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This article is fan fiction

The contents here in are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Neutral 32 Sceadu'Mercia
Level 70 - 100
RacesIconSmall Blood Elf MaleIconSmall Blood Elf Female Blood elf
IconSmall HighElf Male AltIconSmall HighElf Female High elf
IconSmall Lich MaleIconSmall AbominationIconSmall BansheeIconSmall GhoulIconSmall Skeleton Scourge
IconSmall NightElf MaleIconSmall NightElf Female Night elf
IconSmall HalfElf MaleIconSmall HalfElf Female Half-elf
IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall Human Female Human
Races of Friendly Adventurers
RulerMarconiss Shadowbane, The Warrior-Lord
LanguagesSceadubanador, Darnassian, Thalassian, Common (Usually)
FaithsElune, Holy Light, Old Gods
AffiliationAll Factions
LocationCentral Forbidding Sea

Sceadu'Mercia (A.K.A. The Blackbane Isle, Or Shadow Kingdom in the Regions Language) is the Name of the forgotten lands in the Forbidding Sea claimed by the Ancestors of Conthus Shadowbane The Family of Blackbane.

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