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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

The Kingdom of Quel'Thalas Edit

Introduction to the Author

I have been known by many different names in my career in WoW. Too many to list, actually. I once was an Altaholic, and then decided to settle down on my last character, Baron Ludwig Bobbrov. Unfortunately, the realm I chose to play on was, quite frankly, completely and utterly void of RPers. So, the guild I created, which founded the first active Tavern in the Realm, collapsed from lack of participation. I have created quite a number of guilds, though all of them have failed for one reason or another. Many people attribute the failure to one of three things:

Some say that my previous guild ideas are too narrow and that characters don’t fit in well. Some say that I’ve been obscenely unlucky when it comes to choosing realms to found them on. I say that being stabbed in the back numerous times by my so-called friends ruined several of them, but I do agree with the other two statements about the other guilds. ._.

I have never had a level 60, though I have a pretty extensive knowledge of the game and its mechanics. I can PvP and not be on the bottom of the ranking, and I can play my part in a raid or smaller instance. I am not a fantastic player. My real passion is RP.

Now, I love the other races and all, but ever since the first mention of the Highborne and their addiction, I have loved the story. Finally, the High Elves, now split into two factions, have been given a large part in a Blizzard game. I have jumped on every bit of information that they have given us, watched every preview, looked at every screenshot, set their concept artwork as my desktop background, seen everything I can of the Alpha and began writing my character’s backstory. I must be a Blood Elf and I must bring my vision of the Kingdom of Quel’Thalas to Shadow Council.

The Vision

What I want in a Blood Elf guild is to encompass all the society of Quel'Thalas. The Blood Elves are haughty, jingoistic, arrogant and idealistic. They fear foreigners. They are those who were cast out from the Kaldorei. They are taboo, they are defiant. And, above all, they are powerful (or atleast think they are).

What more could you want?!

This makes me envision a society of aristocrats, nobles, rich merchants, imperialistic and nationalistic officers and marshals that roam the streets, keeping the citizens in line with their canes, blades and spells. However, it is a rare occurrence that discipline must be given. Their red standards float majestically over every corner. Their guards stand tall and are the envy of all society when they march in the Grand Revelation monthly. With gold and jewel encrusted rings on their thin, bony fingers, the magistrates of Silvermoon contemplate life, peace, war and death. They debate over the reconstruction of their fine city and calculate their next political moves. The manual labor is almost effortless seeing as magic is so widespread. None live in poverty, only a lesser state of wealth.

And, of course, there is the scenery. Gold, crimson, green and peach. The spires of Silvermoon loom over Eversong Forest. The weather is always not too cold, but not too hot. They are blessed with an enchanted eternal spring. As these magistrates and nobles lounge around and discuss the issues of the day, they are brought tea and fresh fruit, wines from their vineyards and warm bread. They sit on large pillows in a circle and daydream in between reading the numerous books from the library. Passers by look in to their open doors, nodding at them and continue on with their conversation. The center of town is bustling with activity. The standards of the Blood Elves hang on the door posts and a large, gold encrusted phoenix, the color of blood, towers over the square and citizens look up, a happy feeling filling their hearts.

“This city is ours…” they think to themselves, “Look at it… look at us… look at me… We made this."

However, not every Blood Elf spends his or her days sitting around in a small palace. Some fight. They fight for the right to have those palaces and to live the way they do. They fight to keep safe the enchanted forest that they live in and seek to reclaim what was lost… or perhaps more. The soldiers live in barracks and tents, still lavishly furnished, outside town. Some can be seen training in the meadows of Eversong, and some can be seen, once a day, marching off to the Ghostlands. This is the battleground in which an Elf’s worth is proven, not some petty war over trees in Ashenvale or farmland in Arathor. Not some pathetic squabble over Trogg-infested snow and rock. These Elves fight the mighty and evil Scourge. Many Elves believe that the Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, Dwarves, Humans of Stormwind and Gnomes waste their time and should not be trusted with such vast power granted to them by their alliances. They all outright hate the Night Elves. After all… they all are inferior to the Blood Elves and their customs.

I wish for a city, Silvermoon, that is populated by RPers at all times and is hosting nightly events, weekly festivals and monthly extravaganzas! I wish for a guild that, when you see a member tagged with the name, you know you can walk up to and RP with. I want that guild, the one that throws the events, opens shops, bars and displays their members on nightly patrols to be us. I want to be a leader of one of the most prominent RP Guilds on the server. But most importantly, I want to inspire the rest of Silvermoon, Quel'Thalas, Azeroth and beyond to engage in RP and truly create a living, breathing city of RPers! This IS possible! Confidance in our mission and strength of will and mind is what we need to make us succeed. I believe that we can do this. Do you?

Why Shadow Council?

Well, I have found that the RP community on Shadow Council is larger, more diverse and more active than any other I have seen. It simply is the best I’ve come by, and I’ve been to every RP server for several weeks at a time.


Convocate of Silvermoon: The highest rank in the guild and a high position in Blood Elf society. I plan to fit this into my own character by being the son of the Convocate of Silvermoon who was murdered, along with the rest, during the Third War. The Convocate of Silvermoon is comparable to the United States in the United Nations. They are not officially of higher standing than any other, but they have more sway seeing as they represent the largest mass of people, wealth and power. May apply for Vanguard***.

Convocate: Other Convocates serve as leaders in the guild. For more information on the Convocation, please visit the thread which deals with that:

Magistrate: A Magistrate serves as the next rung down from a Convocate. They are like secretaries to the Convocates and frequently act as police chiefs, taxmen, landlords and judges. Magistrates can be commissioned by the Convocation to serve as an Inquisitor, Regulator**, Marshal or Speaker**. They are usually accompanied by several guards, veterans and other military personnel. A Magistrate is a sort of distinguished veteran. (There may be a chance to allow some non-Blood Elf characters in to this position as Ambassadors from the Horde. As the population of the guild increases, so will the number of Ambassadors.) May apply for Vanguard.

Officer: An Officer in the military of Quel'Thelas is the primary leader in a combat situation. They are the superiors to the Guardsmen and are found fighting, side by side, with them. As an Officer, your duties are to serve as a role-model, tactician and Division leader. Officers are also elligeble for the Vanguard.

Guardsman: A soldier, a hero of the Kingdom. They patrol the ports, roads and far-flung outposts of the Blood Elf army, serving valiantly and vanquishing their foes. They are the young men and women who you can always depend on to be there. A Guardsman who serves with courage and honor will be rewarded with leave, land and resources. May apply for Vanguard.

Citizen: A citizen of Quel’Thalas. They must live within the borders and be of Blood Elf ethnicity or, under special circumstances, another ethnicity of the Horde. A Citizen of different ethnicity must be interviewed beforehand (IC) as to why they wish to become part of the Kingdom. A Citizen has several rights:

1) Right to life. No Citizen of the Kingdom of Quel’Thalas may take away a Citizens life without the approval of the Convocation unanimously and ¾ of the Magistrates.

2) Right to property. No item of property may be seized by any Citizen of the Kingdom of Quel’Thalas without approval of 2/3 of the Convocation.

3) Right to bear arms. No Citizen of the Kingdom of Quel’Thalas may be taken of their arms by another Citizen without sanction of a Magistrate. A Citizen who has had their weapon seized may appeal to the Magistrates, and, if undecided, to the Convocation.

4) Right to speak freely. No Citizen of the Kingdom of Quel’Thalas may be silenced by another Citizen or governmental body in any circumstance, save only a matter of Racial Security, which is to be deemed by the Convocation unanimously.

5) Right to protection. Every Citizen has the right to call upon their brethren and comrades for aid when in immediate danger. No Guardsman, Vanguard or Officer in the vicinity may refuse to aid said Citizen unless given approval by a Magistrate. (PvE difficulties do not apply)

6) Right to privacy. All Citizens maintain a right to keep private their religious, sexual, political and any other preference from the general public. No Citizen may be treated differently for his or her preferences.

Proletarian: The lowest rank attainable. Having no status, you are not guaranteed the rights of a Citizen. To attain Citizenship, one must be deemed fit to become a Citizen by a Magistrate. This can be done through a trial of loyalty or a simple period of time that one must remain active in the Kingdom. Once a Citizen, you are equal to all others regarding your rights.

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