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This article is a player character biography page created by Conthus1997. The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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AllianceNPC 32Remus Fredwardo Liabator
Human Footman Chess
Gender Male
Race Half-orc
Level 55
Character class Warrior, Gladiator
Affiliation Kul'Tiras?
Location Unknown
Status Killed During The Endless Hunger
Alignment Neutral Evil
Shadowbane Disclaimer

Remus Liabator [RFL] is a Stormwind Guard, & a Member of Conthus' Crew. Remus is also Responsible for Conthus' Death transforming him into a Death Knight.

Remus is Portrayed by RFL in World of Warcraft.

The Last Name Liabator is a play on words that sounds like [Lie Abider] in a fancy manner

Joining Conthus Crew Edit

RFL was found on the streets near an Orcish Town [It is presumed this may be where his "Mother" was abducted from]. After a Conversation, RFL was brought into Conthus' Crew.

Anger Edit

During the months in Conthus' Crew, Remus made himself a worthy ally to Conthus Shadowbane, Eventually however, Corruption started to Take hold of Remus. and he began starting trouble, And trying to Rile up everyone in Conthus crew to Turn Against Conthus making him look like the bad guy [This can be compariable to how Smorisha acted in Tales of the Past 3]

Tretchery Edit

Eventually before the Year's End, Remus learned of Conthus trying to Unite the Races to work together against a common foe like they did during the Legions Return. Remus being a Corrupt, Hardcore Alliance, Garithos like Racist. fought against the idea of working with the horde (The first ally turned to), & Made Alliance Members of Conthus crew look at Conthus in a Bad Way (Eventually turning them into Shadowly Spies).

Within the days, Remus didn't seem to care what was best for the world, but what was best for him and him only. & Then put out his murder plan that only he knew about. The plan was to try to get people to save Conthus from destruction, in turn leading him right to Remus. When the Time was Right, The two fought in Gurubashi Arena. But sadly, When Remus was 2 seconds away from dying at the hands of the flame he sought to control, Marius turned on Conthus and held him in place. With that, Remus stabbed Conthus in the heart and cut a strong wound Into Conthus' Neck. Though Remus thought he was ridding the world of a simple hazard, but in turn brought a bigger threat to the world.

Cry of Conthus Edit

Remus was Killed By The Lich King as a way of saying "Thanks for bringing me Conthus' Corpse, Fool." When Remus opened his eyes next he was In Acherus in Chains next to Lesser beings that brought extra death knights but were them selves Unworthy. After a talk with Razuvious, A Death Knight Approched Remus. And Once Remus got geared, The Death Knight said "Karma is a ^#@4# isn't it?" And Killed Remus the same way Conthus was killed

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