5% chance per rank to instantly strike for 30% more damage. (5 ranks)

Poleaxe Specialization - Your Polearms and Axes get +1% chance to crit. (5 ranks)

Two Handed Weapon Specialization - Your two handed weapons deal +2% damage per rank. (3 ranks)

Tier 6

Improved Lunging Jump - Your Lunging Jump generates +2 rage per rank and has a 50% chance to score an additional landing attack. (2 ranks)

Weapon Finesse - Your weapon skills increase by 3.3 per rank. (3 ranks)

Empowered Heart Plunger - Your Heart Plunger has a +2% chance to crit per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 7 - Throat Jab Requires Weapon Finesse. Teaches Throat Jab. Deals a set amount of damage and silences the target for 3 seconds. Has a 10 second cooldown, and costs 30 rage. (1 rank)

Empowered Weapon Shadow - Your weapon shadow skill has a 16% chance per rank to deal an extra shadow. (5 ranks)

Tier 8

Field Knowledge - Decreases the rage and mana cost of all abilities by 2% per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 9

Endless Hunger - Increases your maximum rage by 20 and your rage generation goes up by 20% to reflect this. (1 Rank)

Honor: You could call it the in-between tree built on tanking with a bit of power and a bit of magic. Honor has a few nifty fun modes.

Tier 1

Fervent Multitude - Grants +1% to your stats per rank. (5 ranks)

Shield Specialization - Your block rate goes up by 1% per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 2

Suave Guard - Increases your chance to dodge by 1%. (5 ranks)

Hardiness - Increases your armor from items by 3% per rank. (5 ranks)

Anticipation - +4 To your defense stat per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 3

Power Focus - Your chance to resist spell interruption of your Life Coil, Rasp and Vampires are increased by 11% per rank. (5 ranks)

Spell Parry - Your parry ability will work on direct attack spells. (1 rank)

Lingering Blood - Your bleed effects receive one extra tick per rank. (3 ranks)

Tier 4

Improved Doom Gaze - Lowers the cooldown of your Doom Gaze by 3 seconds per rank. (2 ranks)

Efficient Feeding - Using draining abilities and effects recover 2% more life per rank. (5 ranks)

Improved Unholy Frenzy - Increases the attack speed bonus and reduces the Damage dealt to the target of your Unholy Frenzy spell. Higher ranks further work on these. (5 ranks)

Tier 5

Sturdy Hemoglobin - Requires Clotless. Reduces damage from bleed effects. (3 ranks)

Defensive Syringe - Teaches Defensive Syringe. When activated, your parry will increase by 80%, until you’ve parried once. When you parry, you will instantly attack the enemy and cause it to bleed. This bleed effect deals minor damage and generates a lot of threat with the Befallen every tick. The parry effect lasts for 5 seconds before wearing off. Costs 25 rage and has a 10 second cooldown. Bleeding effect lasts 8 seconds and 4 ticks. (1 rank)

One Handed Weapon Specialization - Increases the damage dealt by 1 handed weapons by 3.33% per rank. (3 ranks)

Tier 6

Calm Prominence - Reduces the rage cost of your non-attacks by 1 rage per rank. (3 ranks)

Shine Tapping - Requires Fervent Multitude. Increases your Holy damage and healing from spells by 3% per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 7

Solar Swipes - Teaches Solar Swipes. Instant attack that deals holy damage and heals the Befallen’s party by 15% of the damage dealt. Has a slight boost to critical hit rate. 50 Rage. (1 rank)

Zombie Fortitude- Your lifebar in zombie form increases by 2% per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 8

Inaffectionate - Increases charm resistance by 10% per rank. (3 ranks)

Improved Skeletal Suit - Increases base armor boost by 2% per rank and defense skill by 2+ per rank of your Skeletal Suit. (5 ranks)

Tier 9

Unholy Aura - Grants the Befallen's Party an unholy aura, boosting life regeneration and movement speed slightly, as well as reducing spell damage slightly. Further ranks can be learned at the trainer. (1 Rank)

Sorcery: Magical DPS and very small amounts of healing are the name of the game. If you want some magic, this is your path. You’ll find magic more effective than you may give it credit for. At first, you may doubt this tree due to its slow growth, especially because you’ll have 6 talent points by the time you get your first spell. Still, give it a try. You might like it. It also focuses on making your pet a bit more viable, but its actually a somewhat viable tree for non-magical uses.

Tier 1

Wand Specialization - Increases damage of your wand by 6% per rank. (5 ranks)

Combat Thinkers - Increases your maximum strength and mana bar by 2% per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 2

Improved Life Coil - Increases the damage and healing of your Life Coil spell by 3% per rank. (5 ranks)

Ghost Footed - Increases your resistance to movement impairing effects. (5 ranks)

Brain Muscle - Increases your strength and intelligence by 2% per rank. (3 ranks)

Tier 3

Improved Rasp - Increases the damage and mana drain of your rasp spell. (5 ranks)

Sorcerous Jolt - Teaches Sorcerer’s. An instant cast spell that deals arcane damage, and has a very high chance to land a critical hit. Costs 5% more mana if it scores a critical hit. (1 rank)

Arcane Pierce - Increases your arcane spell damage by 1% per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 4

Succulent Cells - Allows your Vampire Thirst to drain only half of a full bleed effect’s remaining time while still getting all health back. Rank two reduces the time removal to a quarter of the bleed’s remaining time. (2 ranks)

Improved Spiral - Requires Sorcerous Jolt. Your Spiral spell gets a +10% chance to crit per rank. (5 ranks)

Wizard’s Brain - Increases your mana regeneration by 5% per rank. Half of this remains during casting. (5 ranks)

Tier 5

Frenzied Wizard - Increases your weapon’s attack speed by .1 seconds per rank. (3 ranks)

Triple Blast - Teaches Triple Blast. Has a two second casting time and 35 yards range. Hits the enemy with a tri-elemental blast of arcane, holy, and shadow damage and debuffs them for 15 seconds. If the target dies, then the Befallen gets a Shade Token. Costs 1 Shade Token to use. (1 rank)

Improved Guards - Your Unholy and Arcane Guard spells grant your target +5% armor bonus and 4 + 3 defense stat per rank for its duration. (3 ranks)

Ghost Plating - Increases your shade’s armor by 20% per rank. (3 ranks)

Tier 6

Improved Shade Focus - Reduces the Focus cost of your shade’s spells and abilities by 4% per rank. (5 ranks)

Ghast Bonding - The Befallen and his pet get +3% to their lifebar when the shade is out per rank. (2 ranks)

Improved Lich Grasp - Reduces the mana cost of Lich Grasp by 1% and increases the stun time he enemy has by 1 second. (3 ranks)

Tier 7

Magical Might - Increases all spell damage by 10% of your strength per rank. (3 ranks)

Deathspell - Requires Ghast Bonding. Teaches Deathspell. Deathspell becomes available when a target gets below 10% of their remaining lifebar. Deals massive shadow damage that likely will kill a weakened target and its base damage is over 1.5k. Has a 35 yard range, a 2.5 second casting time, and a 3 second cooldown. (1 rank)

Swirling Focus - Increases the damage of your Spiral and Life Coil spells by 3% per rank. (3 ranks)

Tier 8

Throat Clearance - Grants +15% silence resistance per rank. (3 ranks)

Fallen Magician - Increases your spell power in Zombie Form and Herald Form by 2% per rank. (5 ranks)

Tier 9

Death Herald - Requires Fallen Mage. Teaches the Death Herald transformtion. When used, the Befallen becomes a Death Herald, and will look like a Death Knight from Warcraft II. While in this form, the Befallen is mounted and undead. His movespeed is 60% faster and his armor is reduced by 35% and he cannot parry. His casting time is reduced by 10% and it cannot attack with melee. Using auto-attack causes the Befallen to strike with his wand, which is more powerful. The Befallen will be reverted to human if he lands in water. The Herald deals less damage with Holy Spells anmd more with Shadow Spells, takes more from holy and fire spells, takes less from shadow spells, and cannot bleed. The Befallen cannot be knocked off his horse, and he also cannot cast spells while moving. (1 rank)

That's that for talents. Feed me!

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