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Shadowbane Disclaimer

The 4 Succubi of Impending Chaos is a group of 4 Succubi that dominate the mortals in Seductive Control using 4 Different Masteries to devourer their soul and use them as a Slave


  • IconSmall Cultist Female Queen of Suffering - The Head of the Operation, Master of All Succubi States
    • IconSmall Succubus Helliwenda - The Seductive, Acts on the Pleasure of the Mortal
      • IconSmall Succubus Bryneri - The Romantic, Acts on the Emotion of Love
        • IconSmall Undead Female Bronora - The Tempting, Tempts mortals to approch her then takes over their mind to bring them to the Mistress


The 4 Succubi of Impending Chaos was formed as a Way to have 4 Succubi, The Queen and her Underlings, Send a Message out to beings, To Bring them Pain and to make sure People wouldn't control them. The 4 Succubi themselves are The Queen of Suffering herself, Helliwenda, Bryneri, and Bronora.

Though everything was in Check, In More Recent Years entering the one called Conthus begining to Master Warlock Like Powers, Was wanting to Control a Succubus. The Queen Didn't want this to happen, and tried to send a few underlings to bring him before the 4 succubi. But their Charms Failed and within Moments he instantly made them his succubi servants. Since then the Queen of Suffering saw this as a Challenge, And sent the 4 Succubi to Deal with him, Unfortunately, This is also failing miserably as Conthus is gaining Control over all of them

Succubi Captures & Stories Behind themEdit


In Recent Years, Bronora was sent to Tempt Conthus back to the 3 but failed as Brandius Grabbed her and Conthus made his own move that tempted her to work for him. Bronora as they worked together began to feel a connection...Began to feel, Free. Like it wasn't a partnership based on beauty and control, But survival and testing skills. However, Before she could officially make herself a Shadowbane Minion, She was Recaptured by the Queen. And from that point forward, has been hoping for the Day Conthus would return


Towards the End of 2009, Bryneri was sent to go act on the Broken Hearted Conthus, Who was then proven to be more, For though he was the Heartless Dark Monster we all see him as, he had a sweet side, And when he tryed to summon a Succubus of his own to be true this time, He did things to tempt her more, Like Gather a Branch that symboled it, Making the Summoning Circle in the shape of a Heart (A Human Heart Ironically) And dripping a love potion on it. The Passion of Acting on her own strong point made Bryneri at the moment she tryed to attack, She fell nearly as if she was struck, and was helped up by Conthus, Feeling a Warmth in her dark heart, Bryneri held his hand and gave up on the mission, his big care to claim her was a great compliment, The Mission couldn't be done, As She couldn't steal his heart, He stole hers.


At somepoint nearing the end of 2010, Helliwenda was the Only Non-Leader to not have Attacked Conthus. So under Safty she had to attack him the old fashioned way, Soul Theft whilst "Sampling his goods" while he slept. Unfortunately before she could begin he awoke, But after an event that goes without knowledge as its complex and confusing, He Convinced her in a verbal way to stay with him and be his minion.


The Queen of Suffering is the Only Member not to be Fully Tempted By Conthus, It Is Presumed that Because Half the Group is Already on his Side The Second Bronora Falls under his Control Again, The Queen is left.


They are Currently Crippled as Most of the Group follows Conthus now

  • IconSmall Cultist Female Queen of Suffering - Pure
    • IconSmall Succubus Helliwenda - Corrupted, Working with Conthus and Split from the Group
      • IconSmall Succubus Bryneri - Corrupted, Working with Conthus and Split from the Group
        • IconSmall Undead Female Bronora - Damaged, Working with the Queen but heart belongs to Conthus' Group

Role in Tale of ConthusEdit

The 4 were told to Serve the Legion, Conthus' by Force Worst Enemy...Conthus wanted to Control Demons as Sargeras did as well, And When Sargeras used his Demon Army to Attack the Mortal World, Conthus became Furious and wanted to knock him down a peg by bringing them to serve a REAL force of Reckoning. As he Cares for All Unholy Forces be it Demons, Undead, or Old God Avatar and didn't want to see them killed by his own hands because a Total Azz was in Charge

The 4 Succubi of Impending Chaos had been admired and Attracted by Conthus, And it all came down to making the Worst crime towards the Succubi. Domination.

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