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History Edit

Corah is a quiet edition to the White Kodo Clan, though she did not originate there. While she was a young tauren studying the ways of the earthmother at Thunder Bluff she stumbled into a troll hunter named Redd. Being both without family or friend they bonded and quickly became companions. Redd began to tell Corah of a guild he had joined when he left his home. He told her of the family bond which this clansmen shared and their wish for peace amoung the Alliance and the Horde. Corah was enthralled and requested to join this clan. Thus Corah was initiated into Blood and Honour under the cheiftain Mairn Graytotem. Mairn, who was a more powerful shaman than Corah, took her under his wing and aided the girl in her studies. Corah grew, however the members of Blood and Honour slowly started to disband. This left Mairn with a difficult discision. He could either disperse the guild, who had grown so close, or accept the offer of another guild and merge with the White Kodo Clan. Mairn chose the latter and so Corah was welcomed into a new clan. This clan was large compared to the ten or so members of Blood and Honour. Corah lapsed into uneasy silence, keeping close to Mairn and judging her new chieftains harshly. Though her manner was not friendly, the current kodos greeted her warmly, accepting her into their ranks and aiding her whenever she needed. Shahkra Khan Bronwyn and Kyroth were a few of the members she befriended. By the time it was time for Corah to take the leap off the bridge at Thunderbluff the uneasy feelings she had towards the clan were all but gone.

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