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Neutral 32 The Steamgear Cartel
Main leaderTrade Prince Steamgear? (assumed)
CapitalSteamgear Pleasure Palace (By way of Conquest)
Theater of operationsAzeroth
Main languageGoblin
Secondary languagesCommon, Orcish

The Steamgear Cartel is a "Small" and cunning Goblin Cartel. It is a horde organization that has a territorial hold around the world, and has allied themselves with a number of other groups, And even a Couple Cartels. The Steamgear Cartel has made a great deal of profit from using kindness and mentallic elimination, Tricking high spenders into scams that give the moolah to sustain the cartel. Their services are always available to the highest bidder, and they employ anyone regardless of their affiliation if they can produce results.

During the Cataclysm War, a Contharian ambassador met with a single executive merchant (Later Trade Prince) and convinced him and his subordinates to join the Horde. This Merchant may have been Zautso Steamgear.

The Horde have tried to improve relations with the Bilgewater & Steamwheedle Cartels. But They've been dealing with problems like Reluctant & Evil Trade Princes, and Races that don't get along with certain goblins. This leaves the Steamgear Cartel who have good relations with both Cartels, and the Horde.

Places under their controlEdit

Naming Edit

It was likely named after Zautso Steamgear


The Creation of the Steamgear Cartel is Strongly based off of the memory of the Adventurer Goblin in Kezan who was strongly successful and told would be the new Trade Prince/Princess, as the Character Zautso, Unlike all else, Actually Follows the Lore of the Goblin adventurer and sticks to it and doesn't stop.

Zautso like about 99.9% of All Bligewater Goblins HATES the Trade Prince Gallywix and wants to see him overthrown, Zautso due to a Badblood with Gallywix ever since Trade Prince Maldy died belives this is his chance to take on that role. The "Bilgegear Movement" started up by The Leader of this Cartel's Friends, Protects the Bilgewater Goblins also trying to go against the Evil Gallywix

In World of Warcraft Edit

The Steamgear Cartel makes a Return in World of Warcraft on the Server Wyrmrest Accord US as the Heavy RP guild "Steamgear Cartel"

Cartel BuisnessEdit

(To be Announced)

Relationship with Bilgewater CartelEdit

The Steamgear Cartel has a Strong Relationship with the Bilgewater Cartel as The Cartel's Ruler has been a part in the Bilgewater Cartel for a Long time as a Great Success and almost became the Ruler with the only failure being in the hand of the Ex-Warchief

As the Bilgewater Cartel has the most Favor with the Steamgear Cartel, it is Treated as a Direct Sister Cartel, And Many Bilgewater Cartel Members have decided to gain a higher reputation with the Steamgear Cartel as the two Cartels plan a Combination

The Bilgewater & Steamgear Cartel's Share a buisness together as well (KTC)

(Speculation states the Bilgewater Cartel will eventually use the Steamgear Cartel to double their own cartels success rate, And Get a More Trustworthy Leader)

Relationship with Steamwheedle CartelEdit

The Steamgear Cartel has a Friendly standing with the Steamwheedle Cartel, as The Leader of the Steamgear Cartel in infancy was a Slave and was Sold to Bilgewater as a Toddler, But his Family was an Honored Slave Family and if they made the move speculated by Zautso's Rival they'd Pry be bumped up to actually be considered Citizens. As Zautso kept a Good Buisness line with the Steamwheedle Cartel as of Buisness hood, And Actually was sent on Buisness a Year before Maldy passed on. The Steamwheedle has a good connection line and has less enemy makers than the Bilgewater making sure that the Steamgear will still be friendly with them

(Speculation says that the Steamgear and Steamwheedle Cartels are going to work together in Market Control)

Relationship with Venture Co.Edit

The Venture Trading Company is Unfriendly with the Steamgear Cartel, The Venture Trading Company is unfriendly with them as they are enemies with All of the Steamgear Cartel's Allies and them as well.

The Venture Co. is constantly in Territorial War with the Steamgear Cartel (In a Very Warcraft 3 Custom Game way) Stealing Resources and Capturing zones for themselves. The Venture Co in these cases is the Darker Team as they drain the territory and run, While Steamgear protects it and takes advantage of Buisness Opertunities on Location

Symbol of The CartelEdit

File:Taleofconthus Zautso-Steamgear-Tabard.jpg

The Steamgear Cartel's Trademark Symbol is a Sparkling Diamond which symbolizes Wealth, The Flag of the Steamgear Cartel Displays 2 Pickaxes Symbolizing Work, Adding the Trademark Diamond to stand for Work and Wealth the "Backscratch" Rule, With an Overlay of 4 Sticks of Dynamite Taped to a Timebomb meaning destruction and symbolizing the meaning of "What Ever it Takes" and also Signaling Pain. The Backround is a Pitch-Black with slight hints of Maroon in the Sunlight.

The Full Meaning to symbol the Cartel as: "Hard" Working Goblins of Great Wealth who throw in any sacrifices for victory, Staying in the Darkness and Slowly revealing themselves

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