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NeutralNPCElite 32Kal'Zazt
Title <The Imprisoned>
Gender Male
Race Voidwalker
Level 49 Elite
Location Felwood
Shadowbane Disclaimer

Kal'Zazt is the First and Unwilling Voidwalker Minion of Conthus Shadowbane


Kal'Zazt was A Strong companion to the Legion, And When Conthus was hoping to Turn Demons against Demons to get back at Sargeras for wasting 10K years of his life, Conthus attempted to Claim Demon Minions of his own. When he was taught by a Shady Character how to Summon Demons, Kal'Zazt was summoned and Beaten by Conthus as a Claim

Tale of Conthus MachinimaEdit

Kal'Zazt is briefly shown in a Flashback to his summoning and then shown killing defias around the Time Edwin Vancleef betrays the Shadowbane's Trust


Its Presumed that During the Cataclysm, With the Twilights Hammer Cult gaining Conthus' Trust, the Rumored "Voidwalker Body Guards" are going to by Krakkrit and Kal'Zazt, Kal'Zazt may be restored to at least level 75 by then

Burning Legion CombatEdit

Its also Presumed during the Attack on whats left of the Legion, Kal'Zazt will play a Stronger Part

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