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NeutralNPCElite 32Krakakritis
Title <The Void Maker>
Gender Male
Race Voidwalker
Level  ?? Elite
Affiliation Conthus Shadowbane (Currently), Burning Legion (Formerly)
Location Netherstorm
Status Defeatable (WoW)
Shadowbane Disclaimer

Krakakritis (or Commonly Krakkrit), is the Second and Favored Voidwalker Minion of Conthus Shadowbane

Backround Edit

Krakakritis was believed to be a Voidlord in sorts who was captured by a Fel-orcish warlock long ago, Krakakritis was known for his great powers, And used wisely to bring destruction throughout Draenor...For Many decades...Krakakritis found loyalty in the Burning Legion, But eventually...When a Half-Elven boy was working with the "Pure" orcs, The Corrupt were attacked to gain entry to a sacred zone, as Krakkrit's Orcish Master wandered off in attempts to unleash curses 10-fold on the allied invader, Fail Struck, The Boy leaped down drawing a long dull shortsword into the warlocks chest and dragging it down to the stomach, before fleeing into the shadows again. The Wounded Warlock went back into his burrow bleeding endlessly, Then looked to Krakkrit and betrayed him, using a Reverse health-funnel to sustain himself.

Recruitment Edit

As Krakkrit weakened, Red Eyes glowed in the back, As a Gunshot is heard-- The Warlock fell to the ground a lifeless corpse, And walking inside was the child again, Holding a Pistol. Krakkrit with no orders looked in a bit of fear, but without warning, The Boy sheathed his weapons and gestured for Krakkrit to follow. And with no choice, Krakkrit followed, Shaken up. But to Krakkrit's supprise, this was no execution, this was recruitment. The Boy now known as Conthus, Was rescuing the minion during this attack

Current Events Edit

Nowadays, Krakkrit will be found following Conthus helping him destroy things, but usually, He's put to work in harvesting resources from the Broken Outlands


  • During an Episode where Conthus was awake all night after concern, and his family was away, His Demon Minions were left to watch over him, And When Krakkrit tryed to drag him out of bed, Conthus impersonated Krakkrit in a comedic releaf moment "I Don't like this place...Send me back to the void"

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