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World of Warcraft:Queen of Frost (or QoF for short) is a fan fiction of World of Warcraft' fifth expansion. The expansion starts when Queen of Frost makes her return to Azeroth.

Major changes and updates Edit

  • Player level cap increased to 100.
  • At least 5 new zones - Kul Tiras, Northeron, Zul'Aman, Barrow Deeps, Modan Gulf.
  • Improved graphics for the playable races.
  • New proffesion - Trader.
  • Proffesion cap raised to 700.
  • New spells, monsters, achievments, items.
  • Create a world tool!

Lore Edit

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Beginning Edit

Illidan - You only wanted me to dissappear, and I had the opportunity to offer you that. I will no longer hide in the shadow! Will, you - Tyrande Whisperwind, join me?
Tyrande - Look, what came, the Betrayer! Guards!?
Illidan - Tyranda, please. I bag you. I am still in love with you. Ten thousand years have passed, but I still am in love. Tyranda? You are, what made me live 10 000 years.
Tyrande - It is worthless to talk to you. Once again the hour of your death hits. You have no chance to survive.
Illidan - Well, Tyranda. Don't make me do what no one wants!
Tyrande - My heart is with Elune. Will I face death or I am happy, it always is with her.
Illidan - Well, than... Goodbye, forever!
Tyrande - No, Illidan! No! No!
Guards - Look! It's the Betrayer! And look what he've done to Tyrande!
Malfurion - What is happening in here? Illidan? Tyrande?
After killing Tyrande Illidan escaped from Temple of the Moon. Now, he was the betrayer, the wanted one by killing Tyrande. He seeked for help to Elune.
Illidan - Please, dear goddess, Elune. Can you help me, please?
Elune - I'll answer to your praying, or it'd make you die. You, Illidan are sinner. You are an assassin. And no murder will be forgiven!
And a large shockwave hit Illidan. Elune turned her back to Illidan and went away. Illidan thought that he was the loneliest man in the world. But he will answer for his struggle to night elves. He went to Nordrassil, where the Well of Eternity stood. He using powers of the well called the Queen of Frost to Azeroth. In the next day:
Queen - Illidan, why have I wait for you? What did you want?
Illidan - Master, forgive me for my sleep. I want you to make night elves suffer.
Queen - I see. Why do you need that?
Illidan - Let that be unknown.
Queen - You know. I need your soul to stay in this world. Sorry, Illidan.
Illidan - Well, your claim is law for me. Illidan takes out his heart from his chest and falls on the ground. Long live...
Queen - Thank you, Illidan, for your politeness. Queen of Frost quits Mount Hyjal to accumulate energies for the attack. She makes her citadel in Vashj'ir and becomes the leader of Illidan's forces. After one quite year with no wars Queen of Frost is ready for her assault on the night elves. She will hit them on their weakest place - the Nordrassil. Though no one could destroy it for dosens of times Queen of Frost can do that. After destroying Nordrassil she makes her base of operations there. Now Mount Hyjal belongs to her.

Assault on Darnassus Edit

Queen of Frost made her actions very fast. No one didn't know about the destruction of the Nordrassil, but all Night elves suffered from one mysterious disease. One after another Night elves died very fast. Than she made her assault on died Darnassus. People of Darnassus said: It was a mystery. All the leaves fell from the trees. Water became red. Black clouds took the city, and than she came. I don't remember what happened after she came, but when I woke up I didn't see Darnassus. Nothing is left of my home, just nothing! Nearly every third night elf died. It was a very hard time for their race. Who did that? Why?
One week later night elves saw that Teldrassil starts to ret. They understood that they have to seek new home for their race, but mysteries continued. They went to seek their new home in Moonglade, but they didn't know that they will be so close to danger.

Fall of Orgrimmar Edit

Horde was really interested in events that affects Night elves. They wanted even help them from some point. They created a group of Orc spies and ordered them to find out what happened with the night elves. Queen of Frost saw them on their way and she thought that they want to help elves, so she launched an assault on Orgrimmar.
Orgrimmar, which suffered during the Siege of Orgrimmar was so weakened that it couldn't stand against the Queen of Frost, though it's the capital of the Horde. She started her assault from within the city borders. She created Scourge there. It was curious that the leader of the Horde ordered them to close gates and hold the walls of the city, because the real attack will be from outside. One after another people of Orgrimmar died. Than somehow the canyon where city was located failed. Those who survived were later allied with Illidan's forces.
Many thought that it was the end of the Horde. Sylvanas Windrunner took the position of the Warchief of the Horde.

The Elementals Edit

The Elementals saw what Queen of Frost've done in the world of Azeroth. They wanted her to quit Azeroth, so they launched a war against her. The war was unsuccesful and it resulted incorrupting of the elementals. Now even they'll help Queen of Frost to destroy everything in her path.

Affected races Edit

Alliance Edit

  • Draenei
    • Draenei lived closer to the night elves as other Alliance races. As of helping night elves Queen of Frost laid genocide against them.
  • Night elves
    • With Tyrande dead Malfurion becomes the only leader of the race.
    • After Queen of Frost destroys Nordrassil Night elves have lost their chance to regain their immortality.
    • Night elves've lost their home in Teldrassil, instead of it they'll live in Moonglade.

Zone changes Edit

Eastern Kingdoms Edit

Tirisfal Glades Edit

Scarlet Crusade flooded area between Brightwater Lake and the Great Sea. They also built Scarlet Town, which serves as soldier hub. They attack Forsaken pretty often. There is also one new zone - Highbank, which is accesible by going through Deathknell and than trough a cave. Brill is no more.

Western Plaguelands Edit

Horde has conquered a part of the zone. They can travel safely from Bulwark to Menders' Stead. Alliance and Horde are fighting each other in Andorhal.

Hillsbrad Foothills Edit

Alliance has invaded in Lordaeron through Arathi. Alliance has conquered part of Hillsbrad - to the river and created a stronghold in the Durnholde Keep. Horde has built Riverguard Tower for it's protection, built a wall on one of the sides of the river and cut down many trees. Horde has started to rebuild Alterac.

Hinterlands Edit

In the battle between Horde and Alliance Alliance destroyed Aerie Peak. Wildhammer dwarves left Alliance than. Horde is helping them to restore the wonder, but in a new place, so Wildhammer dwarves joined Horde. Seradane has flooded and failed and in one of the valleys behind it there is a new instance.

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