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AllianceNPC 32Arthur Merth (nickname)
Humanmale nopic
Title the Crimson knight
Gender Male
Race Human
Level  ??
Character class Commoner, Warrior in training
Affiliation Stromgarde(Wow),Home of English(Cambodia), Diplomatic School of Yangon(Burma), Boon Lay Secondardy (Singapore)
Position Student
Location Singapore
Status Alive
Relative(s) Parent
Alignment Lawful good

Inv misc book 07 This user has a strong interest in articles on lore.
Warcraft2box This user has been playing since Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness.
IconLarge Horde
IconLarge Alliance
This user is positive to an Alliance / Horde union!
Warrior-human-m-70 This user plays as a human warrior.
Paladin-human-m-70 This user plays as a human paladin.
IconLarge Alliance This user plays as a member of the Alliance.
IconLarge Draenei Male
IconLarge Draenei Female
This user can pronounce draenei.
Mage-human-m-70 This user plays as a human mage.
Deathwing WC2 Icon Updated This user wondered wherever Deathwing had gone... and now we know!
HighElf This user wants High Elves to be a playable race.

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